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Best Ways to Deal with Your Professional Jealousy

Are you constantly feeling jealous of your colleagues’ successes, or the recognition they’re getting for their work? Professional jealousy can be a difficult emotion to deal with, but there are ways to manage it. In this blog, we’ll explore the best strategies to deal with your professional jealousy and put you back on the path… Read More »

Therapy and Work-Related Stress [How to Manage]

Work can be stressful that can affect our well-being. Therapy can help significantly, and you can easily get matched with a counselor on websites like BetterHelp. Things like long hours, low pay, excessive demands, or unfulfilling work can contribute to our anxious feelings. How can we manage these and how does therapy help? Managing Work-Related… Read More »

Prepare Yourself For Living Independently

Want to become independent? Hello everyone, Today we are going to share life hacks on how to become or living independently without parents or family. Let’s start reading. Moving away from family and home can be daunting for young students looking to pursue further studies. If you too are on that path, thoughts about being… Read More »

How to Make Your Workspace More Comfortable?

Most people spend over 8 hours a day in their workspace and if the setting is uncomfortable, their productivity level will be greatly decreased. If you’d like to succeed in your career and improve your productivity level, you must find ways to create a more comfortable workspace. This article will share several tips on how… Read More »

3 Surprising Secrets to Staying Motivated

Do you ever come up with an idea, get really excited about it and then find it on the chopping block in a few days? Perhaps you got intimidated by the competition or you told yourself you couldn’t it. Whatever the case, keeping the momentum and motivation to work through what’s important to you can… Read More »

How To Manage Millennials (When YOU’RE A Millennial)

The millennials are steadily taking over the workplace and as a result, more and more of them are getting into managerial positions where they are expected to deliver on their technical capabilities while managing their peers. This can be a daunting task especially if one has not be properly equipped for the role. While it… Read More »

4 Actions To Stem The Expectation Alignment Dysfunction (EAD)

Workplace condition Expectation Alignment Dysfunction (EAD) is affecting organizations and is fast becoming today’s leading killer of employee engagement and a detractor from the employee experience in a number of workplaces. Expectation alignment is the degree to which employee expectations for their experience in the workplace line up with their actual experience. When those expectations… Read More »

Things To Consider Before Cracking Up That Office Joke

Appropriate and well-timed humor at the workplace has the power to break down barriers between colleagues and build positive connections or bonds in their place. Appropriate humor and shared positive laughter promotes team building. It also helps teams communicate more openly and honestly. It supports the bottom line by helping us sustain peak levels of… Read More »