Puri Sharma Pathania Physical Chemistry Pdf Book [Free Download]

By | December 25, 2021
Principle of Physical Chemistry Pdf

This Physical chemistry textbook contains recommended syllabus by ṭhe UGC. The book covers the syllabus of B.sc and M.sc and also various other competitive examinations like UPSC, IAS, IPS etc.

According to the traditional method physical chemistry is categorized into three parts:

  1. Structure,
  2. Equilibrium,
  3. Change and is also taught in the same sequence.

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Principles of Physical Chemistry pdf book is designed in a comprehensive way to fulfill the need of the UG and PG aspirants of various universities and colleges.

Book NamePrinciples of Physical Chemistry
Author NameB.R. Puri, L.R. Sharma, and Madan S. Pathania
PublicationVishal Publishing Co.

Book Content

  1. Mathematical concepts
  2. Quantum mechanics-I wave mechanical treatment of simple systems
  3. Quantum mechanics-II Advanced topics and Atomic spectra
  4. Chemical Bonding: Molecular Quantum Mechanics
  5. Group Theory Part I: Basic concepts
  6. Group theory Part II: Applications
  7. Molecular spectroscopy- I
  8. Molecular spectroscopy-II (NMR, ESR, NOR, NRI and PES)
  9. Electric and magnetic properties of molecules
  10. The Gaseous state part I: Ideal gases
  11. The Gaseous state part II: real gases
  12. The liquid state: Physical properties of liquids
  13. Liquid crystals: The mesomorphic state
  14. The first law of thermodynamics
  15. Thermochemistry
  16. The second law of thermodynamics
  17. The third law of thermodynamics
  18. Chemical equilibria
  19. Phase equilibria
  20. The nernst distribution law
  21. Ionic equilibria
  22. Solutions of non-electrolytes
  23. Colligative properties of dilute solutions
  24. Electrochemistry part I: Electrolytic conductance and transference
  25. Electrochemistry part II: Electromotive force of Galvanic cells
  26. Electrochemistry part III: Electrified interfaces, etc
  27. Statistical thermodynamics
  28. Classical statistical mechanics
  29. Chemical kinetics
  30. Photochemistry
  31. Catalysis
  32. The solid state
  33. The colloidal state
  34. Surface chemistry
  35. Macromolecules
  36. Mass spectrometry
  37. Irreversible thermodynamics
  38. General Bibliography
  39. Index

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