A Guide For Students to Prepare for CAT EXAMS

By | January 22, 2022
Guide For Students to Prepare for CAT EXAMS

The aptitude based CAT exam is a hard worked dream for most students out there and a guide on how best to prepare for the CAT exams is definitely a most wanted article always. Here, let us discuss in detail about how and in what areas a student should make him or her strong and confident to perform well in CAT exams and get top score.

CAT exams are designed to test the different abilities of students such as Quantitative Aptitude, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Verbal skills and Data Analysis. Of course, there are many different exams that are conducted to test these abilities of students, but within the very time allotted to students, they must have the ability to perform all these skill programs, which is what makes CAT a tough process for most candidates.

CAT exam preparation Guide

Subjects Covered in CAT 2022

Since it is all aptitude based the subjects you have to be strong to score good marks in CAT are Mathematics, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning and English. As students from streamlines choose to appear in CAT exams, the exam questions will be based on papers only within the Class X syllabus.

1. Mathematics

All quantitative aptitude questions will be based on Class X Maths syllabus, so students have to prepare well with their Class X Maths book.

Main topics to be covered for CAT exam preparation would include,

  • Percentages, Profit and Loss Calculations
  • Ratio and its Variations
  • Algebra
  • Geometrical Applications
  • Numerical Applications

All these areas of Mathematics would have been a part of Class X syllabus and that makes preparation little easy for studious Mathematics students.

2. Data Interpretation

Interpreting data from different sources and arriving at a desired solution is what you have to practice for this session of CAT exams. The data sources can generally be anything including a Table, Pie, Line Graph or Bar diagram.

A deep analysis and a focused attitude is what can help you clear this section correctly, so try to have your focus thoroughly here. You have to do a lot of paper and mental calculations, but double check every answer before completing this session.

3. Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning, just think with logic and you will understand that this section can cover anything and everything that you can think and act logically. It is going to be on a truly random basis for you to prepare for this section and keep your minds focused on each question you attempt.

4. English

English has more to do with your verbal skill analysis and testing on the skill of English as a language as such. Well, being said so, there is no specific topic to discuss here in this subject, as anything and everything that falls under English as a language and English as a verbal tool will be questioned here to test the overall English skill of a student. The list of areas is completely everything, but do give good importance to Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Critical Reasoning, when you prepare.

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