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7 Secrets of a Job Winning Cover Letter/Resume

The cover letter is usually sent along with the CV of the candidate in order to let the employer know about some additional information about the potential employee and their work experience. Other related topics like the field of expertise, main objective of working, any special skill that may help in making the employer’s choice… Read More »

Lies in CV That May Return to Haunt You

The competitiveness of the job market sometimes requires that one is proactive to get an edge. But some people are taking this too far, sometimes to disastrous outcomes. Today topic is very interesting “Lies in CV That May Return to Haunt You”. Former Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson was forced to resign his plum job following… Read More »

4 Reasons Why Cover Letters Are Important

The dominant question in the mind of most job seekers immediately after going through a job advert asking for a cover letter among other documents is whether the cover letter is imperative and why it should accompany the application documents alongside the resume/CV. In this article I will share with you 4 major reasons why you… Read More »

The 3 Main Components of Cover Letter

It is worth noting that the cover letter is all about you. So as you get ready to start writing the letter it is imperative to have at the back of your mind this one nugget of truth “it is this document that will knock and open for you the door for an interview”. This… Read More »

5 Cover Letter Mistakes You MUST Avoid

Similar to a well written cover letter that would open up your chances to landing the coveted job, a poorly done cover letter could have a similar effect but in a disastrous fashion. Badly written cover letters could hurt your chances of being invited for the interview thus loosing the job opportunity. A survey conducted… Read More »

How Long Should A Resume Be ??

As an experienced job applicant or a first time job seeker, the question of how long your Resume or CV should be will always be in your mind. You will also battle with thoughts of whether there is any basic guideline to adhere to regarding the number of pages for a resume or If you… Read More »