100+ Partnership Questions and Answers PDF with Solutions

By | July 13, 2022
Partnership Questions and Answers

Partnership questions and answers pdf is important for clear your concept of partnership by using shortcut tricks. High-level partnership Maths note is improved your techniques and skills to solve partnership problems.

Partnership accounting multiple-choice questions(MCQ) includes admission of a partner accounting and previous year questions with detailed solutions.

Dissolution of partnership firm law notes provides sample questions or examples for exam preparation practice.

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A partnership is when two or more people join a business with a common goal to gain profits. Every partner invests either time or money to help the partnership to get profits.

There are two types of Partnership:

  1. Simple partnership: If all partners invest their capital (money) for the same time duration, then such partnerships are known as simple partnerships.
  2. Compound partnership: If all the partners invest their capital (money) for a different time duration, then such a partnership is known as a compound partnership.

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