UPTET Maths Notes in Hindi PDF

By | June 28, 2022
UPTET Maths Notes in Hindi PDF

Hello Students, We have come up with the UPTET Maths Notes in Hindi PDF.

Here we have given the PDF of Maths Notes that covers the entire topic of the UPTET Maths exam syllabus. This PDF will boost your marks as well as the preparations for the exams.

UPTET Maths Notes PDF that we provided you will help you understand the answer properly because all solutions are explained properly in it.

Let’s read some basic details first:

Topic Name UPTET Maths Notes PDF [Free]
Useful for
Uttar Pradesh

Book Content for UPTET Maths Notes in Hindi PDF:

This book covers the following topics for UPTET Maths exam.

  • Average
  • Number Section
  • Tips and Tricks to solve HCF and LCM
  • Age Problem-Based Exam Notes
  • Profit and Loss Study Material
  • Simple Interest
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Compound Interest Notes
  • Mensuration: 2D and 3D Study Material
  • Percentage Study Material PDF
  • Triangles and their properties
  • Check Time and Distance Exam Notes
  • Allegation and Mixture Exam Notes
  • Time, Work, Speed, Distance and Boats Notes
  • Geometry Free Study Material
  • Number System Exam Notes PDF
  • Algebra Hand Written Notes
  • Meaning and Nature of Mathematics
  • Place of Mathematics in Curriculum
  • Community Mathematics
  • Evaluation in Mathematics
  • Language of Mathematics
  • Error Analysis in Teaching of Mathematics

Download UPTET Maths Notes in Hindi PDF Book:

  • UPTET Maths Notes in Hindi PDF with Solutions – Download

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