Motivation… It is 10 alphabets!!!

By | August 1, 2017

Motivation… It is 10 alphabets!!!

Motivation! What is it? Sometimes these 10 alphabets sound strange to me, it moves thoughts across my head. Is there anything like Motivation really exists!? And if it exists then how long does that so-called motivation last? How long can it drive you towards your goal, a day, a week or a fortnight? Shall it be inspiring us till we archive something worth remarkable/significance?

Is this labyrinth called Life so simple? You plan to archive something, you work behind it and then you get it? If this is so simple funda for success if it really is, why do people write-publish-read those times of motivation-success? If it is such a straight and simple, how comes desperation, despair, hopelessness, pessimism, sadness, woe in the scene?

Do not all these phases and feelings are part of our journey? If it is part of it, why does no one talk about it? Why does no one talk about all the aforementioned sentiments? In fact, there are very few writers/speakers who write/talk about them. I don’t mean that others are worthless, but what I want to put here is that all these negative feelings that sometimes try to discourage us are part of life and so on the journey.

There are a lot of motivational speakers around us. You just type motivational videos on YouTube and you’ll get your screen flooded with videos. But what I believe is they are just providing an initial force, a spark that ignites us. Their words help us to take a step forward. But furthermore, something that can drive you towards your destination is our eternal curiosity, your willingness, passion, eagerness for something you love to do. These are spontaneous, genuine and everlasting elements that can help us to make our way toward our destination and keep us working.

Make sure you have those perpetual driving forces dip down your heart.

written by Keval Gohil

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