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BODMAS Questions And Answers PDF [Free Download]

BODMAS is a method used to solve mathematical problems. The acronym stands for Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction. In this blog post, we will provide BODMAS questions and answers to help you better understand this concept. Download BODMAS Question PDF for RRB Group D Exam preparation. In this PDF set, we cover important questions… Read More »

Math Formula Chart In Hindi PDF Download

In this blog post, we will provide you with a Math Formula Chart In Hindi. This chart will help you quickly reference the most important formulas in mathematics. Download the Math Formula Chart in Hindi PDF to help you understand and remember the various mathematical formulas. बीजगणित के सूत्र: Algebra Math Formulas a2 – b2… Read More »

Profit and Loss Questions in Hindi (लाभ और हानि के सवाल)

Here you will get Profit and Loss MCQ Questions in Hindi with Answers. Get answers to all your Profit and Loss questions in Hindi with our easy-to-understand tutorials. नमस्कार दोस्तो. इस लेख में लाभ तथा हानि से जुड़े प्रश्न तथा उत्तर दिए गए हैं। जो आपको Govt Exams जैसे की Railway, SSC, Bank, Clerk परिक्षामें… Read More »

गणित के सूत्र – Maths Formula in Hindi

In this blog post, we will be discussing the basic Maths formula in Hindi. This will include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. गणित के सभी महत्वपूर्ण फॉर्मूले एक ही स्थान पर हिंदी में प्राप्त करें। हमने उन सभी महत्वपूर्ण गणित फ़ार्मुलों की एक सूची तैयार की है जो अक्सर उपयोग किए जाते हैं। बस इस… Read More »

10+ Matrices Questions and Answers PDF

Hello Students, Today we will share with you the Matrices Questions and Answers PDF. This Book is useful for students who are preparing for competitive exams such as all SSC Exams and Railways Exams. This will be helpful for increasing your practice and also to increase your marks in Competitive Exams. We will be also… Read More »

Maths General Knowledge Questions with Answers

Hello Students, We use Math in our day-to-day life without even knowing that we use it. So today we will be providing you with Maths General Knowledge Questions with Answers. We have given you the 30 Questions that will help you in knowing more about it. So try to solve them by yourself so that… Read More »

Profit and Loss Questions PDF for Bank Exams (100+ Questions)

As we know, The profit and loss questions answer are most important for Bank Exams, Railway, and SSC level competitive exams. In this post, we are providing you Quantitive Aptitude Profit and Loss pdf notes with detailed solutions, especially for the bank exams. So that you can easily get the logic of the question. Read… Read More »

Class 10 Maths Formulas PDF in Hindi (NCERT and CBSE)

Maths solutions के लिए Maths Formula List उपयोगी है क्योकि Class 10 Maths Formula Sheet Pdf के उपयोग से आप किसी भी प्रश्न को आसानी से सॉल्व कर पाएंगे| हमने NCERT and CBSE Class 10 Maths Formulas Chapter Wise PDF को Class 10 Maths Syllabus को ध्यान में रख कर तैयार किया है। यहाँ पर… Read More »

Mahesh Mishra Maths Book PDF 2023

Hello dear students, we have given here the Mahesh Mishra Math Book PDF to you. This book will make the maths subject easy to understand to you. The mathematics questions are asked in each and every Competitive Exam. So this PDF of Mahesh Mishra Math Book will let you understand the mathematics question easily. Also,… Read More »

Sumitra Tricky Mathematics Book PDF

Sumitra Tricky Mathematics Book PDF will make Maths easy by practising questions given in this book with the Short Tricks and Solutions. We all know that Mathematics questions are asked in each and every government and competitive exam. If you want government job then you must have maths skills. In this book, all the topics… Read More »

100+ Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers PDF

Maths Multiple Choice Questions with Answers for Class 12 Pdf contains a number of topics related to competitive exam math and applied math. Engineering Mathematics objective questions and answers pdf contains practice tests which are based on objective type questions. Mathematics Objective Question in Hindi covers Quadratic Equations, Approximations and Simplifications, Data Sufficiency, HCF and… Read More »

Disha SSC Maths Book PDF [SSC Mathematics Guide]

Do you know Disha’s why this book is important for SSC Maths subject? Because in this book, recently asked questions in SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS and CPO with the chapter-wise arrangement and with solutions are given. That’s why it is a perfect book for SSC (Staff Selection) aspirants! From this book, you will get a… Read More »

Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF

First of all, we have to thank Rakesh Yadav sir for making the best Maths book for SSC (Staff Selection Exam) 2022. The book is very good for SSC, RRB and Central Government jobs preparation. Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF has the best Mathematics content and conceptual book. If you read this book carefully and… Read More »

Rakesh Yadav Advance Math Book PDF

Rakesh Yadav Sir is one of the most renounced faculty of Maths in India for all kinds of competitive Exams and is teaching Mathematics. In this post, we are going to share with you Advance Math Book PDF of Rakesh Yadav sir. This math book is very useful to you in all competitive exams such… Read More »

Pawan Rao Maths Book PDF Download

Here we provided Pawan Rao Sir Maths Booklet PDF. These maths class notes are very important for Staff Selection SSC, RRB, Banking (SBI-IBPS) & all state’s competitive and government exams. We all know Pawan Rao Sir is Legend in SSC Exams (Non Technical). He is the founder and an academic of math faculty at mothers… Read More »

Arihant Handbook of Mathematics PDF Download

This Mathematics book covers nearly everything possible formulas, tables, values, maths keynotes, terms, definitions and many more. This book explains all the Mathematics concepts very well and in a manner that every student will easy to understand. Arihant Handbook of Mathematics PDF is very useful and handy when the exam is near. If you are… Read More »

Magical Book on Quicker Maths by M Tyra PDF

A magical book on quicker maths is useful for learning maths in an easy way. M Tyra’s quicker maths book covers 36 chapters of Mathematics subject with detailed explanation. It has well-defined maths shortcut tricks and methods which are useful to qualify for any competitive exam. The goal of M. Tyra Mathematics book is effective… Read More »

Vedic Maths Tricks PDF [Additions, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division]

Vedic Maths tricks pdf book is a collection of techniques or formulas to solve mathematical arithmetic in an easy way. While Math tricks pdf consists of 16 Formulas and 13 sub-formulas which are used for problems involved in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and conics. New mental Vedic mathematics methods are the result of research, comprehension,… Read More »

SSC Maths Book PDF Notes Free Download [All Maths PDF]

As we know Mathematics is an important subject for SSC. That’s why here we share and you can free download SSC Maths Book PDF in Hindi and English. In this pdf notes covered important maths topics, which is very useful for SSC level competitive exams. Competitive SSC Exam in the year 2021-2022 become much harder… Read More »

7 Time and Distance Important Formulas and Shortcut Tricks

Time and Work is the topic of Quantitative Aptitude. In each and every Sarkari exam, there will always be 3-4 questions asked on this topic. Read the Time and Distance important maths formulas and equations to solve the questions easily and score more marks in your competitive exams. In this post, you will get time… Read More »

LCM and HCF Questions with Answers PDF

Quantitative aptitude HCF and LCM questions are very important for competitive exams such as SSC, CHSL, CPO, RRB, Bank, Railway, etc. LCM and HCF questions pdf help you to easily remember all the important questions with shortcut tricks and methods. HCF and LCM problems with solutions pdf contain all questions in the sorted topic and… Read More »

Basic Maths Formulas PDF (Class 5 to 6)

Are you looking for Basic Maths formula for competitive exams? In this post, we shared 50+ basic and CBSC class wise math formulas. These all formulas will be helpful to you solve Quantitive Aptitude Reasoning Questions. Let’s download Basic Maths Formulas PDF: Basic Maths formulas PDF Book – Download 50 Common Math Formulas PDF –… Read More »

Trigonometry Formula Pdf Download

Trigonometry formulas pdf explains the history, trigonometric functions, calculations, and applications of trigonometry, in addition to solving some problems associated with it. All trigonometry formulas notes are helpful for various examinations such as IIT, JEE, SSC CGL, RRB, IAS, IPS, UPSC, board or engineering exams, etc. Trigonometry Formula Pdf Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics… Read More »

Algebra Formulas PDF Free Download

Today we are going to tell you about all the important formulas of Algebra Math. If you memorize all these basic algebra formulas, then you will be able to solve every question easily. In this post, we shared A to Z Algebra Formulas Maths PDF Books. Algebra formulas are an important part of math, whether… Read More »

Maths Shortcut Tricks PDF Free Download

We all know that Quantitative Aptitude (Maths) questions are part of all competitive exams. You will find the best maths tricks in this post. These tricks PDF books have been especially shared here keeping in mind all the competitive exams. We shared here Maths shortcut tricks pdf for the following examinations: Staff Selection Examinations (SSC… Read More »

RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude PDF [Hindi & English]

The quantitative Aptitude section is very important for any competitive exam. If you are preparing for any exam then RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude Book pdf will be very useful for you. Quantitative aptitude pdf provides the latest question with a solution for the preparation of competitive examinations. This book is a very popular book for… Read More »