TOEFL 2021 – Eligibility Criteria, Exam Pattern & Preparation Tips

By | October 30, 2020
TOEFL - Eligibility Criteria, Exam Pattern & Preparation Tips

TOEFL is an abbreviation for “Test of English as a Foreign Language”. The objective of this test is to assess the English proficiency of people with English as a second language.

The test determines reading, writing, speaking and comprehension level of North American English in people seeking admissions in universities or institutes for higher studies in USA.

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According to one survey education in United States, Canada and Australia are highly desirable.

This Exam opens your entry in following 5 countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

TOEFL is one of the most popular English proficiency exams accepted in above listed countries.

However, these days around 6000+ colleges, professional courses schools and institutions around the world are accepting the scores of this test as the proof of the applicant’s English proficiency.

TOEFL is often taken by the students who are seeking admissions in universities or colleges where English is used as a medium of instructions.

TOEFL Eligibility Criteria for Appearing

The best part of TOEFL is that there is no minimum educational qualification requirement. In India, anyone who has passed 12th standard from a recognized educational institution or board can sit in this test.

TOEFL Test Specifications

You can appear for this exam during any working day of the month. In other words, this test is conducted five days a week.

It is important that you take this test at the earliest, so that your test scores can be mentioned in your admission applications.

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TOEFL Exam Pattern

The Computer Based Test (CBT) is the basic form of giving TOEFL but it can also be administered in pencil and paper version, in case access to CBT is limited.

The CBT is divided in four sections explained below:

Listening and Structure

First two sections of TOEFL test are of listening and Structure. In these sections, your scores are secured by computer with each right answer.

The next question is decided on the basis of the answer of pervious question. So, you can expect increase in the level of difficulty with each right answer.

The objective of listening section is to determine language comprehension skills of a candidate as it is spoken in US and Canada.

You will be given headphones to hear recorded sessions, and you are needed to answer the questions that will appear on the screen based on the recordings.

Though the time spent in hearing the recording is not considered but you must keep in mind that questions will appear only for once.

In structure section, you will be given incomplete or incorrect sentences and you are required to complete or correct them accordingly.

Reading and Writing

The last two sections comprise Reading and Writing. In the reading section, you will have to attempt short passages with questions in them.

In the writing section, you are required to write an essay which can be on any topic within half an hour. You can type your essay on computer or write it on a paper.

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TOEFL Preparation Tips

We are going to tell you that follow only below 3 tips, definitely you will score good marks in TOEFL 2021.

  • The best way to work on your English is to listen to English news and watch English movies other than reading English newspapers and magazines.
  • Converse in English in your friend circle.
  • Make a habit of writing at least one paragraph daily on any of the current topics and watch your speed in writing and as well as consider your weak points in grammar or sentence structure.

Website of TOEFL Exam – Click Here

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