General Knowledge Quiz

Looking for subject wise General Knowledge Quizzes? Look no further! Here you can find all GK questions along with answers in MCQ format. We cover India-specific GK quizzes, general knowledge quizzes for competitive exams, and more. Test your knowledge and find out how much you know today!

Sr. No.Topics
01.Indian History Gk Questions
02.Indian State Quiz
03.Quiz on Indian Temple
04.Geography of India
05.GK Questions On Vitamins
06.Indian Economy GK Questions
07.Economic Geography of India
08.Static GK Questions
09.Indian Constitution
10.General Study GK Questions
11.Social Science GK Questions
12.General Science GK Questions
13.World GK Questions
14.Sports GK Questions
15.Environment GK Questions
16.Art & Culture of India
17.Indian Polity GK Questions
18.Political Science
19.Indian States & Capitals Quiz
20.English Grammar Quizzes
21.Ancient History MCQ
22.Modern History MCQ
23.KBC GK Questions
24.Indian Festival GK Questions
25.Quiz on Banking History
26.Questions on cashless India

GK Questions Quiz with Answer

In the Section of General Knowledge MCQ Questions with Answers for competitive examination. Take GK Questions and Answers from various categories and increase your knowledge instantly. Specifically, the GK quiz will give you a fair idea about in which section you need to focus more on the upcoming examinations.

Here we provided General Quiz on Below Topics:

  • Indian History Quiz
  • Quiz on Indian Geography
  • Indian Economy MCQ
  • Quiz on Indian Constitution MCQ Questions
  • Static GK Questions
  • General Study Questions
  • Indian Polity
  • Social Science Quiz
  • General Science
  • Indian Art & Culture GK Quiz
  • World GK Quiz
  • Sports GK Quiz
  • Environment GK MCQ
  • Computer Quiz

Indian State GK Quiz

Sr. No.State Name
01.Rajasthan Gk Quiz
02.Uttar Pradesh Gk Quiz
03.Uttarakhand Gk Quiz
04.Madhya Pradesh Gk Quiz
05.Bihar Gk Quiz
06.Chhattisgarh MCQ Quiz
07.Jharkhand Gk Quiz
08.Quiz on Indian States & Capitals

Ancient History Gk Quiz

Sr. No.Ancient Indian History Topics
1Stone Age GK Questions
2Indus Valley Civilization and Culture Quiz
3MCQ Questions on Vedic Period
4Buddhism 101 MCQ Questions and Answers
5Jainism quiz with answers
6Shaiva, Bhagavata Religion Questions with Answers
76th Century B.C. MCQ Questions
8Indo-Greek Invasion MCQ Questions with Answers
9Mauryan Empire MCQ Questions and Answers
10Post-Mauryan Period MCQ Quiz with Answer
11Gupta Period MCQs with Answers (Pre and Post-Gupta Period)
12Indian Ancient Architecture Quiz Questions and Answers
13Ancient South India History Quiz 
14MCQ Quiz on Ancient Literature and Litterateur
15Pre-Early Medieval Period MCQ Questions and Answers

Modern History MCQ Quiz

No.Topic Name
1MCQ Questions on Arrival of European Companies
2East India Company and Nawab of Bengal MCQs
3Regional States: Punjab and Mysore Objective Questions
4Governor, Governor General and Viceroy MCQs
5MCQ Questions on British Rule on India

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Indian National Movement MCQ Quiz

This quiz will help you gain a better understanding of the events that shaped the Indian National Movement and the Revolution of 1857, as well as test your knowledge on the topic

No.Chapter Name
1Questions on Revolution of 1857
2Educational Development in Modern India
3Development of Press in Modern India
4Social and Religious Movement
5Political Institution Established before Congress
6Indian National Congress GK Questions
7Moderate Groups and Extremist Groups in Congress
8Revolutionary Movement in India MCQ
9Revolutionary Activities Outside India
10Partition of Bengal (1905) and the Indigenous Movement
11Congress : Banaras, Calcutta and Surat Session
12Formation of Muslim League (1906)
13Morley-Minto Reforms
14Delhi Durbar and Change of Capital
15Lucknow Session of Congress (The Lucknow Pact)
16Home Rule League Movement
17Gandhi and His Early Movements
18Peasant Movement and Kisan Sabha
19Trade Union and Communist Party
20Rowlatt Act and Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (1919)
21MCQs on Khilafat Movement
22Non-Cooperation Movement Questions with Answers
23Formation of Swaraj Party (1923)
24Simon Commission (1927)
25Lahore Session of Congress, Proposal of Complete Independence (1929)
26Civil Disobedience Movement
27Gandhi-Irwin Pact MCQs with Answers
28Karachi Session of Congress (1931)
29Round Table Conference
30Communal Arbitration and Poona Pact
31Congress Socialist Party (1934)
32Provincial Election and Formation of Cabinet (1937)
33Tripuri Crisis of Congress (1939)
34Integration of Princely States for UPSC Gk Questions
35World War 2 MCQ Quiz with Answers
36Demand for Pakistan
37Individual Satyagraha (1940)
38Cripps Mission (1942)
39Quit India Movement GK Quiz
40Subhash Chandra Bose and Azad Hind Fauj
41Cabinet Mission Plan (1946) MCQ Quiz with Answers
42MCQ on Constituent Assembly (1946) of India
43Formation of Interim Government (1946) MCQs with Answers
44GK Questions on Partition of India and Independence
45Questions on Evolution of Indian Constitution

Economic and Social Development GK Quiz

Sr No.Economic And Social Development Quiz Topics
1Introduction On Economics Quiz
2Objective question on National Income
3Economic Planning of India MCQ with Answers
4Questions on Sectors of Indian Economy
5Questions on Inflation and Price Index
6Budget Quiz Questions
7Fiscal Policy Quiz
8GK Questions on Public Finance
9Objective Questions Answers on  Finance Commission
10Stock Exchange Quiz
11Quiz on Security Market and Insurance
12GK Questions on Money and Banking
13MCQs on Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation
14MCQ on Foreign Exchange Market
15Balance of Payment MCQ
16QUIZ on Foreign Direct Investment
17MCQ on World Bank, WTO, BRICS
18Institutions of Economic and Social Development MCQ
19Human Development Quiz
20Poverty and Population MCQ
21Employment and Public Welfare Schemes Quiz
22Income Tax Law and Practice MCQs with Answers

Indian Polity GK Quiz

Take our Indian Polity Quiz and find out how much you know about one of the most important topics for the UPSC Civil Services Exam.

Sr No.Indian Polity Quiz Topic
1The Constitutional Development of India Quiz
2Quiz On Foreign Impact on the Constitution
3Articles and Schedules of Indian Constitution Quiz
4The Preamble Quiz With Answers
5Quiz On Indian Governance System
6National Symbols Of India Quiz
7Quiz On Indian States and Union Territories
8The Citizenship Quiz With Answers
9Fundamental Rights Quiz
10DPSP (Directive Principles of State Policy)
11Fundamental Duties GK Quiz
12GK Questions on President Of India
13GK Quiz on Vice President Of India
14MCQ On Council of Ministers
15MCQ On The Attorney General and C.A.G.
16MCQ On Preference Hierarchy
17GK Questions On Lok Sabha
18Gk Quiz On Rajya Sabha
19GK Question On The Parliament
20The Supreme Court GK Quiz
21GK Questions on The Governor
22Quiz On The State Legislature
23GK Quiz On The High Court
24Quiz On The Centre State Relations
25Quiz On Emergency Provisions 
26Quiz On The Finance Commission
27Quiz On The Planning Commission
28MCQ On Lokpal and Important Commissions
29MCQ On Temporary Special Provisions
30Election Commission Quiz With Answers
31Political Parties Quiz With Answers
32Constitutional Amendment Quiz With Answers
33MCQ On Official Language 
34GK Quiz On Panchayati Raj and Community Development 
35Quiz On Special Provision for Certain Class

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Truly these quizzes will be helpful too for all of you.