Important Interview Questions on Computer Skills [Must Read]

By | December 25, 2021
interview questions on computer skills

Are you searching for a Computer basics interview question? Then you are in the right place. We provide you with complete Computer basics Interview Questions and Answers.

When you are interviewing for a job, a typical question is, “What computer skills do you have and what programs are you comfortable using?” The answer to this question will vary widely depending on the job for which you are applying. If you are applying for a high-tech position that requires lots of information technology skills, for example, you should know your skills and experience like the back of your hand and be able to recount them without issue.

While the thought of an interview might appear daunting for most of us, interview preparation is not as hard as it seems. However, If your skills need refreshing or you need to acquire a new skill-set, there are many free courses online you can take to upgrade your skills. An employer will be looking for computer skills on your resume, and you need to be able to walk the walk, in addition, to talk to the talk—meaning that you need to be able to know how to use a computer when you’re on the job.

In addition, CCC course material is designed to aim at imparting a basic level IT Literacy program for the common man and student. However, the incumbent is able to use the computer for basic purposes of preparing his personnel/business letters, viewing information on the internet (the web), sending mails, preparing his business presentations, playing games etc.

Do NOT assume that the job interview is simply a formality before you receive the job offer. Instead, think of a job interview as an “audition.” This is your opportunity to impress the employer with your work ethic and skills.

Computer skill is essential for every job. You must have computer skills and knowledge of computer hardware and software. Most of the people working in computer or IT profiles are Data Analytics, Social Media, Graphic Design, Microsoft Office, Spreadsheets, Email Communication, Marketing Automation, and Data Visualization.


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What Is A Computer?
A computer is a programmable machine. It is an integral part of everyday life. The fastest type of computer. Supercomputers are very expensive and are employed for specialized applications that require immense amounts of mathematical calculations. For example, weather forecasting requires a supercomputer. Other uses of supercomputers include animated graphics, fluid dynamic calculations, nuclear energy research, and petroleum exploration.

What Are The Different Functions Of A Computer?
A computer does the following functions;
a) Accepting data
b) Processing Data
c) Storing Data
d) Displaying Data

What Kinds of Software do know?
Job seekers must respond to this question honestly based on their knowledge. Note any programs that might relate to the company. Listing other software shows a wide range of experience which may impress the hiring staff.

How Can We Find Out Basic Information About Our Computer?
We can get the basic information about our computer by following the below steps.

  • Right, Click on my computer icon.
  • Click Properties.
  • The general tab will show the processor and ram information.
  • And Hardware Tab >> Device Manager will show the entire hardware resources attached to your computer.


Differentiate the Input and Output Device?
Input devices are used to give input to the computer. But output devices are used to get the result back from the computer. Examples of input devices are a keyboard, mouse, scanner, digital camera etc…whereas output devices include a monitor, printer, projector, etc.

What Is Sata?
 SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. It is a high-speed computer bus interface designed to connect the host bus adapters to mass storage devices, such as hard disk drives and optical drives.

What Is Main Memory In A Computer?
The main memory of a computer is called Random Access Memory. It is also known as RAM. This is the part of the computer that stores operating system software, software applications and other information for the central processing unit (CPU) to have fast and direct access when needed to perform tasks.

Explain Hard-disk Partitions?
Hard disk partitions divide the hard disk drive into smaller segments to enable better space management. Each partition on the disk can then be considered as a separate disk allowing different file systems to be used on each.

What Is A Storage Device? What Is The Common Classification?
Storage devices are used to store data on the computer. Certainly, The different types of storage devices are:
a) Magnetic Devices.
b) Optical Devices.
c) Solid-State Storage Devices.

What Is The Operating System?
The operating system acts as an interpreter between computer applications and hardware. It works as a user interface.

The first web-based e-mail service?
 Hot mail (Sabeer Bhatia of India and Jack Smith founded the first free web-based email service, Hotmail, in 1995. Hotmail was commercially launched on 4 July 1996 as “Hotmail” on American Independence Day. So why the name Hotmail)

What Is Cache Memory?
Cache memory is the memory area between RAM and Processor. If cache memory increases the speed of the system will also improve.

What Is Intel Pentium?
The Intel Pentium is a series of microprocessors first developed by the Intel Corporation. These types of processors have been found in many personal computers since 1993.

What Is Ip?
An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.

What Is Virtual Memory In Computer?
Virtual memory is that when the available RAM memory is not sufficient for the system to run the current applications it will take some memory from the hard disk. This memory is termed as Virtual memory.

What Is Vpn Server?
VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network. It is basically used for the mobile user in the network. This server provides remote access connectivity for the mobile user. In this way, all of the mobile users are connected to the server through the internet. This server also provides connectivity between two or more offices in the network. VPN is cost-effective (No Costly).

Mention the difference between RAM and ROM?
RAM is random access memory that is used to store data temporarily. It is the data which the computer is working presently. ROM is called read-only memory which is a permanent type of memory storage for the storage of important data. An example can be the BIOS.

Explain Serial Port?
Serial Port transmits data in a serial form. It transfers data one bit at a time. It is transfer data one bit after another Bit. It’s a slower than parallel Port. it’s a 9 Pin or 25 Pin male connector.

Which Desktop Operating Systems Are You Familiar With?
You will need to have familiarized yourself with the system used by the organization you are hoping to join. Focus your answer on those systems, but also mention other systems with which you have experience.

What Is The Difference Between Save And Save As?
Use SAVE when you are revising an existing document.

Use SAVE AS when you are creating a new document from scratch or an existing document. This will keep the original document untouched in its original format and create a new document with a new name.

What Is A Microprocessor?
A microprocessor is a program-controlled device. It retrieves the data instructions from memory and decodes them, after decoding, it executes the instruction.

What Is Proxy Server?
Most large businesses, organizations, and universities these days use a proxy server. This is a server that all computers on the local network have to go through before accessing the information on the Internet. By using a proxy server, an organization can improve the network performance and filter what users connected to the network can access.

What Do You Mean By A Processing Device?
The main function of a computer is to process data. Certainly, The various types of the processing device in a computer are:
a) Microprocessor
b) Chipset

Identify A Few Firewalls?
There are two basic types of the firewall – network layer, which makes decisions based on source and destination addresses, and application layer, which are hosts run on proxy servers and allow no direct traffic between networks. Comodo and Zone’s Alarm are two commonly-used firewalls.

What Is Ipconfig Command? Why It Is Used?
IPCONFIG command is used to display the IP information assigned to a computer. From the output, we can find out the IP address, DNS IP address, gateway IP address assigned to that computer.

What Is DNS?
DNS means Domain Naming Service and it is used for resolving IP addresses to name and names to IP address. DNS is like a translator for computers, computers understand the number and not the alphabet. For example, if we type like, the computer doesn’t understand this so they use DNS which converts ( into (numbers) and then executes the command.

Your Computer’s Programs Stop Responding, What Can Be The Reasons?
Your computer’s operating system, driver software or some other programs may stop responding while using them or they can make other programs to stop running and there may be several reasons, like lack of proper system resources, confliction between two software or hardware resources, a bug in the driver software.

Explain About Toolbar?
A toolbar is a collection of buttons, usually organized by category. Some programs allow you to turn individual toolbars on and off (to display or hide them), and you may even be able to customize the toolbar by changing what buttons are shown (or even add your own buttons). Often, you can drag a toolbar (by dragging from an edge of the toolbar where there is no button) to move it to a different location on the screen. If a novice user does this, though, the user may not know what he or she did and may “lose” the toolbar. Usually, you can turn toolbars on and off by clicking the “view” menu, then choosing “toolbars”.

Explain Restore?
Restore means to make a window smaller than full screen, so that it can be resized.

Name Three Steps Which You Would Use To Troubleshoot Internet Related Problems?
Check the connectivity with the default gateway. If the DNS server is configured on the PC. Check if the appropriate port number is active using a map on the DNS server.

What Is A Domain?
The domain is created when we install Active Directory. It’s a security boundary that is used to manage computers inside the boundary. The domain can be used to centrally administer computers and we can govern them using common policies called group policies. We can’t do the same with workgroups.

What Is Map Drive?
A special feature that will map network resources to my computer.

Explain Text Formatting?
Text formatting refers to the attributes of text other than the actual text itself. For example, bold, italics, underlining, color, and size, are all formatting attributes of text. The location of text can also be considered part of the formatting.

Explain Modem?
A device, usually connected to a serial port of a computer, transmits data over regular phone lines. Modem stands modulator-demodulator; it converts a digital stream of data into sound for transmission (modulator) and converts incoming sound signals into data (demodulator).

Explain Taskbar?
A bar that usually runs at the bottom of Windows 95 shows all tasks that are currently being run. The Start button is usually on the left side of the Taskbar. A clock is usually on the right side of the Taskbar. The Taskbar can be moved to an edge of the screen, and the clock and Start button can be removed if desired. Tasklist A list of applications that are currently running. Windows users can access the Task list by pressing Alt + Tab.

What Is Bios?
BIOS stands for Basic Input-Output System and is pronounced as “Bye-Ose“. The BIOS is available on all computers. It makes sure that all the components of the computer can function together. It has information about all the hardware components in the Computer. BIOS also called as a Special Software that interfaces the major hardware components of a computer with the Operating System. It is usually stored in a Flash Memory Chip on the Motherboard.

How Do We Open A Rar File?
A RAR file (Resource Adapters Archive) is a compressed file (like a Zip file). You need a decompressing program to see the contents of a RAR file. Using WinRAR software open the Rar file.

What Is Byte?
A Byte is equal to 8 Bits. A Byte can represent 256 states of information, for example, numbers or a combination of numbers and letters. 1 Byte could be equal to one character. 10 Bytes could be equal to a word. 100 Bytes would equal an average sentence.

What Is Bit?
A bit (short for binary digit) is the smallest unit of data in a computer. A bit has a single binary value, either 0 or 1. Although computers usually provide instructions that can test and manipulate bits, they generally are designed to store data and execute instructions in bit multiples called bytes. In most computer systems, there are eight bits in a byte. The value of a bit is usually stored as either above or below a designated level of electrical charge in a single capacitor within a memory device.

What is the difference between C and C++? Would you prefer to use one over the other?
“C++ supports the object-oriented programming paradigm while C is based on structured programming. I prefer C++ due to its object-oriented nature but also the fact that almost anything can be built using it.

What are the hardware components of a desktop computer/laptop?
This is a basic technical interview question to test the basic knowledge of computers. The answer would be that the hardware components for desktop and laptop computers are the motherboard, processor, RAM, monitor, mouse, sound-card, keyboard, graphics, hard disk drive, power supply, and floppy disk drive.

How to add foot-node & endnote in a word?
To add a foot node, bring the cursor at the end of the page where you want to add the foot node then go to the main menu click on Reference Option-click on Insert Footnotes. Similarly, you can add end note by clicking on “Insert Endnote”.

How Do I Change The Default Margins In Ms Office?
Choose Page Setup from the File menu.
Click on the Margins tab.
Set the margins the way you want them, then click on Default. Word will inform you that this change will affect all documents based on the Normal template.

What is the shortcut key for creating Hyperlink?
Create a hyperlink Ctrl +K

Explain Spreadsheet and its Basics.
The spreadsheet can be compared to a paper ledger sheet. It consists or rows and columns and their intersection called cells.

How Do I Change The Default Font For Things Like Page Numbers, Headers, Footers, Footnotes, And Endnotes?
These are all styles. You can change the attributes of any style for the current document or for all documents based on the current template. If the current template is the Normal template and you select the Add to template option below, all of your ordinary new documents will reflect the style changes that you make

 How is cross-referencing created in MS Word?

To create word referencing in MS Word, the following steps are followed;

  • After opening word documents, bring the cursor where cross-referencing is to be inserted.
  • Click on the “Reference tab”.
  • From the caption group, click on “Cross-reference”.
  • A window will be visible asking for “Reference type- Heading, figure, and foot Note, etc.
  • Select any desired option and click insert.
  • Bring the cursor where there is a reference link, press cntrl+click, users will be direct to the reference object.
  • What is the shortcut key option to insert a page break?
  • For the shortcut option to insert a page break, follow the step <Ctrl> + <Enter>

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