English Grammar Tenses Rules PDF free download

By | January 24, 2022
English Grammar Tenses Rules PDF free download

English Grammar Tenses are very important not only for students but also for general readers. These all PDF books teach you tenses, active and indirect narration in an easy way.

In this post, we covered all the following tenses notes of English Grammar with Exercise:

  1. Simple Present Tense Rule PDF
  2. Present Continuous Tense
  3. Present Perfect Tense
  4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  5. Simple Past Tense Rule PDF
  6. Past Continuous Tense
  7. Past Perfect Tense
  8. Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  9. Simple Future Tense Rule PDF
  10. Future Continuous Tense
  11. Future Perfect Tense
  12. Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Now let’s read the English Grammar Tenses Rules in English and Hindi languages.

Tenses Rules PDF

In this course, we will learn English grammar tenses which are very useful for learning English.

  1. Mixed Tenses Rules PDF – Download
  2. 12 Tenses Formula PDF Book – Download
  3. English tenses chart with rules and examples (a quick review) – Download PDF 
  4. English Grammar Tenses Explanations PDF – Download
  5. English Grammar Tenses Exercises Test

Tenses Rules PDF in Hindi

Download and learn all tenses with Hindi translation and examples:

  1. Tense in English Grammar in Hindi: Types, Rules, Charts PDF – Download
  2. Tenses Chart in Hindi PDF – Download

12 Tenses Formula PDF

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If you study all the above English Grammar Tenses Rules PDF carefully then There will be no difficulty. Furthermore, if you have any questions then do comment below.

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