History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra PDF Book

By | July 5, 2022
History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra Pdf

As we know that the History of Medieval India is an important subject for various competitive exams. So today here we are going to share with you the History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra. The history of Medieval India is part of India’s History.

Satish Chandra History PDF study notes will be useful in all competitive exams like UPSC, RRB, Bank Exam, SSC and many more exams.

Download Medieval Indian History PDF

This 11th class NCERT old Book of Satish Chandra on History of Medieval India is very much important for most of the competitive exams link UPSC, Civil Services, IAS/IPS.

Let’s read the highlight of the book.

Book NameHistory of Medieval India
AuthorSatish Chandra
PublisherOrient BlackSwan
ExamCompetitive Exams like UPSC/Civil Services
More DescriptionBuy Now

Medieval Indian History by Satish Chandra PDF [Old NCERT] – Download Now

Book Content

This Book covers total 17 chapters of the medieval history of India.

  1. Central Asian Politics and the Advance of Babur towards India:
  2. Struggle for Empire in North India
  3. Struggle for Empire in North India
  4. The Establishment of the North Indian Empire-
  5. Consolidation and Expansion of the Empire – Akbar
  6. State and Government under Akbar 131
  7. Akbar’s Religious Views,
  8. The Deccan and the Mughals (Upto 1657)
  9. Foreign Policy of the Mughals
  10. India in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century
  11. Aurangzeb – Religious Policies, North India and the Rajputs
  12. Climax and Crisis of the Mughal Empire the Marathas and the Deccan
  13. Society-Structure and Growth
  14. Economic Life Patterns and Prospects
  15. Religion, Fine Arts, Science and Technology
  16. Northern India in the First Half of the Eighteenth Century
  17. The Maratha Bid for Supremacy

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