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Complete Indian History Notes in Short [Infobank]

You have reached the Web’s most comprehensive resource on Indian History. The InfoBank is organised into Alphabetical Sections, each consisting of several entries which are updated regularly. A link has been provided with each alphabetical listing, for your convenience. You can also read or download Indian History PDF in Hindi. This post helps you to… Read More »

Mastering Modern World History by Norman Lowe PDF [Latest Edition]

Norman Lowe World History Pdf contains the modern world history topics in a detailed way and it is a complete guidebook for world history. Norman Lowe Modern World History in Hindi Pdf has all-important international information happened around the world. Mastering modern world history by Norman Lowe Pdf provides the latest chapters which are useful… Read More »

Mauryan Empire – History, Origin, Dynasty, Maurya Kings, Literature & Religion

Today you will get complete knowledge about Maurya Empire’s History, Origin, Dynasty, Maurya Kings, Economy, Administration, Literature & Religion. The Mauryan Empire was the first major empire in the history of India, ruled by Maurya dynasty from 321 BC to 185 BCE. Let’s read History of Mauryan Empire. History of Mauryan Empire Chandragupta Mau­rya was… Read More »

Magadha Kingdom – History, Culture, Geography, Rulers of Kingdom & Beyond States

Today you will get complete history knowledge about Magadha Kingdom, Beyond the States,  Dynastic History. Read here more about Magadha Empire Geography, Culture and Rulers of Kingdom. Magadha was located on the Indo-Gangetic plains in eastern India, today is known as the modern state of Bihar. History: Magadha and Beyond (Magadha Kingdom – 600 BC-AD 600)… Read More »

History of Jainism and Buddhism – Origin, Emergence, Similarities and Differences

Today you will get knowledge about the History of Jainism and Buddhism. Learn about the Origin of Jainism and Buddhism, the Emergence of Buddhism & Jainism, similarities and differences. Jainism and Buddhism both religions share a common history in Indian. Jainism and Buddhism emerged as the most potent religious reform movements. History of Jainism and… Read More »

Imperial Guptas – History, Origin, Rulers, Dynasty, Achievements and Works

In this, You read about the origin of Gupta Empire pdf, Territory and Imperial Authority, Rulers of Gupta Empire, The Imperial Guptas Times Notable Works, Gupta Dynasty, Achievements and Administrations. The Imperial Guptas History Ashoka’s death left a vacu­um in India for the next 600 years, during which, several foreign tribes overran India. With the… Read More »

Mahatma Gandhi : Early Life, Chronology, Campaigns, Satyagraha & Writings

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly called Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi, was the main architect of the Indian nation and is rightly called the Father of Nation. Chronology of Mahatma Gandhi  (1869-1948) Profile of Mahatma Gandhi Early Life: Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869, in Porbandar, India. His family belonged to the Vaishya (merchant) class of Hindus and… Read More »