Wh Questions PDF Download

By | April 5, 2022
Wh Questions PDF Download

We already shared wh questions exercises for your practice. In this post, we shared Wh Questions Pdf files. You can download and read it offline on your mobile or pc.

Using these PDFs you can practise MCQ Exercise, Fill the Blank and Put the words in the correct order to make Wh-questions.

Let’s read some basics of English Grammar’s Wh Question. The following table presents the commonly used ‘wh’ words with their functions:

‘Wh’ Words Usage/Functions Example Sentences
Who Used to identify a person 1. Who is she?
2. Who is responsible for the happening?
What Used to identify a thing 1. What is it?
2. What are the causes for the sudden hike in the petrol price?
Where Used to identify a place 1. Where is she?
2. Where are you exactly meeting him?
Which Used to tell two (or more) things apart. 1. Which bag is yours?
2. Which colour do you prefer?
When Used to identify time 1. When is your birthday?
2. When will the train arrive in the platform?
Why Used to identify a reason 1. Why is she crying?
2. Why are you making them wait for so long?
Whose Used to identify possession 1. Whose car is that?
2. Whose are these books?
whom asking what or which person or people 1. Whom did you ask her to meet?
How Used to explain a way/method 1. How did you make the cake?
2. How does this machine work?
How long Used to explain length or duration 1. How long is your holiday?
How much/many Used to identify quantity 1. How much money do you have?

Now, let’s download Wh Questions with Answers Pdf:

  • Wh Questions with Answers PDF Book – Download
  • Wh Questions Worksheets For Grade 2 PDF- Download
  • Grade 4: Wh Questions Worksheets PDF – Download

Thank you for downloading. We hope above Wh Questions Pdf files are helpful to you to understand the concept of English’s Wh questions.

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Furthermore, if you have still any questions then do comment below. Our expert team of English subject will soon reach out to you.

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