Gist of NCERT General Science PDF

By | December 29, 2021
Gist of NCERT General Science PDF

Download Gist of NCERT General Science PDF Book. Basic concepts of NCERT General Science are concisely explained in this book.

It’s a good PDF book for quick review and revision and competitive exams like UPSC, States PSC examinations, SSC, RRB and Banking examinations 2022.

This book will help you to improve your basics of General Science with important questions of NCERT General Science.

Let’s read the book content and basic details of Gist of NCERT General Science PDF by Kalinjar Publications.

Book Content:

  1. Gist Of Physics From Ncert Books
    • Atomic physics
    • Heat
    • Light
    • Magnetism and electricity
    • Mechanics
    • Propertiesofmatters
    • Sound
    • Unitsandmeasurement
    • Waves
    • Work, Power and energy
  2.  Gist Of Chemistry From Ncert Books
    • Acid, Base and Salts
    • Atomic structure
    • Chemical bonding
    • Chemical Reactions and Equations
    • Matter and Its Nature
    • Organic chemistry
    • Periodic Classification Of Elements
    • Properties of gases
    • Some common elements & Compounds
  3. Gist Of Biology From Ncert Books
    • Cell
    • Tissue
    • Muscularandskeletalsystem
    • The nervous system
    • The endocrine system
    • Lymphatic system
    • And immunity
    • The respiratory system
    • The circulatory system
    • The reproductive system
    • Plant reproduction
    • The digestive system
    • The excretory system
    • photosynthesis
    • diversity in living organisms
    • the animal kingdom
  4. Gist Of What, Why & How And
  5. Miscellaneous Questions with Answers of NCERT General Science
Book NameGist of NCERT General Science PDF
PublisherKalinjar Publications, Delhi
No. of Pages152 pages
PDF Book LanguageEnglish

Download Gist of NCERT General Science PDF Book

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