Rapidex English Speaking Course PDF

By | February 8, 2022
Rapidex English Speaking Course Book Pdf

Rapidex English speaking course pdf helps to improve your English communication skills. Rapidex English spoken pdf is made for non-native English speakers and is a guideline for people to communicate in the English language properly.

Spoken English pdf book provides very simple procedures and methods to speak English. It is the best book to learn English which helps people to learn English from basics in a very short time period.

Rapidex English Spoken PDF

This is the best book for Hindi medium students or for those who are not good at English because this book is available in both Hindi and English languages.

Book NameRapidex English Spoken Course Book
AuthorR.K. Gupta
LanguageHindi and English
PublicationPustak Mahal, Delhi

Book Features

  • It helps millions of people to learn.
  • It is very easily can be understood.
  • Fluently speak in English.
  • Anyone can understand in any language.

Book Content

  1. Sentences of greetings
  2. Good manners in English
  3. Some polite phrases
  4. Exclamations
  5. Phrases
  6. Sentences of command or order
  7. Present tense
  8. Past tense
  9. Future tense
  10. Some important helping verbs
  11. Sentences of order and request
  12. Vowels and consonants
  13. English pronunciation
  14. Consonants
  15. Silent letters in words
  16. Use of what, who, and how
  17. Use of which, when, where, and why
  18. Negative sentences
  19. Use of different prepositions
  20. Active voice and passive voice
  21. Transformation of sentences
  22. Countable and uncountable nouns
  23. Idiomatic sentences
  24. Conversation on different topics
  25. Vocabulary on different topics
  26. Classified Vocabulary

Thank you for downloading this book. It will surely help you to improve your spoken English.

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