5 Sure Ways to Successfully Ask For Pay Rise

By | August 25, 2020
5 Ways to Successfully Ask For Pay Rise

I need pay rise!! Has this thought ever crossed your mind, definitely your answer is yes. Then what did you do about it?

All employees long for an extra penny each day or month of their toiling and sweating for their employers. However the thought of approaching your boss to make your request known may not be as easy as the thought itself.

Many at times not many employees have the courage to ask for the pay rise and where a few have dared, it has been done in not so convincing a manner that would guarantee positive results.

It’s nerve-wracking asking for a raise. But it’s tougher still living paycheck to paycheck, aware that a financial emergency could wipe out your meager savings and put your whole life at risk.

5 Ways to Ask For Pay Rise

In order to make a pay rise request a number of factors need to be considered.

This include the following;

Get You Timing Right

Any sensible employer will always reward outstanding delivery by the employees. When planning to ask for a pay rise then proper timing is key.

Always present this request after you have demonstrated and outstanding work to your boss. It is particularly important to consider timing with respect to the manager, the company, and your performance. You are more likely to obtain your request for a raise if all three are in sync.

Understanding the mood and cash flow of your employer is very important. It is easy to walk into your boss’ office at such a time when he/she I financially smiling and can see you excellent project and engage in a respectful dialogue on your need for a salary hike.

NEVER storm into your manager’s office at random and demand for higher pay just because you think you are entitled. Do your homework well and read the signs perfectly.

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Prove Your Worth First

Building a case for an increase is the most effective way an employee can ask the employer for a pay rise. Give your task the best of your skill touch, get the recommendation of your seniors and then present the case to your employer and see the magic unfold before your eyes.

Remember you must first create the magic before you can get rewarded for it and not the other way round.

Are there assignments at your place of work that your colleagues fear attempting, then this could just be your opportunity to create a case. Pounce on one of these, work it out and show your results. This will be a perfect knock on the boss’ door. Certainly it will open right into his/her heart.

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By going above and beyond for your company, you demonstrate to your boss that you are willing to put in more than your job’s worth to achieve a result, a trait that is highly desirable in any company.

The rule is simple; ” Prove your worth first. Ask for the raise professionally next”.

Put You Employers Need Before Yours

The boss wants to know more than anything, what you can do for the business, your personal needs and aspirations are second. How are you increasing the profitability of the company.

If you can demonstrate how your knowledge and skills, your attention to detail, your attendance record, your personality and your work habits are beneficial to the company, then you have the boss’ ear as far as a pay rise conversation is concerned.

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That doesn’t mean you can’t mention your personal reasons for asking for the raise. But these reasons should be a backup for your main argument, not the total sum of the argument.

Never use sensitive personal needs like medical issues in a way that could be construed as pressuring or emotional blackmail.

Never Play Sympathy Card or Act Entitled

Do you have this feel big sense of entitlement that you deserve better? You boss hates it badly. The worst way anyone has or can ask for a pay rise is by reminding your boss about how long you have been at the company, how many years you have served and how you now deserve a raise.

By effectively demanding a pay rise for XYZ reasons, you are elevating yourself above your station, as well as undermining your boss’s authority by second-guessing their reasons for holding you at your current pay level.

Don’t try this in the office.

Develop a Clear Battle Plan and Work It Through

If you are genuinely motivated to seek that pay rise, make an action plan and follow through.

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With the help of your workplace coach, you could prepare a solid half ear work plan, share it out with the bosses then set out to accomplish each set target within the timeline. Upon completion and examining that the project had a positive financial impact to the firm, then present your case respectfully to you boss.

Demonstrating the value that you have added to your employer would beat any policy matter and have you get that well earned pay rise.

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