Article A, An, The Quiz English Grammar

Articles A An The Quiz

This English Article Quiz on A, An, The is important for Various Competitive exams like Talati Mantri, Bin-Sachivalay Clerk, SSC, Railway Exams, Defence Exams, IBPS, and Other Banking exams, Post office exams etc. 

English has three articles: AAN, THE. Articles are words that define a noun as specific or unspecific. There are lots of rules about the use of articles. It is our only definite article. Nouns in English are preceded by the definite article when the speaker believes that the listener already knows what he is referring to.


#1 Iron ________ useful metal.

#2 Rachi entered ________ one way road.

#3 Fill in the blank with appropriate given option: Mahatma Gandhi lived for ________ pure cause.

#4 ________ lion is the beast of prey.

#5 She lost ________ ring that I had gifted her.

#6 My uncle is ________ S.D.O.

#7 We are going to borrow some books from ________ library.

#8 Mr. Abraham enjoys reading ________ mystery novels.

#9 Whales are ________ largest animals in the sea.

#10 Mr. Jay is ________ union leader.

#11 ________ Bhagvad Geeta is a holy book of ________ Hindus.

#12 ________ Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

#13 ________ Indian army rescued ________ affected people.

#14 ________ UN officials greeted the people on ________ occasion of Diwali.

#15 Rohan is ________ cleverest student in our class.

#16 This is an apple. ________ apple is red

#17 There is an old temple, ________ temple is very ancient.

#18 I purchased ________ one-way ticket from Miraj to Mumbai. The proper article to be used in the blank would be:

#19 Put proper article. ________ little information he had was not quite reliable.

#20 Sheela gave me a pen. I liked ________ pen.


Play A An The Article Quiz – 1

English Articles Test – Quiz on English Grammar

English Articles Test Quiz

English has three articles: AAN, and THE. Articles are words that define a noun as specific or unspecific. There are lots of rules about the use of articles. It is our only definite article. Nouns in English are preceded by the definite article when the speaker believes that the listener already knows what he is referring to.

This English Article Quiz is important for Various Competitive exams like Talati Mantri, Bin-Sachivalay Clerk, SSC, Railway Exams, Defence Exams, IBPS, and Other Banking exams, Post office exams etc. This test for English language learners.


#1 He has never seen ________ UFO.

#2 Mrs. Mauna Vyas is ________ M.A. (English)

#3 Today I saw ________ European in a temple.

#4 An honest man is ________ noblest creation of the God.

#5 ________ man is mortal.

#6 ________ Bay of Bengal lies in the Indian Ocean

#7 I praise ________ honesty of this boy

#8 Ustad Amjad Ali Khan plays ________ Sarod

#9 ________ Mahabharat was written by Ved Vyas.

#10 Sir C.V. Raman is ________ Newton of India.

#11 ________ ugly should not be hated. They too are human being.

#12 Do not tell ________ lie.

#13 ________ brave are not afraid of death.

#14 I saw a man and a woman in AGORA MALL yesterday. ________ man was fat and short. The woman was slim and tall.

#15 Ramesh’s father is ________ M.P and Suresh’s father is ________ Member of Legislative Assembly.

#16 Sachin Tendukar is ________ to score double century in one day cricket.

#17 It was ________ worst period of my life.

#18 I bought ________ horse, ________ ox and ________ buffalo.

#19 ________ sun shines very brightly in summer.

#20 Rajesh is ________ tallest boy in the class


Play A An The Article Quiz – 2

English Grammar pdf in Gujarati Free Download

English Grammar pdf in Gujarati

You will learn the basics of English grammar and the at least one rule of grammar in each unit of the Indian and Gujarati Learner’s. Lots of free explanations and exercises to help you perfect your English grammar. All of the essential points of English grammar are covered. A summary of the uses and formation of the English verb tenses is given for easy. English Grammar PDFs or E-books, which can be to help you practice your English grammar. Feel free to download, re-use, or share the following English grammar lessons with your friends, colleagues, or students.

We Have Created This Section Of English Grammar Material By Keeping In Mind The Relevance Of This Subject In Various Competitive Exams like GPSC Exam, English Grammar Material for Talati and Bin-Sachivalay Clerk Exam, English Grammar for TET, TAT, HTAT exams, Post Office English Grammar, UPSC Exams, Civil Services, SSC Exams, Railway Exams And Other Such Competitive Exams. Please download below mention all file to rock in any Government or Competitive Exams. Join Jobs Captains official telegram channel for early updates of government jobs and GK and GA materials. Join Our Telegram Channel   |   Join

Download English Grammar Material Pdf in Gujarati

  1. Best English Grammar pdf in Gujarati  |  Download
  2. Question Bank with Answer (Topic wise)  |  Download
  3. All Tenses of English Grammar in Gujarati  |  Download
  4. One page Chart of Tenses  |  Click here
  5. English Grammar in Gujarati pdf Book  |  Click here
  6. English Grammar MCQ with Answer  |  Click here
  7. 100 most important Question-Answer of English Grammar  |  Download
  8. Useful in All Competitive Exam (English Grammar)  |  Download
  9.  Direct and Indirect Speech (English Grammar)  |  Click here
  10.  Test Bank of English Grammar  |  Download
  11.  English Grammar Pocketbook  |  Click here
  12. Angle Academy English Grammar Question Bank  |  Download
  13. Articles in English Grammar  |  Download

English Grammar Tenses pdf

  1. All Tenses in Gujarati with Detail  |  Click here
  2. Singular-Plural pdf  |  Download now
  3. Synonyms pdf  |  Download now
  4. Antonymy pdf  |  Download now
  5. Model Auxiliaries words pdf  |  Download now
  6. One Word Substitutes pdf   |  Download now
  7. Proposition pdf  |  Download now
  8. English Grammar by Anamika Academy  |  Download
  9. English Grammar part by Maru Gujarat  |  Part 1 Part 2
  10. Vocabulary pdf(English-Gujarati)  |  Download
  11. Angle Academy English Grammar  |  Part 1  |  Part 2

This grammar section explains English grammar in a clear and simple way. In this Article of English Grammar Material in Gujarati pdf, we Cover all topics like Pronouns, Possessives, Adjectives, Adverb, Noun, Verbs, Prepositions, Auxiliary verbs, Tenses. You can easily learn English from Gujarati Ebooks. Team Jobs captain covered all English Grammar MCQ. English Grammar Material book in Gujarat helps you to achieve your goal. You get here various books like Akshar Publication, Angle Academy’s English Grammar pdf.

We also provide Spoken English pdf in Gujarati free download, multiple choice questions on articles in English, Basic English grammar topics, Haresh Jethva English Grammar book pdf etc.

English grammar pdf it Gujarati is useful in the all type of Competitive exams like Talati, Bin-Sachivalay Clerk, GSSSB Exams, ASI-PSI, GPSC-UPSC, Post Office Exam, IBPS, and other Banking Exams, Staff Selection Exam (SSC) etc.

For more important Study material for Competitive exam in Gujarat, please visit below pages regularly to crack exams. Most Useful in Talati, Bin-Sachivalay Clerk, Police, ASI-PSI, GPSC, Post Office, TET-TAT-HTAT etc Competitive Exams.

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Bharat nu Bandharan (India constitution) in Gujarati pdf

Bharat nu Bandharan

Constitution of India Bharat Nu Bandharan gujarati PDF available here. This Constitution General Knowledge pdf useful For Gujarat Government Competitive Exam Like GPSC, GSSSB, Talati, TET, TAT, HTAT, SSC Clerk, Bin Sachivalay Clerks, PSI, Police Constable exam etc.

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Question-Answer Bharat nu Bandharan / India Constitutions 

  1. Bharat nu Bandharan One liner Question-Answer  |  Click here
  2. Indian Constitution Question-Answer  |  Click here
  3. Exam Related Question-Answer of Indian Constitution  |  Click here
  4. Important Question-answer of Indian Constitution  |  Click here
  5. 100 Question-Answer of Panchayati Raj and Jaher Vahivat  |  Click here
  6. Bharat nu Bandharan pdf file |  Click here
  7. Question-Answer of Samvidhan and Constitution  |  Click here
  8. Most important Question-Answer  |  Click here
  9. Gk Question Answer of Constitution of India (Part 1)  |  Click here
  10. Question Answer of Bharatiya Bandharan (Part 1)  |  Click here
  11. Gk Question Answer of Jahervahivat & IPC (Part 3)  |  Click here
  12. Other Question-Answer of Constitution & Samvidhan  |  Click here
  13. Indian Constitution, IPC & Panchayat Raj   |  Click here
  14. Lay (Kayado) Most important Question-Answer  |  Click here

Bharat nu Bandharan / Indian Constitution in Gujarati pdf

  1. Bharat nu Bandharan Full pdf file  |  Download
  2. Basic Information of Indian Constitution  |  Download
  3. Short Cuts and Notes of Bharatiya Bandharan  |  Download
  4. Hand Written Material of Indian Constitution  |  Download
  5. Important Topics of Bharat nu Samvidhan  |  Download
  6. Rastrapati  |  Download
  7. All in One pdf file of Indian Constitution  |  Download
  8. Hand Written Short Notes of Samvidhan  |  Download
  9. Bharat nu Bandharan by Career Academy  |  Download
  10. Bharatiya Bandharan by Astha Academy  |  Download
  11. Mahabhiyog Against Chief Justice of India  |  Click here
  12. Bharat nu Bandharan [one of the Best]  |  Download
  13. Best one by Anamika Academy  |  Click here
  14. Bharat nu Bandharan (Indian Constitution)  |  Download
  15. Important of Constitution  |  Download
  16. Indian Constitution/Bharatiya Bandharan 3 Parts  |  Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3
  17. Election Commissioner / Chutanipanch  |  Download
  18. Indian Constitution by Astha Academy  |  Download
  19. Gk Mater’s Indian Constitutions  |  Download
  20. Bharat nu Bandharan/Constitution  |  Download
  21. Maru Gujarat’s Bharatiya Bandharan  |  Download
  22. Bhartiya Kaydo by Shahezad Kazi pdf  book Indian Constitutions (31 MB)  |  Download
  23. Government File  |  Click here

Law and IPC pdf Materials in Gujarati

  1. Law (Kayado) and IPC pdf Material  |  Click here
  2. IPC all Kalam  |  Click here
  3. Shahezad Kazi Bhartiya Kaydo(law) and IPC Material Pdf Book   |  Click here
  4. IPC kalam Material 2  |  Click here
  5. Important for Police, ASI-PSI and Bin-Sachivalay Clerk  |  Click here
  6. Anamika Academy’s Material  |  Click here
  7. Motion Career Academy’s Material  |  Click here
  8. Law best Material in Gujarati  |  Click here
  9. Bharat Academy’s Best Material  |  Click here
  10. IPC by Ice  |  Click here

Jaher Vahivat and Panchayat Raj

  1. Jaher Vahivat Best pdf file in Gujarati  |  Download
  2. One Liner Question-Answer (Jaher Vahivat and Panchayati Raj)  |  Download
  3. Panchayati Raj  |  Download

Changes in Constitutions/ Bandharan ma Sudharao

  1. Changes in Constitution in Gujarati (1 to 101 sudhara) |  Click here

Download More Materials in Gujarati

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Gujarati Vyakaran / Grammar Pdf

Here We Provide You Pdf Files Of Study Material of Gujarati Vyakaran Grammar pdf. These Gujarati  Study Material include Alankar, Samas, Sandhi. We Cover Only Such Important Topics Which Question Have Been Repeatedly Asked In The Competitive  Exam.

The Gujarati Vyakaran Materials pdf is useful for GPSC or class 3 level Prelims exam and main competitive exam like Talati, GSSSB, SSC Clerk, Police Constable, Tet, Tat, Bin-sachivalay clerk, junior clerk, mukhya sevika, etc.

Gujarati Grammar / Vyakaran pdf in Gujarati

  1. Best Gujarati Vyakaran pdf file  |  Click here to Download

  2. Gujarati Grammar by Hiren sir  |  Click here to Download

  3. All in one Gujarati Vyakaran  |  Click here

  4. Angle Academy Gujarati Grammar  |  Download

  5. Gujarati Vayakaran Parichay  |  Click here

  6. All About Gujarati Grammar new pdf file  |  Click to Download

  7. All About Gujarati Grammar new pdf file 2  |  Download

  8. Grammar in Gujarati  |  Click here to Download

  9. World inbox Gujarati Vyakaran  |  Click here for Download

  10. Astha Academy Gujarati Grammar  |  Download

  11. Gujarati Sangana Click here to Download

  12. Gujarati Vyakaran in Detail format Gujarati file  |  Download

  13. Chhand Parichaya  |  Download

  14. Gujarati Chhand and Alankar Part 1  |  Click here

  15. Gujarati Alankar and Chhand Part 2  |  Click here

  16. Gujarati Rudhiprayog or Idom file  |  Click here

  17. Jodani na Niyamo  |  Click here to Download

  18. Kahevat and Rudhiprayog  |  Download

  19. Gujarati Bhasha Saudarya  |  Download

  20. Vyakaran Parichay  |  Download

  21. Bhasha Vivek  |  Download

  22. Bhasha Gaurav  |  Download


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Maths Study Material in Gujarati

Maths Material for Competitive Exams

Download Free Maths PDF study materials, Topic wise practice question papers, Important Formula and Maths shortcut method, Quantitative Aptitude study materials PDF book and Mental Ability pdf available here.

These materials are useful for who prepare for various competitive exam like Bank PO, SSC Clerk Exam, GPSC, tet, tat, and Entrance examinations. Mathematics for Competitive Exams: mcq, point-wise updated study material, and exam notes pdf books.

Maths Material in Gujarati

  1. General Maths in Gujarati  |  Download

  2. Maths Formula in Gujarati  |  Download

  3. Maths Formula [Standard 6,7 and 8]  |  Download

  4. Maths Formula in Detail  |  Download

  5. Maths Material Simplification  |  Download

  6. Maths Question-Answer  |  Download

  7. Maths Number Series in Gujarati  |  Download

  8. New Maths Formulas  |  Download

  9. Maths Bhumiti in Detail  |  Download

  10. Count Day in Competitive exam  |  Download

  11. General Mental Ability best Maths book  |  Download

  12. Maths and Mental Ability both in one file  |  Download

  13. Mental Ability Pocketbook in Gujarati  |  Download

  14. Maths Material Pocketbook 1  |  Download

  15. Maths Pocketbook 2  |  Download

  16. Maths Pocketbook 3  |  Download

  17. Maths Pocketbook 4  |  Download

  18. Important Point in Maths [Gujarati]  |  Download

  19. Number System in Maths Pdf file  |  Download

  20. A ratio in Maths [in the Gujarati Language]  |  Download

  21. Count Schedule in Maths [Gujarati pdf file]  |  Download

  22. Maths Bhumiti in Gujarati pdf file  |  Download

  23. Division Short-cut method in Gujarati  |  Download

  24. Maths Pdf pocket book 5  |  Download

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Download all type of Material Like Gujarat gk, India Gk, Gujarati Grammar/Vyakaran, Gujarati Sahitya, Sports GK, English Material, Constitution/Bandharan in Gujarati pdf,  Science and Technology gk etc,  Click here for Download

Download Monthly, Weekly and Daily Current Affairs in Gujarati  |  Download Current Affairs

Daily New GK pdf file   |   Click here

This article is all about the Maths material, These all maths material  in gujarati pdf help you in various exam-like Talati exam Maths, Bin-sachivalay clerk exam maths. GPSC exam maths. UPSC exam maths, Junior Clerk Maths, Post office exam maths, SSC exam maths, IBPS exam maths,  Police constable, PSI, and ASI exam maths, Forrest Exam maths, Indian Army, Indian Navy, and India Air Force Exam maths, TET, TAT, HTET, HTAT Exam Maths. In short, these all files help you in various competitive exams. Please Share this files with Your Fiends.

Most Imp Talati Exam Papers with Solutions

Talati Exam Papers with Answer

Gujarat government is ruling out a large number of vacancy in class-3. Talati Exam paper is conducted by GPSSB. In every notification they mention a clear-cut syllabus Gujarat and English language.

12 lac candidates appear for 2000+ vacancies in Gujarat. Jobs Captain provides the complete material set in Gujarati of Study Materials for Students. Nowadays Talati is one of the toughest exams in Gujarat, But with the confidence and complete Dedication, Nothing impossible. Team Jobs Captain provides Talati competitive exam material in Gujarati. 

The qualification to appear in Talati examination is one should have cleared the 12th standard exam. This article useful for old papers of Talati exam. We provide question paper with final answer keys and solutions. Please refer these papers, useful in Revenue Talati Exam.

Talati Exam Papers with Solution

In the Gujarat government, two type of Talati cadre is there one called as Revenue Talati and another one is called Talati cum Mantri. Panchayati Talati are working under the local government. Candidate can see the detailed For Gujarat GPSSB Talati cum Mantri Examination 2018.

  • Gujarati Language & Vyakaran / Grammar
  • Maths
  • English Grammar
  • General Knowledge

For more information about Talati Mantri Exam syllabus and material, Please visit this Page: Click here

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Gujarati Sahitya GK Pdf free Download – MCQ

Gujarati Sahitya pdf for Competitive Exam

Team Jobs Captain provide the best Study Material in Gujarati Language. In this article, you will get all important free material of Gujarati Sahitya in pdf format. Team jobs Captain cover all important thing about Gujarati Sahityakar Lekhak/Writer.

These Gujarati Sahitya pdf in Gujarati help you in all competitive exams likes Talati Mantri, Bin-Sachivalay Clerk, Police exam, Junior Clerk exam, GPSC, and UPSC exams etc. Click on the download button to download the pdf files of Gujarati Sahitya in Gujarati Language. 

Here top 15 pdf files of Gujarati Sahitya, in any competitive exam, no one Question miss from these pdf files.

  • Gujarati Sahitya Pdf File – 1  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya Pdf File – 2  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya File – 3  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya File – 4  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya File – 5  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya File – 6  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya File – 7  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya File – 8  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya File – 9  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya File – 10  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya File – 11   |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya File – 12  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya File – 13  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya File – 14  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya File – 15  |  Download

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Gujarati Sahitya pdf Book

  • Gujarati Sahitya Ekanki Natako  |  Download
  • Most important file of Gujarati Sahitya Pdf |  Download
  • 1 to 600 Question-Answer of Gujarati Sahitya  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya important file 1  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya important file 2  |  Download
  • Gujarati Sahitya important file 3  |  Download

Other Gujarati Sahitya Pdf [important]

This all are Gujarati Sahitya pdf are important for Talati, Bin-Sachivalay Clerk, Junior Clerk, TET, TAT, HTAT, Police, ASI-PSI, GPSC-UPSC exams. Please download and share with your friends.

  1. Anamika Acadamy Material of Sahitya  |  Click here
  2. Anamika Acadamy Part 2 Material  |  Click here
  3. Vyakaran and Sahitya Material by Madhav Librabry  |  Click here
  4. Most important Question & Answer Material pdf file  |  Click here
  5. Gujarati Sahitya important 100 Question-Answer  |  Click here
  6. Amar patro [Nayak-Nayika of Gujarati Literature]  |  Click here
  7. All information about Gujarati Writters  |  Click here
  8. Literature Question-Answere  |  Click here
  9. 289 Sahitya Question and Answers  |  Click here
  10. Gujarat na Sarjako Vishe Mahiti  |  Click here
  11. Sahitya ni Famous Panktio  |  Click here
  12. Sahityakaro Part 2  |  Click here
  13. Nick Name or Upanam of Gujarati Sahityakar  |  Click here
  14. Sahityakar and fabulous Panktio  |  Click here
  15. Karta ane Krutio of Gujarati Literature  |  Click here
  16. Writter and his Famous Things  |  Click here
  17. Born Place of gujarati Writter and Poets  |  Click here
  18. Famous of Gujarati Writers, Poets and his Names  |  Click here
  19. Gujarati Literature’s Famous Organisations  |  Click here
  20. Gujarati Literature Final file  |  Click here
  21. Sahitya pdf file 1  |  Click here
  22. Literature pdf file 2  |  Click here
  23. Sahitya pdf file 3  |  Click here
  24. Literature pdf file 4  |  Click here
  25. Sahitya pdf file  5  |  Click here
  26. Literature pdf file 6  |  Click here
  27. Sahitya pdf file 7  |  Click here
  28. Decade of Gujarati Literature  |  Click here

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This Material is beneficial for GPSC aspirants.   Jobs Captain provides Material with spiritual reading materials to the seekers. Gujarati Sahitya Parishad president is Chandrakant Topiwala, He is from Bhuj. Gujarati Sahitya important to subject nowadays GPSC or Class 3 level prelims and main examination. Here you can get free important and useful Gujarati Sahitya material for upcoming exams like Talati Mantri and Bin-Sachivalay clerk exam.

This Gk material is useful for Nayab Mamlatdar, Police Constable exam, Talati Mantri, Bin-Sachivalay Clerk, Junior clerk exam, PSI, ASI, GPSC 1/2, TET, TAT, HTAT, TET-2, TAT-2 etc.

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January 2019 Current Affairs in Gujarati

January 2019 Current Affairs in Gujarati

Team Jobs Captain doing very hard work for the student who wants government jobs and preparing for government Jobs. Current Affairs January 2019 in Gujarati pdf file help you in Talati Mantri exam, Bin-Sachivalay Clerk Exam, GPSC, UPSC, Junior Clerk Exam, in short, we cover all Gujarat’s Compititve exams.

Team jobs Captain came with New important current affairs for upcoming Talati and Bin-Sachivalay Clerk or Junior clerk exam. We did a great job since the inception of the Jobs Captain in the field of Gujarati GK and current Affairs materials.

Here we came with new Material, in this post, You get complete Current Affairs of Month January 2019 in Gujarati. Click on download button the get the pdf file of Current affairs January 2019 in Gujarati.

January 2019 Current Affairs in Gujarati

Current Affairs in Gujarati January 2019  –  Part 1  |  Download
Current Affairs in Gujarati January 2019  –  Part 2  |  Download 
Current Affairs in Gujarati January 2019  –  Part 3  |  Download 
January 2019 Full Current Affairs in Gujarati   |   Download Now  |  Coming Soon

Monthly Current Affairs in Gujarati   |   Click here

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  • Our team, continuous watch newspapers, TV channels, radio and web news to serve better current affairs for students. we make easily readable pdf of current affairs in Gujarati for better understand.
  • Current Affairs in Gujarati January 2019 covers all topic like National affairs, International affairs, Bilateral affairs, Sports News, Persons in news, Places in the news, Recent happenings in the banking sector, Political News.
  • All competitive exams in Gujarat use the terms General Knowledge and General Awareness. Team jobs captain help you in understanding the scope of Current Affairs so that you will able to crack all competitive exams in Gujarat. This Current Affairs Useful for the below mentions exams.
  1. January 2019 Current Affairs for Talati Mantri exam
  2. January 2019 current Affairs for Bin-Sachivalay clerk exam
  3. January 2019 Current Affairs for GPSC & UPSC exam
  4.  January 2019 Current Affairs for Junior Clerk exam.

Gujarat Police Special Materials pdf 2019

Gujarat Police Constable Special Materials Pdf

Download Police Constable Exam Preparation Study Material in pdf, Notification, Current Affairs, Computer Gk Quantitative aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge Study Notes prepared by JobsCaptain.

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General Science

Law and IPC Panel – Click Here

Bandharan [Put only important Things]

  • Bandharan Main [All Notes]   |   Click Now
  • Bandharan Question-Answer Part 1   |    Click Now
  • Bandharan Question-Answer Part 2   |   Click Now
  • Bandharan Question-Answer Part 3   |   Click Now
  • Gujarat Kesri – Bandharan Full pdf File   |   Click here

Gujarat Gk

India GK

Sports Gk

(These materials, Daily GK is our unique and most important, this material prepared by experts)

SSC Constable GD Syllabus and Materials Pdf Download

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has published Advertisement for below mentioned Posts 2018. SSC constable syllabus other details like age limit, educational qualification, selection process, application fee and how to apply are given below.

Total posts: Constables (GD) in Central Armed Police Forces NIA & SSF and Rifleman
(Ground Duty) in Assam Rifles (AR) Examination, 2018

Total No. of Posts: 54,953 Posts (All India)

 SSC Constable GD Syllabus

  • Education and Qualification for SSC GD Constable Syllabus

  • Matriculation or 10th class pass from a recognized Board/University.
  • Candidates who have not acquired the essential educational qualification as on 01.08.2018 not be eligible and need not apply.
  • The candidates must bring all relevant documents / certificates in original with self attested copies pertaining to age, education, caste, domicile, hill area, any category for relaxation, No Objection Certificate (NOC)/ discharge certificate (in case of ex- servicemen), which verified at the time of DME by CAPF Board.



  • Fee payable: Rs. 100/- (Rupees One Hundred only).
  • Fee paid through SBI Challan SBI Net Banking or by using Visa, Mastercard or Maestro Credit or Debit card.
  • Women candidates and belong to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Ex-Servicemen eligible for reservation are exempted from payment of fee.
  • Applications received without the prescribed fee shall not be considered and summarily rejected. No representation against such rejection will be entertained. once Ffee paid not be refunded.

    SSC Constable Syllabus

Computer Based Exam (Dates of examination intimated in due course). All candidates whose online applications are found in order called to appear in the Computer Based Examination. The Computer based exam consist of the following composition:

ssc constable syllabus material

Note-I: All questions will be of Objective Multiple Choice Type. The computer based
exam conducted in English and Hindi only.


Physical Efficiency Test (PET):
Based on the performance in CBE, first of all candidates shortlisted for PET/ PST by the Commission. Physical Efficiency Test (PET) and Physical Standard Test (PST) conducted at various centres finalised by the CAPFs. Detailed scrutiny of candidates eligibility/ documents undertaken at the time of DME.

ssc constable syllabus

SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam 2018 Apply

SSC exam conducts Combined Graduate Level – SSC CGL exam every year for recruitment to non-technical Group ‘B’ and Group ‘C’ non gazetted posts.

SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is inviting online applications for SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination 2018 (Tier I) will be held from 25th July 2018 to 20th August 2018 for filling up different categories of posts in various Ministries/ Departments/ Organisations.

SSC Combined Graduate Level ExaminationStaff Selection Commission(ssc) – Combined Graduate Level Examination, often referred to as SSC CGL is an examination conducted to recruit staff to various posts in ministries, departments and organisations of the Government of India.

Other details like age limit, educational qualification, selection process, application fee and how to apply are given below.

Exam Name: Combined Graduate Level Examination 2018 (Tier I)

Educational Qualification: Please read Official Notification for Educational Qualification details.


Application Fee :

  • Rs. 100/- 
  • Women candidates and candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and Ex-Servicemen eligible for reservation are exempted from payment of a fee.


Age :

  • Not exceeding 30 years.
  • For Inspectors Not exceeding 27 years.
  • For Junior Statistical Officers Not exceeding 32 years.


Scheme of the Examination: The examination will be conducted in 4 tier as indicated below.


  • Tier I Exam : Computer Based
  • Tier II Exam : Computer Based
  • Tier III Exam : Pen and Paper Mode (Descriptive)
  • Tier IV : Computer Proficiency Test / Skill Test / Document Verification

How to Apply: Interested Candidates may Apply Online Through official Website.

Keep Reading the Study Material Useful in ssc exam

Important Dates:

  • Starting Date of Applications: 5th May 2018
  • Last Date for Apply : 4th June 2018
  • Date of Exam SSC CGL 2018 (Tier I): 25th July 2018 to 20th August 2018
  • Date of  Exam SSC CGL 2018 (Tier II): to be notified later

here Website to apply


Current Affairs in Gujarati pdf Questions and Answers

Current Affairs in Gujarati PDF

This guide has everything you need to know about the Current affairs magazine in Gujarati. So if you want to creak govt exam.  You are in the right way. Keep Reading for the Latest and Exam preferred Current Affairs in Gujarati pdf for student who prepared for government jobs.

Our team covers topics in Gujarati current affairs magazine are Political Event, National Event, State Event, Sports Event, Bollywood event, Science and All important International Event in the World. It covers all topics ranging from business, sports, money, politics, education, employment, crime, and ethics so on and forth in Gujarati Language.

Current General Magazine Knowledge pdf monthly

Only competitive exams, even exams conducted for jobs and Interviews also contain questions on general awareness these days.

Many students still not realize the importance of knowing the current affairs and in the end pays for it by getting a lower rank in the examination they were aiming for. So, get your attention to Current affairs before they get you.

Click here to download Current Affairs in Gujarati Monthly pdf

Our team doing researching on the Internet for website visitor, if you are appearing for any Government Recruitment Exam, it is important that you are familiar with the happenings around the world.

Current Affairs is an important part of your exam syllabus.

Our team brings you the Important General Awareness in gujarati PDF. You are easily download pdf by a single click.

Nowadays, in all type of competitive exams it’s playing the major role to pass the Competitive exam. Team Jobs Captain Providing Latest and Best Current Affairs Month by Months.

This is the right place to get quick updates of Latest Important Days Current Affairs and events not only for the competitive exam but also for the interview.

We have a great pleasure to provide you the Current Affairs which is especially useful for the candidates who are appearing for Competitive Exam.

Must read the Best Gk Material Pdf

We consider the gravity of your preparation for Bank, SSC, and UPSC, GPSC, Talati Mantri, Police Constable and All type of Clerk Exam.

Important Current Affairs in pdf format for your competitive Exam; you’ll surely get benefited with this pdf.
So Daily visit and download our GK (General knowledge) page…!!
Get direct materials on your WhatsApp mobile, just massage us on 7878101034.

Railway Exam Syllabus Pattern Material in Gujarati 2018-2019

Want to creak Railway Exam 2018-19? Get RRB Syllabus and Exam Pattern

         Railway Recruitment board, will conduct RRB Exam in 2018 by Central Government overall in India. This guide has everything you need to know about the Railway Exam Syllabus Pattern and Material in Gujarati.

As of now 10th pass or ITI bases vacancy declare in March. They are now searching for upcoming Railway Exam notification 2018 -2019 . so guys first everyone should know about the RRB Syllabus and material.

All the job seeker who want to creak the Railway Exam, Here we are going to share with you RRB exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern.

Best material for the railway exam. With the help of this information, all students can easily start the RRB exam preparation.

Guys All the interested candidate.  As we know that Railway is the best government sector to get jobs and make your career bright. Below we are going to share with you RRB Syllabus complete detail. 

ailway JE exam is conducted online every year for thousands of students who aspire their career in Railways. It usually has questions from following fields.


Railway Exam syllabus divided in 5 sectors 

  •  Technical Ability (According to the applied post)
  •  General Awareness
  •  General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability
  •  Arithmetic
  • Reasoning

Other group railway we will be declare.

Railway Exam all Study Material  Available Here  Download pdf

Railway Group D Exam Pattern

The RRb Group D selection will be based on 3 stages as follows:

  1. Computer Based Test (CBT)
  2. Physical Efficiency Test (PET)
  3. Document Verification
  4. Computer Based Test

The CBT will be the first stage of selection that will be based on the following pattern:

Subjects No. of Qus Duration
Mathematics Study Material Pdf  100   90 Mins
General Intelligence and Reasoning
General Science  – Study Material Pdf
General Awareness on Current Affairs Pdf
  • There is negative marking for each incorrect answer.
  • 1/3 of the marks allotted for each question shall be deducted for wrong answer.
  • The Questions will be of objective type with multiple choices.
  1. Physical Efficiency Test

If you qualify the CBT then you will be called for a Physical Efficiency Test which following will be of the pattern:

Male Candidates

  • You should be able to lift and carry 35 kg of weight for a distance of 100 metres in 2 minutes in one chance without putting the weight down.
  • You should be able to run for a distance of 1000 metres in 4 minutes and 15 seconds in one chance.

Female Candidates

  • You should be able to lift and carry 20 kg of weight for a distance of 100 metres in 2 minutes in one chance without putting the weight down.
  • You should be able to run for a distance of 1000 metres in 5 minutes and 40 seconds in one chance.
  1. Document Verification
  • Based on your performance in the CBT subject to your qualifying in PET, you will be called for document verification.
  • Thereafter, the final selection will be made.


Science GK (General Knowledhe) questions and answers for Competitive Exams pdf

Science General Knowledge Pdf

    science general knowledge question answer pdf for candidate who prepare for govt exams , 28th of February, 1928 was the great day in India when an invention in the field of Indian science was completed by the famous Indian physicist, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. To mark the discovery his famous phenomenon National Science Day is celebrated in India on the day each year.

National Science Day is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm on 28th of February every year in order to commemorate the invention of the Raman Effect in India by the Indian physicist, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman on the same day in the year 1928. For his great success in the field of science in India, Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman was awarded and honoured with the Nobel Prize in the Physics in the year 1930.

Now days in India there are many science centres. It’s important to have a science centre because it manages to communicate a lot of knowledge down to something that even children can understand. Maybe visitors even develop a larger interest in general science. Experimentation creates interest and gives room for renewed knowledge to a huge audience. In addition to this, it of course also serves as a place where families and friends can have a fun time.

Here science general  knowledge question answer pdf download

Quizzes are a healthy way to increase the knowledge of students trough a competition. The quiz competition consists of multiple teams competing with each another trough out the multiple rounds. Team jobs captain provide all  Latest news and features on science issues that matter including earth, environment, and space. Get your science gk general knowledge news from the most trusted source!


Sports Study Material in Gujarati Hindi

A healthy nation is always a wealthy nation. Therefore, it is necessary to put emphasis on sports. Our team is put here all the important updates regarding the Sports. Sports are nice physical activities that provide freedom from the stress and worries. here list of sports material pdf

Sports play a great role in our life as it keeps us healthy, wealthy and active. If we see back for a while in the history or put some lights on the life of any successful person, we see that name, fame and money never come easily Success of any person depends on the mental and physical energy. History reveals that only supremacy have power to rule the nation or person.

First Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens which is now held continuously after every four years in different countries. It involves both, outdoor and indoor games in which sportsperson of many countries takes part.

Some of the outdoor sports and games are like football, hockey, volleyball, baseball, cricket, tennis, kho-kho, kabaddi, etc which require a playground to be played. Indoor games are like carom, cards, chess, table tennis, puzzle, indoor basketball, etc can be played at home without any playground. Among the outdoor games football, volley, cricket, basket ball and tennis etc. are very popular all over the world. Recently, World Cup Football Games were the focal point of attention for all sports lovers.

Click on Download Button To Get Pdf File 

Sports Gk Material 

Now Days, to crack any competitive exam sports knowledge is play a vital role to get the best Government Job. Jobs Captain provides the all information about Sports Game, Popular Sports Person, important sports event among the world and important Olympics updates.

India GK Question and Answer pdf | General Knowledge in Gujarati

  • General Knowledge is most important to pass out any competitive exam. Jobs Captain provides free download material of India General Knowledge in Gujarat.
  • This all material is used in the IBPS exam, SBI Clerk Exam, SSC 10+2, and Graduation based exam, all types Railway exams etc. Our team is hard work for you to provide the all kind of material, which is useful in your exam, this all material help you to crack any competitive exam.

Keep Connected with us. if you want all updated material in your mobile, please send us your name in whats app, our number is 7878103434


Material Part:- 1

  1. Indian Economy in detail  Click Here
  2. World Heritage Sites in India full detailed pdf  Click Here
  3. India History part – 1 full pdf by Jobs Captain  Click Here
  4. India History part – 2 full pdf by Jobs Captain  Click Here
  5. All-State Capital CM and Governor chart  Click Here

Material Part:- 2

  1. First Indian famous  Men pdf   Click Here
  2. Woman’s support in India full detailed pdf  Click Here
  3. Bharat Top 10 Fairs most important pdf  Click Here
  4. INDIA Mountain Detail detailed pdf  Click Here
  5. World’s Big MOUNTAIN information pdf  Click Here
  6. Agitation in Gandhi Era most important pdf  Click Here


If you are liked the all above materials than please share with your friends… thank You.

General Knowledge in Gujarati Pdf

General Knowledge is most important to crack any competitive exam. Jobs Captain provides free download Gk Material of Gujarat General Knowledge or GK Gujarati like all district, all famous festival etc are listed below:


Gujarat General Knowledge in Gujarati

  1. General Knowledge questions and answers Pdf  Click Here
  2. Gujarat 2000 Question – Answer Pdf   Click Here
  3. Gujarat Govt Schemes_1  Click Here
  4. Gujarat Govt Schemes_2  Click Here
  5. Famous palace of Gujarat   Click Here
  6. Gujarat 1500 Question – Answer Pdf  Click Here
  7. Gujarat All-District detailed Pdf in Gujarati  Click Here
  8. Gujarat GK Quiz 500 General Awareness Questions – Answer   Click Here
  9. Gujarat Cultural Dance_Jobs Captain  Click Here
  10. Gujarat Darshan Pdf  Click Here
  11. Gujarat Fair(Mela’o) and Dance  Click Here
  12. Gujarat All Famous Pdf  Click Here
  13. Gujarat Festival  Click Here
  14. Gujarat Film Industry Pdf   Click Here
  15. Gujarat Mountain  Click Here
  16. Gujarat Forts Pdf  Click Here
  17. Gujarat Geography_1  Click Here
  18. Gujarat Geography_2   Click Here
  19. Gujarat State Sports Award  Click Here
  20. Gujarat Famous organization  Click Here
  21. Gujarat Quiz Jobs Captain Pdf  Click Here
  22. Gujarat  Vividha(variety) JobsCaptain  Click Here
  23. Gujarat First Drama(natako)  Click Here
  24. Team Vijay Rupani Chief Minister   Click Here


 Gujarati Sahitya in Gujarati

  1. Gujrati Sahitya important Part-1  Click Here
  2. Gujrati Sahtiya important Part-2  Click Here
  3. Gujarati Sahitya for GPSC most important material  Click Here
  4. Gujarat First Aekanki Natako   Click Here


GK Gujarati Vyakaran/Grammar

  1. Gujarati Grammar – Vyakaran Part-1  Jobs Captain  Click Here
  2. Gujarati Grammar – Vyakaran Part-2  Jobs Captain  Click Here
  3. Gujarati Grammar – Vyakaran Part-3  Jobs Captain  Click Here

Bharatiya Bandharan [Indian Constitution]

  • Bandharan Main [All Notes]   |   Click Now
  • Bandharan Question-Answer Part 1   |    Click Now
  • Bandharan Question-Answer Part 2   |   Click Now
  • Bandharan Question-Answer Part 3   |   Click Now
  • Free download materials of Gujarati Sahitya in Gujarati, Free Download Material of Gujarati Vyakaran, Free materials of English Grammar, Free materials of Constitution of India, Free materials of Science in Gujarati, Download free materials of Computer Study in Gujarati, Free Downloads Material of Math’s, Download free solved papers of Police Constable, Gujarat High Court Clerk, Bin-Sachivalay, GPSC,  Clerk etc.

Please download all above pdf to crack any Gujarat government exam. if you’re like our post or materials than please share with your friends.

CCC exam Material in gujarati pdf | Computer awareness Study Material

CCC(Course on Computer Concept) Introduction:

CCC course is designed to aim at imparting a basic level IT Literacy programme for the common man and student. the incumbent is able to the use the computer for basic purposes of preparing his personnel/business letters, viewing information on internet (the web), sending mails, preparing his business presentations, playing games etc.

Course conducted by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT). The examination is conducted in Online mode

Now a days all government jobs and field ccc certification is compulsory for all people.
List of Training Centres for CCC/CCC+ under Technical Education in india so everyone can apply easily.


Pattern of CCC Course :

  • Theory: 25 hrs
  • Practical: 50 hrs.
  • Tutorial: 5 hrs.

This course can also be offered as 10 to 12 days full time intensive course.


Study Material

Click here for study material pdf for ccc (computer knowledge) jobs captain team provide best unique question and answer. it covers computer important short form and computer theory most important question and answer.


And also Visit Here for government exam like bank po, talati, clerk, police constable computer awareness pdf is very useful must visit everyone. if any query please contact us. we will be always ready to help you.



GK Quiz on Current Affairs 1st Cashless and Digital in India

jobs captain team publish relevant fact based Current Affairs Quiz almost daily basis. This Daily GK quiz helps you to creak government  exam. General Knowledge (GK) quiz test questions of the cashless and digital India.


#1 1st Cashless Market in India?

#2 First (1st) Cashless Village in India?

#3 First 1st Cashless state in India?

#4 First (1st) Cashless City in india?

#5 First digital State in India?

#6 First (1st) Digital Village in India?

#7 First wi-fi North Eastern City in India?

#8 First wi-fi Village in India?

#9 First wi-fi Enabled Metro city?

#10 First wi-fi District in India?

#11 First wi-fi Railway Station in India?

#12 First Cashless Country?


IBPS online quiz for Clerk officer PO and SO post

#1 Algeria is a North African country with a Mediterranean coastline and a Saharan desert interior. Where is the capital of Algeria?

#2 The Charminar, constructed in 1591, is a monument and mosque located in?

#3 What is the tagline of United India Insurance Company Limited (UIIC)?

#4 Parupalli Kashyap is a ………….. player from India?

#5 Sundarbans National Park is one of the famous national parks in India situated in the state of ?

#6 Rajnath Singh is an Indian politician belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party who currently serves as the Home Minister of India. His present constituency is?

#7 The World Health Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health. It was established on which of the following year?

#8 Who is the present Solicitor General of India?

#9 Essar Mahan power plant of 600 MW unit is located in which state?

#10 Sardar Patel Stadium is one of the premier cricket stadiums of India in the Motera locality of which of the following Indian city?



IBPS PO Syllabus & Exam Pattern Dates IBSP PO Previous Cut-off Marks

IBPS PO Syllabus Exam Pattern

The prelims exam of IBPS PO will have the following pattern:

Note: Candidates have to qualify in each of the three tests by securing cut-off marks to be decided by IBPS. Adequate number of candidates in each category as decided by IBPS depending upon requirements will be shortlisted for IBPS PO Online Main Examination.


IBPS PO Mains Exam Pattern

The mains exam of IBPS PO is divided into 5 sections; it has specified the time to attempt each of the five sections. Sections have to be attempted in the same order as specified at the time of mains exam. We can’t move to next section before the specified time for the current section.

The mains exam of IBPS PO will have the following pattern:

Personal Interview:

Candidates those who have been cleared in the Mains Examination will be shortlisted for the interview.

IBPS PO Full Syllabus:

The questions that will be asked can be from any of the following mentioned topics. So go through the syllabus thoroughly which will give you a proper idea of the expected questions from each of the sections.

Reasoning Ability

  • Puzzles
  • Direction Sense
  • Blood Relation
  • Order and Ranking
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Machine Input-Output
  • Inequalities
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Syllogism
  • Alpha-Numeric-Symbol Series
  • Data Sufficiency

Logical Reasoning (Passage Inference, Statement and Assumption, Conclusion, Argument)


General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness

  • Banking & Financial Awareness
  • Current Affairs
  • Static GK

Important Ministry Affairs (Schemes, Policies, MoUs etc.)


Data Analysis & Interpretation:

  • Data Interpretation
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Number Series
  • Approximation and Simplification
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Profit and Loss
  • SI& CI
  • Problem on Ages
  • Work and Time
  • Speed Distance and Time
  • Probability
  • Menstruation
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Average
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Partnership
  • Boats and Stream
  • Problems on Trains
  • Mixture and Allegation
  • Pipes and Cisterns


English language

  • Reading Comprehension,
  • Close Test
  • Vocabulary based questions
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Fillers
  • Sentence Errors
  • Jumbled Paragraph

Paragraph Based Questions (Paragraph Fillers, Paragraph Conclusion, Paragraph /Sentences Restatement, Paragraph Inference)


IBPS PO Previous Year Cutoff Marks:

 2016 Preliminary Examination:

 2016 Mains Examination (Sectional Cut Off):

 2016 Mains Examination (Overall Cut Off):



Nobel Prize Winner | Interesting Thing about Nobel Prize

Interesting Thing about Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prizes winner are widely regarded as the most prestigious awards given for intellectual achievement in the world. One of the most admired and respected awards in the world are the Nobel Prize.  Every year people who do notable work in the fields of literature, physics, chemistry, medicine, and economics and bring peace in the world are awarded Nobel Prize. The Foundation was founded as a private organisation on 29 June 1900. Its function is to manage the finances and administration of the Nobel Prizes.

Nobel Prize given for outstanding contributions for humanity in chemistry, literature, peace, physics, or physiology or medicine. Often confused with Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. The Foundation gives awards to people for intellectual achievements, like those who have conducted some awesome research, made an important discovery or even tried to bring peace to the world.

The Country Sweden gave all except the Peace Prize, The Peace Prize only given by The Norway.  Award Presented by  Swedish Academy, Nobel committee of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Nobel committee of Karolinska Institute and Norwegian.

The prizes in Chemistry, Literature, and Physiology or Medicine were first awarded in 1901. A man named Alfred Nobel, before he passed away in 1896; he said he wanted his money to be used for awards given in his name.  The ceremony came on the fifth anniversary of the death of Alfred Nobel, the Swedish inventor of dynamite and other high explosives.

The prize ceremonies take place annually in Stockholm, Sweden at the annual Award Ceremony on 10 December, the anniversary of Nobel’s death and for the peace prize, which is held in Oslo, Norway.

The five original Nobel Prizes — physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and peace — were all specifically designated in Alfred will. The physiology or medicine is at the Noble Assembly at Karolinska Institute with 50 members, and 5 Nobel committee members. Notice that Nobel didn’t mention economics? That’s because the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences is not a Nobel.  A sixth prize, in economics, was established in 1968 by Sveriges Riks bank (the Swedish central bank) and is more properly known as the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

Each Nobel Prize consists of a gold medal, a diploma bearing a citation, and a sum of money, the amount of which depends on the income of the Nobel Foundation.

Nobel Prize Winner list – 2017


Nobel Prize Winner – 2017
Field Name of Recipient Work
Physics Rainer Weiss,
Barry C. Barish,
Kip S. Thorne
Contributed to
LIGO detector
& the observation
Chemistry Jacques Dubochet,
Joachim Frank,
Richard Henderson
for the
of bio-molecule
in solution.
Physiology Jeffrey C. Hall,
Michael Rosbash,
Michael W. Young
to control the
circadian rhythm.
Literature Kazuo Ishiguro In his novels,
uncovered the
chasm beneath
our illusory
sense of
with the world
Campaign to
efforts to achieve
on prohibition of
nuclear weapons
The Sveriges
Prize in
Richard H.
Contributed to

Gujarat Ojas New System – One Click and fill the job form

Gujarat Ojas New System (Update) – in Gujarati
One Click and fill the job form

This is applicable to only Gujarat Government Jobs, which form is filled by the Ojas website. To read all steps please download the pdf from the below link and Share with your friends to aware with the new system of Gujarat Ojas website. It saves times, money, you didn’t require to fill the Personal Information, Photographs, and signature many times. To read all things please click on given Link. Thank You..!!

Read in Gujarati: –    Click Here


Our Team – Jobs Captain, put all information with easy practical steps, which help you. Our team also put all important images regards the Step to fill the New Ojas Application System. This is the very important step by the Ojas Application. It helps to all candidate who able to fill the Gujarat Government Jobs form through the Ojas Gujarat Government websites. Our team tries it best. Please share this pdf with your best friends to aware about this new system of Gujarat Ojas website.

Recruitment in RPMU Bhavnagar based Unit

Regional Programme Management Health Unit,
RPMU Bhavnagar

Departmental Deputy Directorate, Health & Medical Service, Bhavangar under Regional Programme Management Health Unit – RPMU has published Advertisement for below mentioned Posts 2017. Other details like age limit, educational qualification, selection process, application fee and how to apply are given below.


Walk-in-Interview: 07-09-2017

  • Lab Technician: Science Graduate with Microbiology / Chemistry as the main subject or Science Post Graduate with Microbiology / Organic Chemistry Subject. Diploma / Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology Course
    • Salary: Rs. 10,000/- per month fix
  • Accountant cum DEO: Commerce Graduate (Account) from recognized University and Diploma / Certificate in computer Application course. Computer Software and Basic Hardware (Accounting software, M.S.Office, GIS Software and Office work, Filing system and Data entry, Gujarati/ English Typing knowledge required).
    • Salary: Rs. 8,000 per month fix.

Selection Process: Interview base candidates are select.


How to Apply: Interested candidates are requested to remain present along with all original certificates to given below address.


Venue: Civil Hospital, Amreli

Registration Time: 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Motivation… It is 10 alphabets!!!

Motivation… It is 10 alphabets!!!


Motivation! What is it? Sometimes these 10 alphabets sound strange to me, it moves thoughts across my head. Is there anything like Motivation really exists!? And if it exists then how long that so called motivation lasts? How long can it drive you towards your goal, a day, a week or a fortnight? Shall it be inspiring us till we archive something worth remarkable/significant?

Is this labyrinth called Life so simple? You plan to archive something, you work behind it and then you get it? If this is so simple funda for success if it really is, why do people write-publish-read those times of motivation-success? If it is such a straight and simple, how comes desperation, despair, hopelessness, pessimism, sadness, woe in the scene?

Do not all these phases and feelings are part of our journey? If it is part of it, why no one talks about it? Why no one talks about these all aforementioned sentiments? In fact, there are very few writers/speakers who write/talk about them. I don’t mean that others are worthless, but what I want to put here is that all these negative feelings that sometimes try to discourage use are part of life and so on the journey.

There are a lot of motivational speakers around us. You just type motivational video on YouTube and you’ll get your screen flooded with videos. But what I believe is they are just providing an initial force, a spark that ignites us. Their words help us to take a step forward. But further more something that can drive you towards your destination is our eternal curiosity, your willingness, passion, eagerness for something you love to do. These are spontaneous, genuine and everlasting elements that can help us to make our way toward our destination and keep us working.

Make sure you have those perpetual driving forces dip down your heart.

written by Keval Gohil

Attack on Peshawar school (Pakistan) and those innocent children

Attack on Peshawar school Pakistan and those innocent children


Apart from national security and international politics, when it comes to arts and creativity like songs, ghazals, and poems, I have always been fascinated by writer and singers of Pakistan. Singers like Abeeda Parveen, Farida Khanum, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Nayyara Noor and many writers like Muhammad Iqbal, Qateel Shifai, “Faiz”, and Ahmed Faraz have done magnificent work in their field and gave us a treasure to live with. To cherish human emotions with their words and soulful voices.

Today, while listening Pakistani songs on YouTube, I got a suggestion of heart rendering poem which was about one of the deadliest attacks on the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan two years back. It was an unfortunate day for 132 innocent children of Army Public Schools and also for the entire human race.

Those innocent children, When they had waved their hands saying “goodbye” to their mothers, whose mothers would have thought that it was last glimpses of their children’s lovely faces? Who would have thought that steps their children taking towards school would be a one-way journey? Who would have thought that the school dresses they were wearing will be torn apart with bloodshed on it? It is even unbearable to think about such a brutal act. But some coward, stone-heart terrorists made this fatal thoughts reality.

On this incident, someone has written a woeful poem, which was recited on Pakistani news channel name Ary News.

My friend, Pradip Chavda has tried to translate it as near as possible from Hindi.

Mother, had I not gone to school today,
I would have seen you today.

I am thirsting to hear your voice,
Look, Mother, I am hearing explosions instead.

Everyone around me is crying for their mothers
Why are they killing us, Mother?

I could not eat the two roti you gave
My stomach is filled with bullets, mother.

Tell papa not to come to take me
I will not be able to see him carrying my coffin.

Mother, do not lose your courage
Do not cry for being any longer in your life.

My toys, my books, and my satchel
I know your eyes would be awaiting my return

Tell brother I will no longer speak to him
Our childhood relation has come to an end

Tell my sister, not to cry for me
But tell her to put a flower in my photo.

I shall now remain in your thoughts, words
Mother, but I will not come back.
Mother, I will not be able to come back.


It would have been impossible to weight off their heart who have lost their loved ones in this incident. It is very cheap words on such woe, but still, I would pray for their soul, May they rest in peace.


  • The weapons recovered from terrorists have Pakistani marking as per officials.
  • Pakistan has become terror heaven since last decade. They must stop their double standards on terrorism, and stop feeding them.
  • It would be biased to classify creativity and arts with a specific nation. I have mentioned those names as a remark of Pakistan’s wide contribution in Ghazals and Singing.
  • While I was writing this post, a friend of mine informed me about recent terror attack carried out by some like of group daemon on Indian Army battalion administrative office, Uri-Jammu, and Kashmir in which 18 Indian Army Jawaan were martyred. It is our poor luck that we have to face such atrocities. Every such terror attack anywhere in this world brings scar on the human race. May that 17 martyr who lived for the nation and gave their lives protecting us rest in peace.

Written by Keval Gohil

Deepawali…., the visible reminder of Invisible light!!

The Supreme Artist…God!!


The Supreme Artist( Say God) who has created this wonders-flooded world must be very color loving painter with colour-brush in her (Or his. No Sexism please.) Hands. Don’t you think? I mean, see how she has painted it. You will not find anything static, flat, and monotonous or forever. Each and everything you see/you feel is changing. There is not even flat surface anywhere in this world. She has created hills and so canyons. She has created Everest and K2 and so the Dead Sea. She has created desserts and also oceans. She has iced glaciers on the top of the hill and also baked volcanoes deep inside an orange shaped earth. Not even on earth only, If you log in to the gallery of NASA, you will find hundreds of photos of other galaxies, comets, nebulas. All of them are creating a wonderful colorist picture.

Deepawali is one of the very important festivals for us. (Indians) In Deepawali/Deewali, deep/diva(divas) means for an oil lamp. In India during Deepawali, you will find every house lightening with divas. In ancient time, people used to lighten divas which made of clay, the long wet piece of cotton with very small diameter deepened into oil filled clay-divas. Nowadays, many people have replaced that divas with LED lighting series. Despite this change, light is still being spread. Here light is more than just illuminating electromagnetic wave, As TS Eliot wrote somewhere,

“Lights…, the visible reminder of Invisible light.” 


What I understand is those lights must have some very spiritual connection. Those divas lighten the streets and home, and along with it lighten up the heart of human being. It teaches us to have look inside for a while. To overlook our mistakes and wrongs, also it gives a chance to correct these mistakes and make these wrongs to rights.

Rangoli is an art form which performed during Deepawali. In English, it is known as Kolam. Rangoli includes Rang which means colors. It has a large number of different kind of colors, but I feel that those are not merely blue-red-orange-kind colors. Rangoli contains colors of love and friendship which come from forgiveness and lead to happiness!

Deepawali actually is last day according to Hindu Year. The following day is known as Nutan Varsh (New Year).

Though many changes have happened in the way of celebrating, but bursting of crackers is increasing years by years. In those deafening sounds, somewhere inside myself, I feel culpability. In our enjoyment, somewhere we are exploiting this holy earth and its environment which has given life to hundreds of species along with human being.

Let us try to celebrate it with minimum pollution and less harmful crackers.

Written by Keval Gohil

Important current affairs for UPSC, GPSC, IBPS, SSC, Civil Services Exam | June-July 2017

Important Current Affairs for UPSC, GPSC, IBPS, SSC, Civil Services Exam
June-July 2017

  • Priyanka Chopra is the Ambassador of National Skill Development Corporation.
  • Shri Kant won Indonesia and Australia open in Badminton.
  • Odisha First state to launch Primary Alert System.
  • First time in India, robot control the traffic in the Madhya Pradesh
  • India won US’s Social and Environment organization election.
  • Bopanna and Gabriela Dabrowski won Grand Slam in Double. (Bopanna from India and Grabiela from Canada)
  • Medam Tushad 22nd branch open in India in Delhi (Regal Cinema Wall)
  • Aditi Ashok wins Europe open in Golf.
  • Asia Sports Authority gives permission to held Asian beach games in India in Different cities of India in the year 2020.
  • PM Modi open “Jungle Safari” at Chattisgarh.
  • “INS Virat” retired after 55 years.
  • Bob Dylan is US singer, win Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • World’s Big Telescope of China’s was started working.
  • 2020 Asia Games held in India and 2026 Asia Games held in Japan.
  • Olympic 2020 held in the Tokyo, Japan.
  • Michal Phelps in his career wins 23 gold for America in Swimming.
  • Vatican City gives “Saint” honor to mother Teresa.
  • Russian Player Mariya Sharapova trouble in the Doping case.
  • Delhi gets the driverless metro.
  • Book on Democracy darkest hour “The Emergency – Indian Democracy’s Darkest Hour” written by A.Surya Prakash launched by Venkaiah Naidu and Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Viajay Rupani at Ahmedabad.
  • Manushi Chhillar wins Femina Miss India contest 2017.
  • SJFI (Sports Journalist Federation of India) facilitate best sports person of the year award to P. V.
  • Shrinivas Gokilnath is being the First Indian complete Solo RAAM (Race Across America).
  • Coca-Cola shut down analytics Center located at Pune.
  • MKU Ltd., design modern Bullet proof helmets for Army. MKU supplies equipment to UN and Nato.
  • Odisha Set-up blood bank for cattle.
  • Dhanraj Pillay gets “Bharat Gaurav” award. He is former hockey captain. This award facilitates by East Bengal Football Club.
  • India gives $1, 00,000 to UN Tax fund for helping a developing country.
  • Uttarakhand get an award of excellence for its innovation and extensive use of IT in skill youth.
  • Communication Satellite GSAT-17 Launched by ISRO.
  • Government approves disinvestment of Air India. Air India launched in 1932 by JRD Tata as TATA Airlines.
  • Modi inaugurates Transtadia Arena at Ahmedabad, which is built on PPP model. PPP stands for Public Private Partnership.
  • Venugopal appointed as Attorney General of India.
  • In India, 1st July is observed as GST Day. All states of India agree to implement Goods and Service Tax mode.
  • Highest GST rate in India 28%. India chooses Canadian model of dual GST as it has federal structures. French was the first country to implement GST. India is the 161st country to implement GST.
  • Rahul Dravid to continue at the coach for India-A and Under-19 cricket teams of India.
  • World’s first forest city is located in China.
  • IPS officer Mahesh Bhagwat has won the US government’s 2017 Trafficking in person Hero Awards.
  • eVIN wind GSMA Asia mobile award for outstanding contribution to the UN’s sustainable development goals in India. eVin is Online real-time vaccine logistic management system develop by Ministry of Health and UNDP.
  • India’s first ever mega trade event. PM Modi inaugurates “Textile India – 2017” trade fair at Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
  • India has contributed 5 Lakh US dollars to the UN Peace Building Fund.
  • Jharkhand CM had inaugurated India’s Largest Fresh Water Aquarium in Birsa Munda Biodiversity park premises.
  • National Multi commodity exchange will merge with Indian Commodity Exchange creating the country’s third biggest commodity exchange.
  • Prime Minister Modi release a photo book titled “President Pranab Mukherjee – a statesman”.
  • Jehan Daruwala becomes first Indian to win FIA F3 European championship.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi adopt ‘Kakrahia’ village. This village is known for its wrestlers and wrestling arenas, under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. This village is the third one. First three accordingly are Nagpur, Jayapur, and Kakrahiya.
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University has announced that transgender students can now study in any of the program offered by the University for free.
  • Germany wins FIFA Confederation Cup by defeating Chile 1-0.
  • Writer Preeti Shenoy was honored with Indian of the year award by Brands Academy.
  • AchalKumar Jyoti as the next Chief election commissioner of India. He is 21st chief election commissioner of India.
  • Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) develop QRSAM. This is a surface to air missile from Chandpur along to Odisha coast. The range of QRSAM is 25 to 30 KM.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi be the first prime minister, who visited Israel after 70 years.
  • United State celebrates its 245th Independence Day on July 4, 2017.
  • Kambalais one of the folk sports of Karnataka state. It is declared legal by President of India Mr. Pranab Mukhaerjee.
  • Pune based NGO, “Swayam Shikshan Prayog” has been awarded UNDP’s equator prize for devising an ecologically sustainable agriculture model to combat the adverse impact of drought.
  • Indian football team catches the best FIFA ranking at 96th 
  • Jammu and Kashmir legislation assembly has finally adopted the GST.
  • SAIC motor to set up Rs. 2000 crore car plants at halol, Gujarat. (SAIC is China motor company)
  • India won Asian snooker championship. India defeats the Pakistan in final.
  • JIGYASA program launched. It is the student-scientist connect program launched at Delhi.
  • India declared free from the HSN1 and HSN8 highly pathogenic avian influenza.
  • UK (United Kingdom) launched “Gram Trunk Road” project to mark the 70th anniversary of Indian partition.
  • 2017 Asian Athletics Championship held at Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Asian Athletics Championship held once in every two years. The first time India won 26 medals in Asian Athletic Championship. India has topped the medal tally for the first time in the history of Asian Athletic Championship.
  • India’s Harinder Pal Sandhu wins South Australia open in Squash title.
  • Sports person of the year award goes to P.V. Sindhu by sports authority of India.
  • The government of India launches “GST Rate finder” application for the merchant.
  • India will soon get a seat on Global Foreign Exchange Committee.
  • India’s first world Heritage city is Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Japan’s world heritage city name is Okinoshima island. UNESCO’s world heritage committee meets in Krakow in Poland.
  • Sadhu Singh wins gold in the steeplechase in Asian Athletic Championship.
  • United State, Japan, and India have begun Malabar Naval Exercise – 2017 in the Bay of Bengal.
  • Gopal Krishna Gandhi nominee for the post of vice president of the opposition party.
  • 11th July celebrate as the population day.
  • Delhi has become the second state to launch e-RTI portal. Maharastra is the first state to launch the online RTI portal.
  • NASA’s solar powered Juno space craft has successfully completed the closest flyby of Jupiter’s iconic great red spot.
  • Indian women’s cricket team captain mitali raj, became highest run-scorer in One-Day cricket. (6000 runs)
  • Ravi Shastri has been named at team India’s head coach till 2019 world cup. He replaces Anil Kumble.
  • A model united nations regional conference is being held in Kathmandu, Nepal by its embassy.
  • World petroleum congress is organized every 3 years, in 2017 at Istanbul.
  • India to became largest milk producer.
  • India will host Theatre Olympics in 2018. It held in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai and other cities of India.
  • Book on Modi “ the Making of Legend” written by Bindeshvar Pathak is launched.
  • Indian Railway Launched DEMU train. (DEMU stands for Diesel Electrical Multiple Unit train.)
  • Sandeep Patil is the brand ambassador of Indor Cricket team.
  • Indian Railway launch “Rail Saarthi” app.
  • BCCI retains or renews the contract with IMG (International Management Group) as IPL service provider.
  • Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals back in IPL.
  • UNICEF global good will ambassador is Indian Origin Canadian Youtuber Lilly Singh.
  • Sunder Singh Gujarat wins gold at world para Athletics Championship in men’s javelin throw event.
  • 15th July Celebrate at world youth skill day. The government of India celebrates second anniversary of Skill India Mission.
  • Name of the Russia’s space agency is “Roscosmos”. Recently it launched 73 Satellite.
  • IIFA award- 2017 (IIFA stands for International Film Academy Award). Its 18th edition held in New York.
    Best Actress – Alia Bhatt (for film Udta Panjab)
    Best Actor – Shahid Kapoor
    Best Film – Neerja
  • Lewis Hamilton wins British Grand Pix.
  • Japan will host next G-20 Meet. Because of the lack of world class convention, India will not able to host.
  • Smriti Irani gets additional charge of Information and Broadcasting affairs. Prior to textile ministry, Irani held HRD ministry.
  • Bharat Arun is new Indian bowling coach.
  • NDA’s vise president candidate name is M. Venkaiah Naidu.
  • TATA motors had developed India’s first Bio-Methene (bio-CNG) Bus.
  • PM modi inaugurate Abdul Kalam’s Memorial at peikarumbu near Rameshvaram.
  • Reserve bank of India soon publishes a note of Rs. 20 and Rs. 200.
  • madhar app launch by UIDAI.
  • US navy successfully tested world’s first Drone destroyer Laser.
  • ISRO stands for Indian Space Research Organisation.
  • Ramnath kovind elected as President of India.
  • Setting up Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy in Andhra Pradesh. It would be established in Vishakhapattanam.
  • Google launched Google Hire. It helps small and medium size business recruiter talent.
  • Lokshabha clear IIIT PPP bill. IIIT PPP stands for Indian Institute of Information Public Private Partnership.
  • Reliance launched new Jio-phone on just deposit of Rs. 1500.
  • China bans Justin Bieber because of his “Bad Behaviour”.
  • India hosts the global conference on Cyber Space in 2017. It is the 5th conference, PM Modi inaugurate this event.
  • Hemand amin appointed as a chief operating officer of IPL.(Indian Premier League)
  • In the few Days, India and Bangladesh connect through waterways.
  • “Joint sea 2017” naval drills done between China and Russia.
  • “Mission football” launched in Meghalaya by CM Dr. Mukul Sangna.
  • The government launched “She-box” portal for women for sexual harassment at work place.
  • Former ISRO chairman UR Rao passes away. He had launched India’s first Satellite Aryabhata in 1975.
  • Nifty breaches 10,000 marks at NSE first time ever.
  • India host first-time men’s world boxing championship in 2021.
  • Micro soft shut down ms paint and focus on new 3D paint.
  • Microsoft launched “Kaizala” app for Indian enterprises. Made for India.
  • Panama open embassy in China.
  • The nation celebrates Kargil Vijay Divas on 26th Victory against Pakistan on 26th July 1999.
  • Nitish Kumar was sworn in Bihar as CM 6th
  • ONGC (oil and natural gas Corporation) acquire Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation.
  • Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif resigns from his post.
  • V. Sindhu appointed as deputy collector in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Sehwag and P.T. Usha be the member in Arjuna award committee.
  • BBPS stand for Bharat Bill Payment System.
  • Jammu and Kashmir top list on Human right Violation.
  • Shree Lanka and China signs Hambantota Port deal.
  • DRDO develop first-time Un-Manned tank. DRDO develop Mantra-S (for surveillance) and Mantra-M for (detecting Mines).
  • 29th July, Celebrates as an International Tiger Day. India has the highest number of Tigers in the world.
  • Indian women’s wins FIBA Asia Cup in Basketball. India beat Kazakhstan by 75-73 in final.
  • India becomes biggest Milk producer in the world.
  • UNDP stands for United Nations Development Programs.
  • “Mann ki Baat – A Social Revolution on Radio” book launched by Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadanvis and governor of Maharastra and Tamilnadu C. Vidyasagar Rao.
  • New Prime Minister of Pakistan is Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

July – 2017 | Current Affairs in Gujarati

Current Affairs in Gujarati | July 2017

Team Jobs Captain put all the important things done by government, any important event around the world, also cover events of Gujarat and India. Our Team put four files of the month, every file there is two page, so eight pages clear the whole month’s event of the July 2017 around the Gujarat, India, and Worlds.

July 2017 –  Week 1 – Current Affairs   Click Here

July 2017 –  Week 2 – Current Affairs   Click Here

July 2017 –  Week 3 and  Week 4 – Current Affairs   Click Here 


Nowadays, Current affairs are important and the key to crack any competitive government exam. in any paper, there are 25 to maximum 50 marks Current affairs or General awareness is asked. In our website, we put not all, but we post only important Current Affairs, we make current affairs to much easy to remember, In a week we post only 2 pages of Current affairs or General awareness.


Team Jobs Captain Responsible for update all important Current Affairs ask in Government Exam. We do not update unnecessary things on the website, we put only stress-less, Easy to remember and only important updates…!! We committed to making best website for a student who prepares exam from Home! Thank You very Much! Share our updates with your Friends!


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  • Important Current Affairs in Gujarati
  • Important Current Affairs for Govt Exam 
  • Important Current Affairs for GPSC Exam
  • Important Current Affairs for all Govt Jobs

Current Affairs in Gujarati June-2017

Current Affairs in Gujarat | June – 2017 

Team Jobs Captain put all the important things done by government, any important event around the world, also cover events of Gujarat and India. Our Team put four files of the month, every file there is two page, so eight pages clear the whole month’s event of the June 2017 around the Gujarat, India and Worlds.

Read all file before the exam of the Senior clerk, Gujarat Police Inspector, Gujarat Junior High Court Clerk Exam, Police Constable exam, Sachivalay-Bin Sachivalay Clerk Exam and Tatali exams.

In below files, there are covers the all sports tournament around the Gujarat, India and Worlds. We also put, who wins and player belongs to which country, which is most important in the exam.

Download all files and share with your friends, For more information around the world please stay connected with us…!!

  • June 2017 First week Current Affairs  Click Here
  • June 2017 Second week Current Affairs  Click Here
  • June 2017 Third week Current Affairs  Click Here
  • June 2017 Fourth week Current Affairs  Click Here

Bin-Sachivalay Clerk – 2018 Materials and syllabus

Bin-Sachivalay Clerk – 2018 Materials and Syllabus

The government of Gujarat soon publish notification regarding the number of candidate require in the different department of Sachivalay GSSSB in 2018. Our team’s secret friend tells us, there are 1800+ vacancies are open in the mid of the year 2018. The notification comes out in the month of the June-July-2018. Team Jobs Captain provide the best material to crack the clerk exam. Here is enough time to prepare exam of Scahivalay clerk. Bin-Sachivalay clerk exam is divided into two parts. One is written exam (Objective type questions) and Second is Computer test. Information about both tests is given below:

Bin-Sachivalay Clerk – 2018 Materials

Bin-Sachivalay Clerk Syllabus – 2018

1. Written Exam Syllabus of Bin-Sachivalay Clerk

  • Public Administration and Indian Constitution: ~ Mark-50
  • India and Gujarat Current Affairs: ~ Mark-50
  • Gujarat History and Culture: ~ Mark-25
  • Gujarati Language and Gujarati Grammar: ~ Mark-25
  • English Grammar: ~ Mark-25
  • Computer Basic Knowledge: ~ Mark-25

Total Time: – 2 Hour (120 Minute)
Total marks: – 200
Negative Marking: – 0.33 or 0.25(as per new Notification)

2. Computer Typing test syllabus

  • Basic Knowledge of Computer
  • English and Gujarati Typing (Letter/Tender Writing or anything else) in Ms word
  • Spelling Check and Correct in Ms word
  • Perform Basic formulas in MS Excel
  • Make Presentation in MS Power Point
  • Send Email

Other Information of Bin-Sachivalay Clerk

Application fee:

  • 100 Rs. for General Category Boys

Education Qualification for Bin-Sachivalay Clerk

  • 12th Pass or equivalent degree


  • 18 to 33 years

Gujarat Police Constable – 2019 Materials and Syllabus

Gujarat Police Constable Materials and Syllabus

Gujarat Police Constable soon Publish notification regarding the requirement in the Police department in Unarmed Police constable, Jail Sipahi and SRP. There are more than 11,500 vacancies in Gujarat Police Department. Below listed syllabus and all important material pdf which help you to crack the police exam and making the best career.

Gujarat Police Constable Syllabus

  • Gujarati language
  • General knowledge
  • General laws(Constitution of India, Indian penal code, Gujarat police Act, Evidence Act.)
  • Current Affairs

Total Marks: – 100 Marks Exam
Time: 1 Hour (60 Minutes)
Negative Marking: –  -0.33 per wrong answers


Gujarat Police Constable Materials Pdf 2019

  • Daily GK (Most important 20 Question-Answer every day): –  Click Here
  • Current Affairs: –  Click Here
  • Gujarati Language: –  Click Here
  • Gujarati Grammar: –   Click Here
  • General Knowledge: –  Click Here
  • General laws(Constitution of India, Indian penal code, Gujarat police Act, Evidence Act.): –  Click Here

(these Materials, Daily GK is our unique and most important, this material prepared by experts)

Gujarat Police Constable PET Syllabus


Male 5000 meter Running 25.00 Minutes
Female 1600 Meter Running 09.30 Minutes
Ex. Service Man 2400 Meter Running 12.30 Minutes


Education Qualification:

  • Applicant should be passed 12th(HSC) examination (Arts/Commerce/Science) or its equivalent education from a Govt. approx the board of education.


Age Limit:

  • Minimum Age:18 years
  • Maximum Age:33 years


Selection Criteria:

  • Written Examination
  • Physical Efficiency Test (PET)
  • Medical Test


Application Fee:

  • For General:100/-
  • For SC/ST and OBC: No Fee


Gujarat High Court Clerk-2018 Syllabus and Materials

Gujarat High Court Clerk-2018 Syllabus and Materials

Gujarat High Court Clerk soon Publish a notification regarding the requirement in High Court in post – Junior Clerk and lower division clerk. There are more than 1500 vacancies in Gujarat High court. Below listed syllabus and all important material which help you to crack the exam and making the best career.

Gujarat High Court Clerk Syllabus

  • History of India and Geography
  • General Knowledge
  • Current Affairs
  • Gujarati Grammar
  • English Grammar
  • Math’s
  • Sports
  • Computer Basic Knowledge
  • Reasoning
  • Intelligence Test

Exam Time: 1 Hours (60 Minutes)
Total Mark: 100 Marks
Negative Marking: – 0.33 per the Wrong Answer

Gujarat High Court Clerk Typing Test Syllabus /
Gujarat High Court Clerk CAD (Computer Aided Test) syllabus

  • English and Gujarati Typing (Letter Writing or anything else) in Ms word
  • Spelling Check and Correct in Ms word
  • Perform Basic formulas in MS Excel (Sum, If else formula is compulsory)
  • Make Presentation in MS Power Point (on given data Hard copy)
  • Send Email and other computer knowledge
    (if syllabus is change of Typing test than we must update)


Gujarat High Court Clerk-2018 Materials

(In above this materials, Daily GK is our unique and most important page useful in gujarat high court clerk and bailiff , this page prepared by experts)

Talati Mantri | Revenue Talati Mantri – 2018 Syllabus and Material

Talati Cum Mantri 2018 Official Syllabus, Materials

New notification by the government of Gujarat is coming out in the March-April-2018 about the new more than 800+ vacancies in the Talati-cum-Mantri, Gram-Sevak, Junior Clerk and others. The Syllabus and Best reading Study Material’s link given below. When notification is out, Team Jobs Captain provide the most important question-answer about the Talati exam. So Stay connected with


Talati-Cum Mantri Syllabus and Marks

  • Gujarati Language and Grammar – Marks: 35
  • General Knowledge – Marks: 35
  • Maths – English Grammar- Marks: 15
  • English Grammar : Marks: 15

Total Marks: 100
Time: 1 Hour (60 Minutes)


Revenue Talati Mantri 2018 Official Syllabus and Materials

New notification by the government of Gujarat is coming out in the March-April-2018 about the new more than 2600+ vacancies in the Revenue Talati Mantri. The Syllabus and Best reading Study Material’s link given below. When notification is out, Team Jobs Captain provide the most important question-answer about the Talati exam. So Stay connected with

Talati-Cum Mantri Syllabus and Marks

  • Gujarati Language – Marks: 15
  • Gujarati Vyakaran/Grammar – Marks: 15
  • Maths (Ank Ganit) – Marks: 15
  • English Grammar – Marks: 15
  • General Knowledge and Intelligence test – Marks: 40

Total Marks: 100
Time: 1 Hour (60 Minutes)

Typing Test for Revenue Talati

  • Send Email
  • English and Gujarati Typing (Letter Writing or anything else) in Ms word
  • Spelling Check and Correct in Ms word
  • Perform Basic formulas in MS Excel
  • Make Presentation in MS Power Point
    (if syllabus is change of Typing test than we must update)


Material for Talati and Revenue Talati Mantri Exam

All Talati exam paper solution pdf Download From this page.

The application fee for Talati-Cum Mantri and Revenue Talati Mantri:

  • 100 Rs. for General Category Boys

Qualification for Talati-Cum Mantri and Revenue Talati Mantri

  • 12th Pass or equivalent degree

Age :

  • 18 to 33 years

Gujarat | GPSC PI (Police Inspector) Direct Recruitment 2019

GPSC PI (Police Inspector) Exam Pattern 2019

Gujarat Public Service Comission (GPSC) Police Inspector (Direct PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY – Class II) {Recruiting is|Hiring is} announce in { This summer | Come July 1st | September }, 2017.

As per this official notification, the preliminary exam for 155 police inspector (PI) will be {carry out|perform|execute} by GPSC in {Oct|March|August}, 2017 and GPSC PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY Main Exam will be saved in February 2017.

  • Preliminary Exam
  • Physical Test  & Main Exam
  • Interview

Preliminary Exam of PI (Police Inspector)

  • Total no. of papers: 01
  • Total marks: 300 marks
  • Time: 3 hours

Topics of PI Exam

  • History
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Indian Polity, Constitution, Social Justice & International Relation
  • Indian Economy & Planning
  • Geography
  • Science & Technology
  • General Mental Ability
  • National & International Current Affairs

Physical Test of PI (Police Inspector)

  • Male: 5000 meters within 25 minutes
  • Female: 1600 meter within 9 minutes, 30 seconds.

Main Exam Syllabus of PI (Police Inspector)

Interview oPI (Police Inspector)

  • Total marks: 100

View Full Syllabus in Detail  Click Here

View Official Notification   Click here

Best Material For GPSC PI Exam   Click Here

Most Important Daily GK for PI Exam  Click Here

Most Important Current Affairs for PI Exam Click Here

PI Exam Date

  • Preliminary Exam: 29/10/2017
  • Main Exam: 11/02/2018 & 18/02/2018