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By | March 3, 2022
Ancient Indian History PDF

Ancient Indian History is one of the important subjects for competitive examinations such as UPSC IAS-IPS, SSC, RRB, Banking, State PSC and all other competitive exams.

We all know that this section is high scoring of Static General Knowledge/Awareness subject.

Here we covered all important topics related to Ancient Indian History.

Book NameAncient Indian History Books PDF
Important forIAS, IPS UPSC Examination
Total Books5+ Important Books

Download Ancient Indian History PDF

Let’s download 5 important books for Ancient Indian History subject.

  1. Vajiram and Ravi Ancient Indian History Notes – Download
  2. Ancient Indian History – From Stone Age to the Age of Harsha – Complete Study Material & Textbook PDF – Download
  3. Ancient Indian History by RS Sharma PDF [Old NCERT] or Ancient India – A Textbook for Class XI – Download
  4. [A to Z] Ancient Indian History Tutorial PDF Book – Download
  5. Ancient History of India – Download
  6. Ancient India History PDF Notes in Hindi

Book Content

The above 5 books cover following important topics of Ancient History:

  1. Stone Age
  2. Indus Valley Civilization and Culture
  3. Vedic Age
  4. Buddhism
  5. Jain Religion
  6. Shaiva, Bhagavata Religion
  7. 6th Century B.C.: Political Condition
  8. Greek Invasion
  9. Maurya Dynasty
  10. Post-Mauryan Period
  11. Gupta and Post-Gupta Period (Gupta to 1200 AD)
  12. Architecture in Ancient India
  13. South India (Chola, Chalukya, Pallava and Sangam Period)
  14. Ancient Literature and Litterateur
  15. Pre-Medieval Period
  16. Sources of Ancient Indian History (From prehistory to 650 AD)
  17. Social & economics History of Ancient India ( UP TO A.D.650)
  18. Trade Routes in Ancient Period
  19. Ancient Indian History & Culture Early medieval India (UP TO 600 AD)
  20. Administration, source of law, interstate relations Mandal theory

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Indian History Books:

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