Trigonometry Questions and Answers PDF For Competitive Exams

By | December 20, 2021
Trigonometry Questions and Answers PDF

Below given trigonometry questions and answers PDF Books are very helpful for competitive examinations like SSC, RRB, and Banking.

Trigonometry is the most important topic of quantitative reasoning. These types of questions are frequently asked in the SSC CGL examination.

Before downloading PDF books of trigonometry questions and answers, let’s try to solve some basic questions:

Question 1: If tan4θ + tan2θ = 1, then the value of cos4θ + cos2θ is ______ .

(A) 8

(B) 10

(C) 1

(D) 2

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(C) 1


Trigonometry Question Explanation

Question 2: (1) Sec 45º + Tan 30º = __________ .

(A) (√6 + 1)/√3

(B)  (1 + √3)/2

(C) (√3 + 2)/√3

(D) 5/√3

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(A) (√6 + 1)/√3


Question 2 Explanation Trigonometry

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Now let’s download trigonometry questions with answer PDF Books for competitive examination in Hindi (हिन्दी) and English.

Trigonometry Questions PDF

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Thank you for downloading the Trigonometry questions and answers PDF. Further, if you have any questions then do comment below.

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