English Grammar Aptitude Test Questions and Answers PDF

By | July 26, 2022
English Aptitude Test Questions and Answers PDF

Hello candidates, we are today going to provide you with the English Aptitude Test Questions and Answers PDF.

We have provided this PDF to students so that they can have their concepts totally clear. These PDFs will help you in clearing any competitive exam English aptitude section very easily.

We have also provided you with a total of 28 Chapters of English means that will cover each and every topic of English Grammar Aptitude subject. So start your practice today with our PDFs and boost your marks in the exams.

Let’s read the Basic Information on the topic:

Subject Name  English Aptitude
Useful for Bank Exam

Competitive Exams

IT Company

Category General English
Language English

Table for Chapters of English Aptitude Questions and Answers:

SR No. Subject Name
1. Synonyms & Antonyms
2. Spelling Test (Update Soon…)
3. Tense
4. Adjectives (Update Soon…)
5. Articles
6. Homophones
7. Gerunds (Update Soon…)
8. Identify the Errors (Update Soon…)
9. Identify the Sentences (Update Soon…)
10. Plural Forms
11. Nouns (Update Soon…)
12. Prefix (Update Soon…)
13. Odd Words
14. Sentence Pattern
15. Suffix (Update Soon…)
16. Tag Questions
17. Prepositions
18. Active and Passive Voice
19. Spotting Errors (Update Soon…)
20. Substitution
21. Transformation
22. Sentence Improvement (Update Soon…)
23. Joining Sentences (Update Soon…)
24. Fill in the blanks (Update Soon…)
25. Para Completion (Update Soon…)
26. Idioms and Phrases
27. Sentence Arrangement
28. Passage Completion (Update Soon…)
29. Pronoun

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English is a language with Vocabulary. So to improve your vocabulary you can practice exercises with 1000 Vocabulary Words with meaning and sentences PDF.

Important Questions on English Aptitude for Freshers

Question 1: Laughing ________ is not bad.

(A) its

(B) it

(C) itself

(D) to

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(C) itself 

Question 2. Choose from the given alternatives the group order that gives the correct sentence order.

In the choice(1)/ can’t be(2)/ a man(3)/ Too careful(4)/ of his friends(5)

(A) 3,2,4,1,5

(B) 1,2,3,4,5

(C) 3,2,1,4,5

(D) 3,2,5,4,1

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(A) 3,2,4,1,5

Question 3.  Identify the assertive sentence.

(A) How colourful the flowers are!

(B) The flowers are very colourful.

(C) Are the flowers colourful?

(D) Do the flowers colourful?

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(B) The flowers are very colourful.

Question 4. Write one word for the given expression.

“A list of books available in a library”

(A) Backlist

(B) Index

(C) Catalogue

(D) Bibliography

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(C) Catalogue

Question 5. Select the correct answer of the changed Voice. “Where have you kept my bag?”

(A) Where has my bag been kept by you?

(B) Where had my bag been kept by you?

(C) Where have you been kept by the bag?

(D) Where has the bag being kept by you?

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(A) Where has my bag been kept by you?

Question 6.  A girl ________ blue eyes has just gone out.

(A) in

(B) with

(C) of

(D) from

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(B) with

Question 7. They went to lovely garden, ________ .

(A) Didn’t they?

(B) Doesn’t they?

(C) Did they?

(D) Do not they?

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(A) Didn’t they?

Question 8. Select the correct sentence.

(A) This is one of the most difficulty question that is ever asked.

(B) This is one of the most difficult questions that has ever been asked.

(C) This is one of the most difficult question that have ever been asked.

(D) This is one of the most difficult question that has ever been asked.

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(B) This is one of the most difficult questions that has ever been asked.

Question 9. Find an odd one:

(A) garment

(B) cotton

(C) sugar

(D) shirt

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(C) sugar

Question 10.  Give plural form of ‘photo’.

(A) photoes

(B) photum

(C) photos

(D) photoess

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(C) photos

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Thank you for reading. Furthermore, If you guys are having doubts about English Aptitude Questions then let us know in the comment section.

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