Similarities and Differences Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF

By | July 29, 2022
Similarities and Differences Reasoning PDF

Similitudes And Differences Reasoning Questions are vital things to be aware of for your tests. Serious tests are finally. In the event that you know the use of time productively, all that will be simpler for you. A large portion of us forgets this thing. Soon we will provide you Similarities and Differences Reasoning in Hindi with Answers. Other than that the SSC and Space Visualization also uses Similarities and Differences Reasoning questions.

We have tried to provide you with a few examples and shortcut tricks on the topic. We have a request for the viewers to read the examples very carefully. The shortcut tricks we have provided you will help understand the time and work. With proper management of time and work, candidates will be able to complete their papers in time with perfect accuracy. This will overall lead to helping you guys in improving your marks and also get a higher rank in all types of Competitive Exams.

Here below we provided you with some Examples of Similarities and Differences in Reasonings:

Question on Similarities and Differences Reasoning with Answers

Question 1: Pick out the odd one from the following:

(A) Land

(B) Sun

(C) Air

(D) Nation

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(D) Nation

Question 2: Pick out the odd one from the following:

(A) George W. Bush

(B) Emmanuel Macron

(C) Vladimir Putin

(D) Narendra Modi

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(D) Narendra Modi

Question 3: Soldier : Regiment : : Horse : _______?

(A) Navy

(B) Fleet

(C) Cavalry

(D) Herd

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(D) Herd

Question 4: Thermometer : Temperature : : Barometer : ?

(A) Heat

(B) Weight

(C) Volume

(D) Pressure

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(D) Pressure

Question 5: Blind : Visual : : Deaf : _________?

(A) Hearing

(B) Listening

(C) Auditory

(D) Sound

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(C) Auditory

Question 6: 6415 : 5304 : : 7896 : ?

(A) 6705

(B) 6785

(C) 6905

(D) 6907

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(B) 6785

Question 7: 1 : 4 : : ? : 64

(A) 14

(B) 27

(C) 65

(D) 80

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(B) 27

Question 8: 5 : 100, 4 : 64 : : 4 : 80, 3 : ?

(A) 26

(B) 48

(C) 54

(D) 60

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(B) 48

Question 9: 4 : 12 : : 5 : ?

(A) 20

(B) 22

(C) 25

(D) 30

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(A) 20

Question 10: 1648 : 1339 : : 2266 : ?

(A) 1234

(B) 1442

(C) 1551

(D) 2133

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(B) 1442

To practise more please visit General Intelligence Reasoning Quiz.

Download Similarities and Differences Reasoning PDF:

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  • Similarities and Differences Reasoning PDF with Answers – Download

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