Physical Geography by Savindra Singh PDF Book

By | December 21, 2021
Physical Geography by Savindra Singh Pdf

Candidates who want to cover the geography section for the competitive or government job examination can refer to this geography book.

Physical geo Savindra Singh pdf covers all important topics in a simplified and diagrammatic format which are easy to understand and memorize.

Geography book provides the study of processes and patterns in natural environments such as the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and geosphere, etc. This book is useful for civil services exams like UPSC, IPS, IAS, etc.

Savindra Singh Physical Geography Pdf

The environmental geography book is very informative and contains all the relevant topics that are required to cover the entire syllabus of physical geography.

PDF Book NamePhysical Geography
Author NameSavindra Singh
PublicationPrayag Pustak Bhawan, Allahabad
Book LanguageEnglish
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Let’s read book content of Physical Geography by Savindra Singh Pdf.

Geography Book Content

  • Nature of physical geography
  • Origin of the earth
  • Age of the earth
  • Structure of the Earth’s interior
  • Continents and ocean basins
  • Theory of isostasy
  • Earth’s movements
  • Rocks
  • Vulcanicity and volcanoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Mountain building
  • Plateau
  • Plains
  • Lakes
  • Weathering and mass movement
  • Cycles of erosion, rejuvenations, and polycyclic reliefs
  • Drainage systems and patterns
  • Running water (River) and fluvial landforms
  • Groundwater and karst Topography
  • Sea waves and coastal landforms
  • Wind and Aeolian landforms
  • Glaciers and Glaciated Topography
  • Periglacial processes and landforms
  • Relief of the ocean basins
  • Temperature and density of ocean water
  • Ocean tides
  • Salinity
  • Ocean deposits
  • Coral reefs and atoll
  • Marine resources
  • Ocean currents
  • Composition and structure of the atmosphere
  • Insolation and heat budget
  • Temperature
  • Air pressure and atmospheric calculation
  • Humidity and Precipitation
  • Air masses
  • Frontogenesis, Cyclones, and Anticyclones
  • Classifications of climates and climatic types
  • Biosphere
  • Ecosystem and ecology
  • Biosphere: An Ecosystem
  • Plant community
  • Animal community
  • Biomes

We hope you liked this Physical Geography By Savindra Singh PDF book. May this book help you to succeed in exams with good marks.

If you have any queries about geography topics or want more information about study materials, then let us know in the comment section.

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