Want to Study Abroad? Here’s Why You Should Start Early

By | January 31, 2022
Do you Want to Study Abroad? Here's Why You Should Start Early

How early should a student start for international education is the question many students have in their minds. Here is some information in this regard that will help students to a great extent:

Many students aspiring for a foreign education course are of the opinion that they must start planning for their course in a foreign nation only on completion of their higher secondary education. But, the fact is that they should rightly realize the amount of thought, effort and time it requires.

This is why experts recommend that students should begin their preparation process, right from class 9 or 10. This will help them in getting a clear understanding of the college application procedure and they can also understand how to deal with the pressure to follow.

Here are some tips to start for study abroad programmes early in the life of students:

In Class 9th and 10th

Of course, during this period, it is important that students should focus on school marks and grades. The reason is that universities abroad look for educational transcripts of students for four years (i.e.) from classes 9-12.

So, not just in class 12th, students should have a good academic record right from class 9 itself. So, when a girl or boy has foreign education idea in mind, the preparations with good academic records should start from class 9 itself.

Self Understanding

Right from this age, students should try to get an understanding about themselves, like their personality, aspirations and skill and they should begin trying their hand on different things to identify their right aspirations.

When he/she gets a sensible self-understanding, it will be possible to choose activities sensibly as these students with the goal of taking up an international course should start building the profile.

Student Career Profile Building

Beginning Profile Building

Universities in foreign countries, do not just focus on academics alone and they look for achievements and experiences beyond academics. Some students are of the opinion that they can get admission to a foreign university, only when they have a long list of extracurricular activity participation.

But, this is actually a myth. They should just focus on small number of activities over a long period of time. For instance, they can choose either a sport, art or a community work of their interest.

They should have created some sort of impact on the activity chosen and they should have climbed to leadership positions and should also have grown as a person. This is what foreign universities look for and so students in their class 9 or 10 should begin involved in such an extracurricular activity.

Profile building is something important due to the fact that the experiences they gain from the activities undertaken could form the base for their essay that should be submitted at the time of seeking admission to a foreign university.

Beginning of Research:

At this stage, students should also begin their research to identify the right country for enrolling in a foreign institution. They should get an understanding of the educational atmosphere in different countries and compare them as well. This sort of early research will help in bringing down the tension at class 11th or 12th.

Thank you for reading. We hope this article helps you to give an extra edge and thinking for go higher studies abroad.

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