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By | March 24, 2022
arihant handbook of Mathematics pdf

This Mathematics book covers nearly everything possible formulas, tables, values, maths keynotes, terms, definitions and many more.

This book explains all the Mathematics concepts very well and in a manner that every student will easy to understand.

Arihant Handbook of Mathematics PDF is very useful and handy when the exam is near. If you are JEE or NEET aspirant then you must have this book. It covers all maths topics of JEE and NEET. If you read it properly during your exam, it will 100% gives to good result.

For the engineering student, it is the best book forever to remember the formula.

Book NameMathematics Handbook
AuthorAmit Rastogi
PublicationArihant Publication

Book Contents

This book has all the basic definitions and formulas we need to know before entering into the concept. Arihant’s Mathematics Handbook covers all following topics:

  1. Sets and Relations
  2. Functions and Binary Options
  3. Complex Numbers
  4. Theory of Equations and Inequations
  5. Sequences and Series
  6. Permutations and Combinations
  7. Binomial Theorem and Principle of Mathematical Induction
  8. Matrix
  9. Determinants
  10. Probabilities
  11. Trigonometric Functions, Identities and Equations
  12. Solution of Triangles
  13. Heights and Distance
  14. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  15. Rectangular Axis
  16. Straight Line
  17. Circle
  18. Parabola
  19. Ellipse
  20. Hyperbola
  21. Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
  22. Derivatives
  23. Application of Derivatives
  24. Indefinite Integrals
  25. Definite Integrals
  26. Applications of Integrals
  27. Differential Equations
  28. Vectors
  29. Three Dimensional Geometry
  30. Mathematical Reasoning
  31. Statistics
  32. Linear Programming Problem
  33. Elementary Arithmetic – I
  34. Elementary Arithmetic – II
  35. Elementary Arithmetic – III
  36. Elementary Algebra
  37. Logarithms
  38. Geometry
  39. Mensuration
  40. Some Great Mathematicians and their Contributions
    Appendix I to VII

Let’s download Arihant Mathematics Handbook:

Features of Book

  1. Handy for revision of all formulae and concept
  2. Good for quick revision (Easy for revision of formulas)
  3. All arithmetic formulas of 11th and 12th are given in this book
  4. Very helpful for all competitive examinations especially for UPSC, Bank PO, SSC CGL, CAT, Entrance Exams and also useful in 11th & 12th CBSC Exam

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