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Boats and Streams Questions & Answers PDF with Solutions

At quantitative aptitude topic on boats and streams, you will get boats and streams questions test difficulty wise, which will have categorized as easy, medium, and moderate level. Boats and streams questions and answers pdf with Solutions covers all boat and stream concepts. In boats and streams for bank exams pdf, you will find the… Read More »

Simple Interest and Compound Interest Questions and Answers PDF

As we all know, Simple interest and compound interest questions and answers pdf are useful in advanced Maths and quantitative aptitude Section. These notes include solved questions of simple interest and compound interest. These solved maths interest pdf includes SI and CI formulas and difficult examples for various exams. Aptitude interest pdf notes provide a… Read More »

Pipes and Cisterns Questions & Answers PDF

Problems based on pipes and cistern questions are common topics that are asked in quantitative aptitude sections. We are providing pipes and cisterns questions and answers basics ​examples with shortcut tricks. Pipes and cisterns problems are another type of time and work problems. If you are perfect with the time & work Problems, then you… Read More »

Problems on Trains Aptitude Questions [Tricks, Formula and Shortcuts]

Problems on trains aptitude questions with answers pdf contain formulas and short cut trick for rail question. Trains concept aptitude notes give a detailed explanation of speed and distance questions. Aptitude problems based on trains are asked under the quantitative aptitude section in the competitive exam. Problems on Trains Aptitude Questions are part of the… Read More »

Percentage Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF

Percentage Problems questions and answers pdf provides shortcut tricks to solve percentage aptitude questions. The Quantitative aptitude questions with solutions improve your maths problem-solving ability. Aptitude MCQ quiz on percentage helps you to attain knowledge and become active in the basic concepts. Percentage aptitude questions and answers pdf includes the correct answers to all the… Read More »

Approximation Questions PDF for Bank PO, SBI PO and Bank Exams

Approximation questions pdf provides difficulty level questions with solutions. High level approximation questions pdf is prepared as per the latest exam syllabus pattern. Simplification and approximation questions pdf provides various shortcut methods for problem solutions. Approximation Questions are asked under the quantitative aptitude section in IBPS PO, Bank PO, SBI PO, SSC Clerk, and many… Read More »

Ratios and Proportions Questions and Answers PDF

Ratios and proportions questions and answers pdf provide formulas and tricks for solving ratios and proportions problems. Proportional ratio notes contain various examples for explaining aptitude methods. Quantitative aptitude ratios and proportions pdf contain previous year questions with detailed solutions. Ratio and proportion bank questions and answers are useful for solving objective-type questions or MCQ… Read More »

Reasoning Puzzles for Bank Po Questions and Answers PDF

Reasoning Puzzles for Bank Po Questions Answers PDF contains an integral part of the reasoning ability section. High level puzzle for SBI PO notes gives detailed solutions of reasoning puzzle problems. IBPS clerk puzzle pdf contains a tricky section and it is an important part of the IBPS Bank PO exam because it is present… Read More »

Mixture and Alligation Questions & Answers with Solutions PDF

Mixture and alligation questions and answers with solutions pdf give a detailed explanation of mixture and alligation concepts. SBI PO Quantitative aptitude mixtures & alligations notes provide some important formula to solve questions based on this topic. Mixture and alligation pdf are prepared based on detailed analysis of the topic from experts for a better… Read More »

200 Partnership Questions and Answers PDF with Solutions

Partnership questions and answers pdf is important for clear your concept of partnership by using shortcut tricks. High-level partnership Maths note is improved your techniques and skills to solve partnership quiz. Partnership accounting multiple-choice questions(MCQ) with answers pdf includes admission of a partner accounting and previous year questions with detailed solution. Dissolution of partnership firm… Read More »

Problems on Ages Questions with Problem Tricks and Shortcuts [Quantitative Aptitude]

Problems on ages questions with problem tricks and shortcuts pdf provide techniques and skills to solve this topic problem. Quantitative Aptitude age problem notes give many examples with detailed explanations. Ages problems questions are asked in various competitive exams under the quantitative aptitude reasoning section. Ages aptitude tricks pdf provides basic formulas to solve age… Read More »

Wrong / Missing Number Series Questions & Answers with Solution PDF

Wrong / missing number series reasoning questions & answers with solution pdf is useful for questions ask under quantitative aptitude or numerical aptitude section in competitive exams. Missing number series logical reasoning questions with solutions give descriptions and explanations that will help you to understand the topic. Wrong/missing number series questions & answers with solution… Read More »

Decision Making Questions and Answers PDF [Reasoning Tricks]

Decision Making Questions and Answers Pdf is part of Verbal Reasoning that provides various problem solving on decision making skills question with detailed solutions. This Short-term decision-making questions and answers give decision-making reasoning tricks to remember important points. The Decision making multiple choice questions and answers pdf contain a decision making test at the end… Read More »

Distance and Direction Sense Reasoning Questions PDF

The Distance and direction sense reasoning pdf includes various questions for reasoning. New pattern direction quiz pdf provides objective types of questions that are often asked in competitive exams. Distance and direction sense reasoning questions pdf contain many different tricks and tips for solving directions problems. Questions on Distance and Direction Reasoning Directions and distance… Read More »

Alphanumeric Series Questions and Answers PDF for Bank Exam, SBI Clerk, SSC CHSL, IBPS PO

Alphanumeric series questions pdf explains the concept of alphanumeric series and sequence puzzles by using shortcut tricks. SBI PO reasoning ability alphanumeric series will help you to improve your techniques and skills to solve difficult logical reasoning topic problems. The alphanumeric sequence is a combination of numbers, alphabets, and symbol-based series. Miscellaneous and alphanumeric series pdf… Read More »

1000 Data Sufficiency Questions PDF with Answers [Logical Reasoning]

Data sufficiency questions pdf covers various reasoning sections which are often asked in exams. Math data sufficiency questions and answers pdf provides the concept of direct and indirect skills of the mathematical quantitative aptitude. APICET analytical ability data sufficiency notes give an easy solution to each problem by providing a detailed explanation. Therefore, High-level data… Read More »

Order & Ranking Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF

Read the complete Order and ranking questions and answers pdf provides shortcut tricks for solving ranking & ordering queries. Rank order questions are asked under the logical reasoning section in competitive exams. It is complete practice set for SBI PO, IBPS Clerk, SSC, UPSC, Railway Exam. Order & ranking reasoning questions pdf gives solutions of… Read More »

Inequality Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF [Inequalities Quiz]

Inequality Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF includes all questions asked in previous year examinations. New Pattern Reasoning inequality questions notes gives shortcut tricks to remember difficult formulas. Coded inequality reasoning questions PDF is useful in various competitive exams like IBPS, SBI, UPSC, Railway, RBI Asst., LIC Asst and RRB etc. Download Inequalities Questions PDF In… Read More »

50+ Machine Input Output Questions PDF with Answers

Machine Input Output Questions pdf contains all topics as per the level of latest reasoning exam pattern. Machine Input and output logical reasoning questions new pattern pdf provides quiz for RBI Assistant, CET, IBPS PO Prelims and IBPS Clerk Mains exams. High level input output reasoning questions of new pattern are asked frequently in every… Read More »

300+ Syllogism Questions PDF for Bank Exams

300+ Syllogism Questions PDF for Bank Exams are useful for practicing reasoning questions. Syllogism new pattern questions with answers pdf give various examples with detailed explanation. Possibility questions syllogism pdf is prepared by expert teachers in reasoning. 300+ syllogism questions pdf for bank exams contains shortcut methods for solving problems in less time. 300 syllogism… Read More »

Seating Arrangement Questions PDF with Answers

Learn here New Pattern Seating Arrangement Questions. The seating arrangement questions for ibps clerk pdf along with Answers. Seating Arrangement Questions is a part of Verbal Reasoning and Logical Reasoning. Practice all 11 sets of advance level Sitting arrangement reasoning questions. Download and read the complete Seating Arrangement Questions PDF Notes for IBPS prelims, SBI,… Read More »

Statement & Assumption PDF [Questions – Answers]

Statement & Assumption Questions PDF provides solved examples with detailed answer description. Assumptions examples explanation are given which is easy to understand. In statement analysis reasoning notes, assumptions examples explanation are given in easy way for better understanding. Logical Reasoning tricks for statement and assumption are based on the latest exam pattern. Logical Reasoning questions… Read More »

Cause and Effect Questions PDF with Answer Solution

Cause and Effect Questions PDF is useful in IBPS PO, SBI PO and other banking exams. In cause and effect questions of reasoning, each question contains two statements and the students have to find out relationship between the two statements. Cause and effect questions are asked in the Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning or Verbal Aptitude… Read More »

A Complete Book for Puzzles and Seating Arrangement Pdf

Complete Puzzle questions with answers pdf are useful for the preparation of RBI, IBPS, SBI, RBI, and other competitive examinations.Puzzles and Seating Arrangement book pdf focuses on advanced level puzzles and all the new pattern type puzzle reasoning questions. This Complete Book for Puzzles and Seating Arrangement contains exercises at the end of every chapter… Read More »

Profit and Loss Questions Pdf for Bank Exams

As we know, The profit and loss questions answer are most important for Bank Exams, Railway, SSC level competitive exams. Profit and Loss shortcut Tricks MCQ Pdf,  Objective Question & Answer Pdf. “Profit and Loss Questions PDF” In this post we are providing you the Profit and Loss pdf notes with detailed solution specially for bank exam.… Read More »

Arihant Quantitative Aptitude Book Pdf [Free Download]

Hello friends, Today we are going to share with you the most important Arihant Quantitative Aptitude Reasoning Book pdf in Hindi. If you are looking for best Quantitative Aptitude pdf Then, Arihant publication is best option for your maths, reasoning exam preparation. As we all know in all competitive exams the maths and reasoning subject… Read More »