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Important Days and Dates Of The Year 2022

Every month has some important days and dates to commemorate and honour the things which happened. Here is the month-wise list of important national and international days and dates for preparing for your Competitive Exams like UPSC, SSC, SCC CGL, RRB and BANK PO. The list of important days in 2022 will help candidates in… Read More »

Gujarati Telegram Channel | Gujarat Gk Telegram Channel

List of Gujarati Telegram Channel Join Now Jobs Captain’s GK and Current Affairs is the number one telegram channel in Gujarat, where we can share only Gujarati material pdf and information in the text. 2021 Best Gujarati Gk Telegram Channel Jobs Captain’s GK Material Telegram Channel  |  Join Jobs Captain Official Gujarati Telegram Channel provides only… Read More »

Pains and Gains of Academic Writing [Expectation vs Reality]

Almost every student considers academic writing to be the most complicated task while studying in college or university. It is a multilevel process. It implies undertaking thorough research to find enough information relevant to the topic, analyzing all the data received, structuring all the information, and only after that you can start writing a paper.… Read More »

MBA – Scenario in 2021, Opportunities, Entrance & Admission and Afterwards

Hello Candidates, Today we will discuss about MBA degree, Its important in year 2021, how to choose wisely best MBA colleges, Corporate training, Entrance test for Admission, MBA and Afterwards, MBA’s Mock Group Discussion and how to discuss case study? You will read here more important article on Best Career Guidance. Let’s start reading about… Read More »

भारत के प्रमुख बांध एवं नदी परियोजनाएँ (Major Dam & River Projects of India)

We have collected important information about भारत के प्रमुख बांध एवं नदी परियोजनाएँ. Read here Dam Name, River Name and respective State Name of Important Projects. Below listed Dam and River Project name will help you in all competitive examination of India. Dam and River Projects of India आज हम भारत के प्रमुख बांध एवं… Read More »

Understanding Numerical Reasoning Tests

What is Numerical Reasoning Tests? Numerical reasoning tests are not meant to test your mathematical skills. For that purpose, there are quantitative aptitude tests. These tests measure a candidate’s ability to analyze, interpret and draw logical conclusions that are based on the numerical data given. Thus, understanding numerical reasoning tests is important In today’s world,… Read More »

Civil Services Examination 2020-21 : A Quick Guide for Candidates

Hello Everyone, In this article you get complete knowledge about How to prepare well for Civil Services Examination, Success Plan For Preliminary and Mains Examination, Studying for General Studies, State Civil Services Information and How to face Interview Etc. The Civil Services Examination is a challenge and Lakh of candidates appear in it every year.  About 8… Read More »

General Information of India – Comprehensive Best Study Notes on GK of India

You have reached the Web’s most comprehensive resource on General Information of India. And guess what! The entire section on General Knowledge of India is available for FREE! This InfoBank is organized into Alphabetical Sections, each consisting of several entries which are updated regularly. A link has been provided with each alphabetical listing, for your… Read More »

Motivation… It is 10 alphabets!!!

Motivation… It is 10 alphabets!!! Motivation! What is it? Sometimes these 10 alphabets sound strange to me, it moves thoughts across my head. Is there anything like Motivation really exists!? And if it exists then how long does that so-called motivation last? How long can it drive you towards your goal, a day, a week or… Read More »