Gujarat Female Health Worker [FHW] Study Material PDF

By | April 25, 2022
female health worker study material pdf

Here we share most important books and study material for upcoming Female Health Worker examination in Gujarat. The main benefits of this study material are, that all books are available free to download and the language of this book is Gujarati.

Let’s download FHW Books and start your exam preparation.

No.GPSSB FHW Study Material
1General Awareness and General Knowledge
2Gujarati Language and Grammar
3English Language and Grammar
4Questions related to Female Health Worker Job (Technical Knowledge)

GPSSB FHW Books and Study Material PDF

Here we shared Gujarat Female Health Worker syllabus wise study material and free PDF books for your reading & preparation:.

1. General Awareness and General Knowledge

This section covers 20 marks in GPSSB FHW Exam. Let’s download General Awareness and General Knowledge PDF books.

2. Gujarati Language and Grammar

If you prepare well in this subject then you will secure 15 marks.

3. English Language and Grammar

If you read carefully all English Language and Grammar books in Gujarati then you will be able to get 15 marks in the FHW Exam 2022.

Gujarat FHW Technicak Knowledge Books PDF

4. Female Health Worker Job Technical Knowledge

You much be prepared for this subject because it contains total of 50 questions and 50 marks. In other words, only this subject will help you to get FHW job.

  • Gujarat Female Health Worker Study Material PDF – Download Book
  • Question Answers Study Material
  • Important book for GPSSB Female Health Worker Exam – Download
  • A Brief on Malaria [in Gujarati] – Download
  • આરોગ્યને લગતી મહત્ત્વની વ્યાખ્યાઓ –  Download
  • રાષ્ટ્રિય રસીકરણ કાર્યક્રમ – Download
  • Prinary Health Care (પ્રાથમિક આરોગ્ય સંભાળ) – Download
  • નિયમિત મેડિકલ તપાસ અને કાળજી – Download
  • કુટુંબનોયોજન – Download
  • પ્રસૂતિની સંભાળ –  Download
  • માસિકસ્ત્રાવ – Download
  • પોષણયુકત સમતોલ આહાર – Download
  • Gujarat Govt Health Scheme PDF book – Download
  • First Aid (પ્રાથમિક સારવાર) – Download

For your additional preparation for this exam, download and practice GPSSB Female Health Worker [FHW] Old Exam Papers. That gives you helpful insight regarding this examination.

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