Binary Logic Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF

By | January 7, 2022
Binary Logic Questions and Answers PDF

Practice questions on Binary Logic from binary logic reasoning trick pdf to enhance your thinking skills. Binary Logic questions are also known as true false teller questions.

Binary logic reasoning questions are part of Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. Binary logic questions and answers pdf is useful for various entrances exams such as CAT, CMAT, CLAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, etc.

Binary Logic Questions Pdf

Binary logic is a set of rules for dealing with propositions that must be either true or false.

How to crack the questions

Two types of questions based on Binary logic can be found in the Logical Reasoning section. The aspirant has to match the two logic propositions in each question.

Question Type – 1

Two statements by each of the three persons are made in this type. One of the statements has got to be true and the other is false. Now, one has to consider the two Propositions to arrive at the right answer.

Question Type – 2

Two types of persons are found in this type of question.

  • Those who always speak the truth.
  • Those who always tell a lie.

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Let’s attempt one demo question of Type 1 and Type 2 Binary Logic Reasoning.

In a small island called Neverneverland, the people always answer any question with two sentences—one of which is always right and the other is false. Perhaps due to this peculiar habit, there’s been a high rate of suicides on the island. As a doctor, you have to identify potentially suicidal people and counsel them. You know that all people who are suicidal feel that life is futile. On questioning three inhabitants, these are the answers you get:

Anuj: “Himansu is suicidal. I am not suicidal.”
Himansu: “I do not want to die. Akshay does not want to die.”
Akshay: “Life is futile. I am suicidal.”

Question 1: Who among the three is suicidal?

(a) Anuj and Himansu
(b) Himansu
(c) Himansu and Akshay
(d) Akshay

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(a) Anuj and Himansu

Question 2: Which of them is lying about another person’s tendencies?

(a) Akshay
(b) Himansu
(c) Anuj and Himansu
(d) None of them is lying about another person’s tendencies

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(d) None of them is lying about another person’s tendencies

⇒ Directions On the Island of Who Went Where there are only two kinds of people. Type No are those who, when they ask a question, must always get a ‘No’ for an answer and Type Yes are those who must always get a ‘Yes’ for an answer to every question they ask. Based on this, answer Questions 3 to 4.

Question 3: Victor and Trish are married. Victor asks you: “Are both of us of the type No?” You can conclude that

(a) It is impossible for him to have asked such a question.
(b) Victor is a No.
(c) Trish is a No.
(d) His type cannot be identified.

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(b) Victor is a No.

Question 4: Jay, Ajay and Vijay all approach you. Jay asks “Are at least two of us of the type No?” You can infer that

(a) Jay is a No.
(b) Jay is a Yes.
(c) None of them is No.
(d) Cannot be determined.

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(d) Cannot be determined.

Thank you for downloading the Binary Logic Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF. Further, you need additional guidance on any Logical Reasoning Topics then do comment below.

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