Study IQ Physics PDF by Vipan Goyal

By | May 25, 2022
Study IQ Physics PDF by Vipan Goyal

Hello Students, we are here with the Study IQ Physics PDF by Vipan Goyal.

Study IQ tried to cover the maximum Physics topics with accurate chapters and also the content of the chapter which is mostly related to your exams. By doing this we give you a step to increase your marks in our relatable exams.

Here all chapters are separated into important 14 parts. The Students can download the Physics chapter as per their requirements and also make a step forward in the progress of their studies.

Let’s read basic information for the Study IQ Physics and Download the PDF.

Topic Name Physics Book PDF
AuthorDr. Vipan Goyal (StudyIQ)
Useful for
Competitive Exams and JEE/NEET 
Total Chapters14

Study IQ Physics Study Notes

Study IQ Physics Chapter-Wise PDF Books

Let’s read and download the PDF of Study IQ Physics Chapter-Wise:

Ch. No.Physics Chapter NameDownload Link
1.Current ElectricityClick Here
2.Electromagnetic Waves_Electromangentic SpectrumClick Here
3.HeatClick Here
4.KinematicsClick Here
5.Law of MotionClick Here
6.LightClick Here
7.MagnetismClick Here
8.MatterClick Here
9.Nuclear ReactorsClick Here
10.Physical Quantities, Units, and MeasurementClick Here
11.Scalars and VectorsClick Here
12.Scientific InstrumentClick Here
13.SoundClick Here
14.Work and EnergyClick Here

Thank you for reading. We tried to keep the post short and simple so it is easy for you people to understand it.

If you read carefully above study material of StudyIQ then you will definitely score good marks in your examination.

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