Medieval Indian History Books PDF Download

By | March 4, 2022
Medieval Indian History Books PDF

A great number of historical events have contributed to the development of India.

This book is so much helpful for a UPSC CIVIL SERVICE Aspirant for both history optional and GS mains paper. If you are preparing for UPSC and State PCS then you should read it.

In this post, we are going to share amazing Medieval Indian History books with a lucid, concise and detailed explanation.

Book NameMedieval Indian History Books PDF
Important forIAS, IPS UPSC CSE Examination
Total Books7 Important Books

Download Medieval Indian History Books

These books cover the entire medieval India. Let’s download it.

  1. MEDIEVAL INDIA Short Notes for Competitive Exams – Download
  2. Important Facts of Medieval Indian History – Download Book
  3. Medieval India Old NCERT History PDF Book By Satish Chandra
  4. Medieval Indian History Important One-Liner Notes [with Question Answer] – Read PDF
  5. India During Medieval Period – Download
  6. Medieval India: Society, Culture and Religion PDF [B.A. History] – Download Book
  7. The concept of ‘Early Medieval India’ – Download PDF
  8. Medieval Indian History PDF in Hindi

Above all books help you to knows how kings and empires works, and how the culture and society in a country evolves.

Book Contents

The following important topics of Indian Medieval History are covered in above books:

  1. The Medieval Period
  2. Beginning of the Islamic Community
  3. North India Between ad 800 and 1000
  4. South India Between ad 900 and 1200
  5. The Advent of the Turks
  6. Establishment of the Delhi Sultanate
  7. The Tughlaq Dynasty
  8. The Rise of Vijayanagar and the Bahamani Kingdoms
  9. The Emergence of Independent States
  10. Socio-Economic and Cultural Development During the Sultanate
  11. The Advent of the Mughals
  12. Expansion and Consolidation of the Mughal Empire
  13. Aurangzeb and the Disintegration of the Mughal Empire
  14. The Rise of Maratha Power
  15. The Coming of the Europeans
  16. Socio-Cultural and Religious Developments under the Mughals and many more

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