List of Biology Scientists and Discoveries PDF for NEET

By | January 17, 2022
List of Biology Scientists and Discoveries PDF

Today we will know about great Biology Scientists of the World, who have worked to give a new direction to the world. Their discoveries have now become compasses for the whole world. Let us remember such great men and their inventions.

In this post, information has been given about the names of Biology famous scientists of the world and their inventions and discoveries.

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Biology Scientists and Their Discoveries

Below are the Biology Scientists Names and their Inventions. If you are looking for names of Scientists, this list will help you.

Invention/Discovery Name of Inventor Year
Anesthesia William Thomas Green Morton. 1846
Bacteria Antoine Van Leeuwenhoek 1665
Blood groups (ABO group) Karl Landsteiner 1927
Cancer Percivall Pott 1775
Cell Robert Hooke 1665
Cholera Vaccine Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine 1892
First Test Tube Baby Robert Edward & Patrick Steptoe 1978

This PDF book will discuss the famous Biology scientists and inventors throughout history and their wonderful contributions.

Important List of Biology Scientists and Their Discoveries (Innovation) PDF – Download 

Top Biology Researchers Name and Invention PDF – Download

Friends, we have given you information about the world-famous Biology Scientist’s name and inventions with the year of the invention.

Thank you for reading. Further, if you have more information about this topic then do comment below.

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