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By | May 25, 2022
PDF On The Study IQ Biology

We all know that Study IQ is best resource for the preparation for any competitive exams in India. Here we have provided you with the PDF of Biology for each and every chapter that the student requires.

This Study IQ Biology Chapter wise PDF book was created and made by Vipin Goyal sir. He has large experience in this field. The questions asked in the exam are mostly covered in the PDF that we have provided you so it makes your preparation easy.

Let’s read basic information and download StudyIQ Biology PDF:

Topic Name Biology Book PDF
AuthorDr Vipan Goyal
Useful for
Competitive Exams and JEE/NEET 
Total Biology Chapters18

Study IQ Biology Chapter Wise PDF

Biology Study Material by Dr Vipan Goyal

Here the students can download a single chapter and also with that they can also download all the chapters with a single click. This PDF for Study IQ Biology will definitely score good marks in exams.

Let’s read and download the PDF of Study IQ Biology Chapter Wise:

Ch. No.Chapter NameDownload Link
1.Digestive SystemDownload
2.NutritionSee Here
3.Respiratory SystemClick Here 
4.ExcretorySee Here
5.Skeletal SystemDownload
6.6.1 Circulatory System
6.2 Human Blood
  1. Click Here
  2. Click Here
7.Nervous SystemClick Here 
8.Endocrine SystemDownload
9.Sensory OrgansSee Here 
10.Human Reproductive SystemClick Here
11.11.1 Inventions and Discoveries
11.2 Branch
11.3 Biological Father
  1. Download
  2. Click Here
  3. Click Here
12.Animal TissuesDownload
13.DiseasesSee Here
14.GeneticsClick Here
15.The Theory Of EvolutionDownload
16.16.1 Classification and Mirco-organisms
16.2  Cell and Classification
Click Here
Click Here
17.Roots, Plant Tissues, Morphology and Plant HormonesSee Here
18.Kingdom AnimaliaClick Here

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Thank You for visiting the site. Read above PDF books of Study IQ Biology very carefully because it will help you to increase your marks in exams. Furthermore, for any doubt in the science subject of Biology then let us know in the comments below.

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