Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF

By | April 18, 2022
Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF

First of all, we have to thank Rakesh Yadav sir for making the best Maths book for SSC (Staff Selection Exam) 2022.

The book is very good for SSC, RRB and Central Government jobs preparation. Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF has the best Mathematics content and conceptual book.

If you read this book carefully and follow the maths shortcut methods which are given by Rakesh Yadav sir, then you will be able to solve any Arithmetic or quantitative aptitude questions in just seconds.

In this SSC math book, 7300 Objective Questions with proper shortcut methods are given, which are helpful to you in upcoming competitive exams.

Let’s read basic information and download this book:

Book NameSSC Mathematics by Rakesh Yadav Book
AuthorRakesh Yadav
LanguageHindi and English
PublicationRakesh Yadav Readers Publication Pvt Ltd.

Book Content

This book contains Maths MCQs from following topics:

  1. Percentage (प्रतिशत)
  2. Profit and Loss (लाभ और हानि)
  3. Discount (छूट)
  4. Simple Interest (साधारण ब्याज)
  5. Compound Interest (चक्रवृद्धि ब्याज)
  6. Mixture and Allegation (मिश्रण और आरोप)
  7. Ration and proportion (अनुपात एवं समानुपात)
  8. Time and Work (समय और कार्य)
  9. Pipe and Cistern (पाइप और सिस्टर्न)
  10. Time distance and train (समय दूरी और ट्रेन)
  11. Boat and Stream (नाव और धारा)
  12. Number System (संख्या प्रणाली)
  13. Power indices and surds (धात एवं धातांक)
  14. Simplifications (सरलीकरण)
  15. Miscellaneous (विविध)
  16. Algebra (बीजगणित)
  17. Geometry and Coordinates (ज्यामिति और निर्देशांक)
  18. Average (औसत)
  19. LCM and HCF (लधुत्तम समापवर्त्य एवं महत्तम समापवर्त्य)
  20. Partnership (साझेदारी)
  21. Trigonometry (त्रिकोणमिति)
  22. Height and Distance (ऊंचाई और दूरी)
  23. Mensuration (क्षेत्रमिति)
  24. Statistics and Data Interpretation (सांख्यिकी और डेटा व्याख्या)

Above all important topics of maths covered in following Rakesh Yadav sir’s book:

Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF – Download

Rakesh Yadav Maths Book Features

  • The perfect book for SSC aspirants
  • Detailed solutions to math questions with shortcuts and basic methods are available
  • Given lots of questions for practising quantitative aptitude
  • Best book for practice

Rakesh Yadav Maths Book PDF:

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