Important Industrial Towns in India (Major Industrial Towns)

By | July 19, 2022
Important Industrial Towns in India

India is a great country. It is famous for industrial towns, festivals, dresses, giving respect to other religions, and also famous for other things. Examples of industrial towns in India are Surat, Anand, Agra, Kanpur and Mysore. Examples of festivals are Diwali, Eid, Navratri, Christmas Etc. But the most famous attraction of India is its Industrial Sector.

Here below we have given you the table which consists of 17 famous cities of India and the attractive point of the industry for which the city is famous. The point of attraction varies as per cities and also because of the availability of resources.

This is because some city has a huge resource for metals, some have leather, and some have silk or cotton, etc.

Let’s read the Basic information on the Topic:

List of Important & Famous Industrial Cities in India

No. City/Town State Well Known for
1. Adoni Andhra Pradesh Cotton Textile
2. Agra Uttar Pradesh Leather Goods
3. Aligarh Uttar Pradesh Locks
4. Anand Gujarat Dairy Products
5. Coimbatore Tamil Nadu Wet Grinders and Sarees
6. Firozabad Uttar Pradesh Glass
7. Kanpur Uttar Pradesh Leather
8. Kanchipuram Tamil Nadu Silk Sarees
9. Ludhiana Punjab Bicycle Parts, Sewing Machines, Hosiery
10. Jalandhar Punjab Sports Goods
11. Moradabad Uttar Pradesh Brass Works
12. Mysore Karnataka Silk
13. Surat Gujarat Diamonds, Textile
14. Sivakasi Tamil Nadu Fireworks, Matches
15. Nepanagar Madhya Pradesh Newsprint
16. Gadwal Andhra Pradesh Sarees
17. Tiruppur Tamil Nadu Textile and Garments

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