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10th Class English Grammar Book PDF Download

In this post, we provided the best free 10th Class English grammar books that you can simply download and read by yourself & start learning now! This NCERT English Grammar Book PDF will cover all topics related to English grammar such as nouns, verbs, tenses, articles, verb conjugations, and punctuation. We have also included a… Read More »

English Tenses PDF [English Grammar Tenses]

English tenses pdf explains all the tenses with the example. English grammar tenses pdf gives a tense chart with rules in easy to understand manner. The 12 English tenses are divided into three categories – the present tenses, past tenses and future tenses. Each of these tenses has its own syntax and usage in English.… Read More »

6 Best English Grammar Books For Competitive Exams

Which is the best English Grammar Books 2022? Which book should you read? Questions like these confuse the mind of every candidate. If you are preparing for any competitive exam then you must definitely need English Grammar books. English Grammar related questions are asked in various competitive exams. Here we provided information about the 6… Read More »

Idioms and Phrases PDF Book Download

Looking for a list of common English idioms and phrases? Here’s a PDF of over 100 of the most popular ones, complete with definitions and examples. Idioms and Phrases are an important part of the English section in various government exams. Important idioms and phrases pdf is useful in competitive exams such as SBI PO,… Read More »

Aman Vashishth Sir English Class Notes PDF

Hello Friends, we will provide you Aman Vashishth English Grammar Class Books PDF for competitive exam. This PDF of Aman Vashishth Sir’s Class Summary Notes covers almost all English Grammar topics required for the government job preparation. From Noun, Pronoun to all Tense is included with it. This is a Big PDF file of 292… Read More »

120 Rules of Grammar PDF by Nimisha Bansal

Hello Students, Are you looking for 120 rules of English Grammar PDF by Nimisha Bansal? If yes then you are in right place. Here we give you 120 English Grammar Rules PDF book which is written by Nimisha Bansal. This book is very helpful for various competitive examinations such as SSC, Railway, Banking and all… Read More »

Wh Questions PDF Download

We already shared wh questions exercises for your practice. In this post, we shared Wh Questions Pdf files. You can download and read it offline on your mobile or pc. Using these PDFs you can practise MCQ Exercise, Fill the Blank and Put the words in the correct order to make Wh-questions. Let’s read some… Read More »

English Grammar PDF in Gujarati Free Download

You will learn the basics of English grammar and the at least one rule of grammar in each unit of the Indian and Gujarati Learner. Lots of free explanations and exercises to help you perfect your English grammar. All of the essential points of English grammar are covered. A summary of the uses and formation… Read More »

English for Competitive Exams PDF Book Free Download

How to prepare English for competitive exams? Want to score good marks in English subject? We all know that English is an important part of major competitive exams. In this post, we are shared English MCQs, Grammar Notes, vocabulary, articles, comprehension related PDF books, which are very useful in each and every competitive exam. Let’s read the basic… Read More »

Arihant English Grammar Book 2023 PDF

Are you looking for Arihant English Grammar PDF? If yes, then you’re at the right place as we are going to share with you Arihant English Grammar and Composition Book PDF in this post. We all know that Arihant English Grammar Book is very useful for all competitive examinations. This book covers 69 topics of… Read More »

English Speaking Sentences in Daily Life PDF

Looking forward to English speaking sentences that are used in daily life? In this post, we are going to share 500+ English Speaking Sentences in Daily Life PDF. 100 English Sentences Used Everyday Here we shared 100 English speaking sentences that are used in our daily life. Thank you for downloading PDF book of English speaking… Read More »

Hindi to English Translation Book PDF

Hindi to English translation practice book pdf is useful for all candidates who want to learn basic to advanced level Hindi to English translation. Hindi to English translation book helpful for upcoming 2022 competitive exams such as SSC, PSC, Railway, Banking, RRB, etc. Hindi to English Translation Book PDF This book helps the aspirants to… Read More »

Rapidex English Speaking Course PDF

Rapidex English speaking course pdf helps to improve your English communication skills. Rapidex English spoken pdf is made for non-native English speakers and is a guideline for people to communicate in the English language properly. Spoken English pdf book provides very simple procedures and methods to speak English. It is the best book to learn… Read More »

English Grammar Articles Pdf Free Download

Articles play an important role in ensuring that speak and write correct English. If you are looking for English grammar articles rules for the competitive examination then you are in the right place. English grammar articles exercise pdf explains concepts and rules of articles with examples in the English Language. Rules of articles in English… Read More »

1000 Vocabulary Words With Meaning and Sentence PDF

Learn English Vocabulary online in a quick and easy way. We all know Vocabulary is the backbone of English learning. In every competitive examination, Vocabulary Word related questions will be asked. Here we shared Vocabulary Word with meaning, synonyms, anonym and with the usage of Vocabulary Word. Let’s download the 1000 Vocabulary Words With Meaning… Read More »

English Grammar Degree PDF [A to Z]

In this post on English Grammar, we will discuss in detail the Degrees of Comparison, its definition, its types and the rule of change. We know that this is easy English Grammar topic but we made many mistakes on our exam times. We hope below English Grammar Degree PDF will help you to score good… Read More »

English Grammar Tenses Rules PDF free download

English Grammar Tenses are very important not only for students but also for general readers. These all PDF books teach you tenses, active and indirect narration in an easy way. In this post, we covered all the following tenses notes of English Grammar with Exercise: Simple Present Tense Rule PDF Present Continuous Tense Present Perfect… Read More »

100+ One Word Substitution PDF Download

Today we will share with you the complete list of 100+ important One Word Substitutes PDF books. In any job test, multiple-choice questions come from One Word Substitution or One Word Expression included in English subject and these can be easily answered by memorizing them with Basic Understanding. So today we have given you the… Read More »

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download

Friends, as you all know that in competitive exams, many questions are asked from English Grammar, one of which is the topic of Vocabulary Words, this is a topic in which you have to practice more and more, only then you can ask questions from this topic. You can understand and prepare Vocabulary Words well… Read More »

Descriptive General English by SP bakshi PDF

Descriptive General English by SP Bakshi pdf is designed to improve the English comprehensive, communication, and writing skills of the candidates. Arihant descriptive general English pdf is useful in various competitive exams such as SSC CGL, IAS, IPS, IBPS PO bank, PCS, IFS, IES, CISF, CAPF, TGT, PGT, TET, etc. Previously we shared Objective General… Read More »

A Mirror of Common Errors PDF Book By Ashok Kumar

This book covers almost all the English Grammar topics that form the part of most of the questions in all competitive examinations. This is the best book for the ‘spotting errors’ part of the examinations. If you don’t know anything much in English, still this book is very helpful for you in dealing with the… Read More »

Oxford English Grammar Book PDF

The Oxford English Grammar is an essential reference for English speakers around the world. Oxford modern English grammar pdf is useful for those students who want to get a grip in grammar by learning Part of Speach, Sentences, Punctuation, Spelling and dictionary work and Making meaning. Junior Oxford English grammar Pdf is suitable for quick… Read More »