Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF (All Topics)

By | November 16, 2022
Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF

Verbal reasoning is the ability to understand and use words to solve problems. A verbal reasoning question presents you with a set of statements and asks you to choose the one that is most logical.

The questions may ask you to find the difference between two pieces of information, to find the conclusion of a logical argument, or to identify the reasons for a particular decision.

Verbal reasoning is an area of psychometric tests that assesses the ability to understand, interpret and evaluate written language.

We’ll provide you important verbal reasoning questions that will help you improve your reasoning ability in CAT, SSB, SSC CGL and Bank exams.

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There are four main types of questions on the SAT that use verbal reasoning: fact questions, reasoning questions, analogies, and word problems.

Fact questions usually ask you to find information about a specific subject, such as the country’s capital or the chemical composition of a substance.

Reasoning questions ask you to evaluate the logical validity of an argument or to figure out the implications of a certain situation.

Analogies require you to compare two things and figure out how they are similar or different.

Word problems ask you to solve a problem using words rather than numbers.

Verbal Reasoning Topics

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