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Physics in Hindi For Class 12 PDF Download – NCERT भौतिकी विज्ञान हिंदी

Physics in Hindi for Class 12 PDF में आपको प्रक्रियाओं, आयुष्यकाल के विषय, ऊर्जा, ऊर्जा का प्रबंधन, गति, गति और स्थिति, तरंगतत्व, प्रकृति के क्रियाओं और स्रोतों के अनुप्रयोग, विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी के विषय, अग्रिम विज्ञान और प्रकृति के ब्रह्मांड के अनुप्रयोग, आर्थिक संबंधों और आर्थिक डिस्किप्शन आदि को हल किया जाएगा। भौतिक विज्ञान विषय… Read More »

Class 11 Chemistry Notes in Hindi PDF

Chemistry is one of the most important subjects for students of Class 11. In order to score well in their exams, it is important for students to have a clear understanding of the concepts. These Class 11 Chemistry notes will help students do just that. CBSE भारत का एक बड़ा शैक्षिक बोर्ड है और NCERT… Read More »

10+ Matrices Questions and Answers PDF

Hello Students, Today we will share with you the Matrices Questions and Answers PDF. This Book is useful for students who are preparing for competitive exams such as all SSC Exams and Railways Exams. This will be helpful for increasing your practice and also to increase your marks in Competitive Exams. We will be also… Read More »

भौतिक विज्ञान कक्षा 12 PDF Download [Physics Class 12 Notes in Hindi]

Hello 12th Class Students, In this post, you will get complete Physics Class 12 notes in Hindi. We understand the importance of your 12th class exams, that’s why we share every good resource for you to prepare for the examination. हमने यहां पर कक्षा १२ की भौतिक विज्ञान विषय पर PDF बुक्स दी है, वो… Read More »

Pradeep Kshetrapal Books PDF Download [Physics, Chemistry]

Hello Students! As we know the Pradeep sir books pdf are most famous for the physics, biology, chemistry and for many subject topics. Pradeep Kshetrapal Notes book will be an ideal choice for students who are keen on learning Chemistry, Physics and Biology Topics from the best. These books has been Published by Pardeep Publication.… Read More »

Arihant Handbook of Chemistry PDF Download

Arihant Chemistry Handbook will be of highly use whether students are looking for a quick revision before the board exams or just before other examinations like JEE, NEET, Engineering Entrances, Medical Entrances or any competitive examination. This book provides a summary of the whole Chemistry textbook. Ultimately by reading this book, you will save time… Read More »

Arihant Physics Handbook PDF Download

The Physics Handbook of Arihant has incredibly Physics precise notes. This book is full of important Physics Revision Notes, Shortcut Tricks, Formulas, useful content. Arihant Physics Handbook PDF book provides clear summary of the whole textbook. If you don’t have much time to re-reading the entire NCERT books and you are JEE aspirant then I… Read More »

Chemistry Question Bank PDF in Gujarati

The objective Chemistry Question Bank is designed for GBSE and CBSE students. This Chemistry Question bank in Gujarati is very useful for scoring good marks in NEET, JEE & Gujcet Exams. Let’s read basic information and download Chemistry Question Bank PDF in Gujarati: GSEB Chemistry Question Bank in Gujarati Let’s download chapter wise Chemistry MCQ… Read More »

Physics Objective Questions in Hindi PDF

We are sure that these physics questions bank in Hindi PDF will 100% help you in competitive exams such as SSC, RRB and all other states examinations. In this post, we covered 11th-12th Science and class 9-10 physics objective questions with answers. Physics Questions with Answers PDF 1900+ Physics MCQ {भौतिक विज्ञान बहुविकल्पिय} For Competitive… Read More »

Class 12 Chemistry Practical File PDF Download

Class 12 Students must concentrate on the CBSE Chemistry Practical File because Chemistry Practical has been allocated 30 marks. Here we provide Class 12 Chemistry Practical File PDF. So, students can study the laws and theories before performing the experiments by using the class 12 chemistry practical book PDF. By using Chemistry Class XII practical… Read More »

Physics Practical Class 12 PDF Download

All Science students must know all the class 12 physics practical solutions with theorems, laws, and numerical to understand all the concepts of class 12 physics practical syllabus. The physics practical file for class 12 CBSE pdf covers practice papers and questions and answers. Class 12 Physics practicals for readings contain the practicals which make… Read More »

Physical Education Class 12 Book PDF [ Free Donwload ]

Class 12 Physical Education Practical File Pdf educates students about the education of physical activities for a healthy life. Class 12 Physical Education NCERT Book provides sample paper with solutions, previous year paper and revision notes. NCERT and CBSE physical education books contain important questions and answers. Class 12 physical Education Notes contains short notes… Read More »

Class 11 Physics Notes in Hindi PDF Download [Best Handwritten notes]

Class 11 Physics Notes NCERT PDF में सभी class 11 physics chapters को संक्षिप्त में समजाया गया है| यहाँ पर दिए गए Class 11 Physics Handwritten Notes PDF में class 11 Physics textbook के सभी Notes, Solutions और Syllabus को विस्तार से समजाया गया है| Class 11 Physics Notes Units and Measurements बोर्ड की परीक्षाओं… Read More »

Class 12 Physics Handwritten Notes in Hindi [भौतिक विज्ञान नोट्स]

Download Class 12 Physics Chapter wise Handwritten Notes in Hindi. Physics को समझने के लिए स्पष्ट तर्क और कारणों की आवश्यकता होती है। यहाँ पर हमने  Class 12 Physics Handwritten Notes NCERT को बहुत आसान भाषा में लिखा है ताकि Students इसे बहुत आसानी से समझ सके। सभी Class 12 Physics Chapters को अलग भागों… Read More »

Class 12 Physics Handwritten Notes

It is important to remember CBSE class 12 physics chapters for students who wish to make a career in engineering. So here we provide class 12 Chemistry best-handwritten notes. NCERT Physics class 12 solutions is an important subject within the Class 12 science and it is also tough. In class 12 physics handwritten notes Physics… Read More »

Chemistry NCERT Class 11-12 : Chapter Wise Exercise With Solutions

We provide the NCERT Class 11th  and 12th Chemistry Notes for free in the hope that students can score better and approach the subject more interestingly. PaptStar is super learning platform for JEE and NEET. Today we sharing complete solution of NCERT Exercise of Class XI & XII (11th and 12th) of Chemistry subjects. As… Read More »