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By | May 25, 2022
PDF On The Study IQ Chemistry

Hello student, here we have given you the PDF of Study IQ chemistry. This PDF Will help you boost the practice for your exams. Here we were given the complete Chapterwise PDF so students can download it one topic at a time or the whole PDF at a time.

The questions asked in the exam are mostly covered in the PDF that we have provided you so it makes your preparation easy.

In this PDF of Study IQ Chemistry, we have covered the 9 most important topics of the chemistry so that it can stay more user-friendly and along with that it stays precise.

Here below are the links we have provided you so can download the PDF for Chemistry. Let’s start preparing and make the results better.

Topic Name Chemistry Book PDF
AuthorDr Vipan Goyal (StudyIQ)
Useful for
Competitive Exams and JEE/NEET 
Total Chapters9

Chemistry study material by StudyIQ

Study IQ Chemistry Chapter-Wise PDF Books

Let’s read and download the PDF of Study IQ Chemistry Chapter-Wise:

Ch. No.Chemistry Chapter NameDownload Link
1.Atoms and MoleculesClick Here
2.Acids, Bases and MetalloidsClick Here
3.Metals and Non MetalsClick Here
4.Organic ChemistryClick Here
5.MixturesClick Here
6.Combustion and FlameClick Here
7.Chemical LawsClick Here
8.Drugs and MedicinesClick Here
9.ElectronicsClick Here

We have tried to give accurate information on a study. That’s why you should read the PDF very carefully so you find it difficult to solve the questions. Many of the students try to Take Advantage of the same topic which is important in the other’s book as well.

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Thank You for visiting our site. Hope our Content has been helpful to you and made your search easy and accurate about the chemistry of IQ study PDF. Moreover if you students need any help let us be informed by commenting in the comment box below so to complete your need as soon as possible.

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