10+ Matrices Questions and Answers PDF

By | August 22, 2022
Matrices Questions and Answers PDF

Hello Students, Today we will share with you the Matrices Questions and Answers PDF.

This Book is useful for students who are preparing for competitive exams such as all SSC Exams and Railways Exams. This will be helpful for increasing your practice and also to increase your marks in Competitive Exams. We will be also sharing the Matrices Questions and Answers PDF Class 10 and class 12.

We have provided the Multiple Choice Questions and Answers to test your knowledge about the Matrices. So try to solve every question to start your preparations now.

Let’s see the basic information on the topic:

Chapter NameMatrices
Useful forAll SSC and Railway Exams

MCQ Questions on Matrices:

Question 1: If A is a square matrix such that A2 = A, then (I – A)3 + A is equal to __________.

(A) I

(B) 0

(C) I – A

(D) I + A

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(A) I

Question 2: Total number of possible matrices of order 3 × 3 with each entry 2 or 0 is _________.

(A) 9

(B) 27

(C) 81

(D) 512

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(D) 512

Question 3: If A and B are two matrices of the order 3 × m and 3 × n, respectively, and m = n, then the order of matrix (5A – 2B) is ___________.

(A) m x 3

(B) 3 x 3

(C) m x n

(D) 3 x n

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(D) 3 x n

Question 4: for any two matrices A and B, we have __________.

(A) AB = BA

(B) AB ≠ BA

(C) AB = O

(D) None of these

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(D) None of these

Question 5: If A and B are symmetric matrices of the same order, then (AB′ –BA′) is a __________.

(A) Skew symmetric matrix

(B) Null matrix

(C) Symmetric matrix

(D) None of these

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(A) Skew symmetric matrix

Download PDF of Matrices with Solutions:

  • Matrix Algebra Short Questions Answers – Download PDF
    • What’s include
    • a) Elements matrix
      b) Row matrix
      c) Column matrix
      d) Diagonal matrix
      e) Scalar matrix
      f) Unit matrix OR Identity matrix
      g) Triangular matrix
      h) Comparable matrices
      i) Equality of matrices
      j) Skew-symmetric matrix
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