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Online Quiz Questions Answers with Detailed Explanation for Reasoning & Mental Ability Materials pdf for All Competitive Exams Like GPSC, UPSC, SSC, RRB, Defence, Clerk and all State PSC Exams.

Evaluate your Basic Knowledge of reasoning skills by trying the below online Mental Ability Questions -answer quiz.

Question 1: One morning after sunrise, Mahesh was standing facing a pole. The shadow of the pole fell exactly to his right. To which direction was he facing?.

(A) West

(B) East

(C) South

(D) Middle 

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(C) South

Questions 2 to 5
Directions : Each question consists of four groups. One set is different from other three in someway. Find out the different set.

Question 2: (1) GEDC (2) AZYX (3) PNML (4) USRQ

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(2) AZYX

Question 3: (1) SUXB (2) LNQU (3) BDGK (4) JLNQ

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(4) JLNQ

Question 4 : (1) 23 (2) 43 (3) 63 (4) 73 

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(3) 63

Question 5: (1) Hut (2) Home (3) Palace (4) Restaurant

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(4) Restaurant

Question 6 to 8: Out of nine cells of a square one cell is left blank, and in the rest of the cells numbers are written which follow some rule. Get the rule and find out the proper option for the blank cell (?).

4 9 20
8 5 14
10 3 ?

A. 11

B. 10

C. 8

D. 15

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C. 8

4 + 9 + 20 = 33   6
8 + 5 + 14 = 27
10 + 3 + 8 = 21   6

Question 7:

? 1 1
9 4 4
2 3 5

(A) 8

(B) 10

(C) 14

(D) 16

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B) 10

Question 8:

5 8 7
11 17 15
21 33 ?

(A) 29

(B) 31

(C) 33

(D) 38

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A) 29

Question 9: Seismography : Earthquake :: Taseometer : ?

(A) Resistances

(B) Volcanoes

(C) Strains

(D) Landslides

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C) Strains

Question 10: Pintu ranked 9th from the top and 38th from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class ?

(A) 46

(B) 47

(C) 48

(D) 49

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A) 46

Total Number of students in class = (8 + 1 + 37) = 46

Question 11: Arrange these words in alphabetical order and tick the one that comes last

1. Abandon  2. Actuate  3. Accumulate  4. Acquit   5. Achieve

(A) Actuate

(B) Achieve

(C) Accumulate

(D) Acquit

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A) Actuate  
First letters are common. Second letters are:b, c, c, c, c. One of the four words having c is the last word. Let us see the third letters now ,there are: t, c, q, h. Clearly t is the last. Hence Actuate is the last word. 

Question 12: A is the brother of B and C. D is E’s mother. F is A’s father. Which of the following statements cannot be definitely true ?

(A) D is A’s mother

(B) B is E’s son

(C) E is B’s father

(D) A is D’s son

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B) B is E’s son

Question 13: Biped : Quadruped :: Ostrich : ?

(A) Rabbit

(B) Cat

(C) Rat

(D) Tortoise

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B) Cat

Questions 14 to 17
Direction : The following question are based on the arrangement of alphabets in the form of a pyramid. In each
question there is some relationship between the two sets of the letters on the left of the (: :). The same relationship
exists between the two terms on the right of which one is missing. Find the missing. Find the missing one from the
given alternatives.


Question 14: BCG : DCG :: EGU : ?





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Question 15: EJQ : FKR : : HOX : ?





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Question 16: LTSK : MUTL : : (?) : OWXP





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Question 16: (?) : KRSL : : PYXO : OXWN





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Question 17: JQS : PWY : : KRT : (?)





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Question 18 to 21

Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below. Eight persons – A, B, C, D, P, Q, R and S are sitting around a circle not in same order. Three of them are facing towards the centre of circle while others are facing outside.

D is sitting third to right of A. There are 2 persons between D and Q. C and P are immediate neighbors and both are facing opposite direction. C and P both are not immediate neighbors of Q. S is sitting third to right of C. There is one person sitting between S and R. Q and D are facing opposite directions (like if Q is facing inside, then D is facing outside and vice versa). B is sitting immediate left of D. S sits second to right of R. D and S faces same direction. D and C faces opposite direction.

Question 18: Who is sitting second to left of Q?

(A) D

(B) S

(C) B

(D) P

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C) B

Question 19: Who is sitting opposite S?

(A) C

(B) D

(C) Q

(D) P

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D) P

Question 20: Who is sitting third to right of P?

(A) A

(B) B

(C) R

(D) Q

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D) Q

Question 20: Which of the following persons faces towards the centre?

(A) C, Q, S

(B) A, D, P

(C) A, C, Q

(D) B, D, S

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C) A, C, Q

Question 21: Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the given arrangement and so form a
group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

(A) B – Q

(B) Q – C

(C) A – B

(D) P – S

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A) B – Q

Question 22: A watch which gains 5 seconds in 3 minutes was set right at 7 a.m. in the afternoon of the same day, when the watch indicated quarter past 4 o’clock, the true time is:

(A) 3 pm

(B) 4 pm

(C) 5 pm

(D) 6 pm

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B) 4 pm

Question 23 to Mental Ability Crucial Reasoning Puzzle Questions and answers

(i) Six people – K, L, M, N, O & P are working in different offices named U, V, W, X, Y, & Z but not necessarily in the same order:

(ii) L is a wife of O & is working in office X. None of a woman is working in office V & Z.

(iii) M is a sister of N. She is working in office U. P is working in office W & N is working in office V.

Question 23: How N is related to M?

(A) Brother

(B) Sister

(C) Brother or Sister

(D) None of these

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A) Brother 

Question 24: In which office is K working?

(A) V

(B) Z

(C) Y

(D) W

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C) Y

Question 25: Which of the following is a definite pair of males?

(A) NP

(B) NO

(C) KP

(D) NK

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B) NO 

Question 26: At least how many males are among them?

(A) 2

(B) 1

(C) 4

(D) 3

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A) 2

Question 27: 5 cats eat 5 mice in 5 minutes, then in how many minutes 2 cat will eat 2 mice?

(A) 2 min

(B) 1 min

(C) 5 min

(D) 10 min

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C) 5 min

Question 28: In a group of friends, two have wives, one is unmarried, wife of another one is no more and other two are divorces. They have gone to a picnic with four kids. How many members have gone to the picnic?

(A) 12

(B) 10

(C) 14

(D) 13

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A) 12

Question 29: Find the missing number in the series?

4, 18, ?, 100, 180, 294, 448

(A) 50

(B) 58

(C) 48

(D) 60

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C) 48

Question 30: Find the missing number in the following series?

3, 5, 5, 19, 7, 41, 9, ?

(A) 79

(B) 69

(C) 71

(D) 61

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C) 71