MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science with Answers PDF

By | April 7, 2022
Class 10 MCQ Questions For Science With Answers PDF

Consistent practice is the only key to achieving success in the 10th board exam. To help you out in your preparation we have compiled the Class 10 MCQ Questions For Science With Answers PDF covering the entire syllabus.

CBSE has decided to introduce MCQ Questions in order to check the understanding of the students.

  • Topic Name: Science MCQs with Answers
  • Class: 10th (CBSC, NCERT)
  • Chapters: Total 16 chapters of 10th class science subject [Term 1 & 2]

MCQ questions for Class 10 Science PDF

We have divided Class 10 science MCQ into 3 Parts:

  • Chemistry Class 10 MCQs
  • Biology Class 10 MCQs and
  • Physics Class 10 MCQs

Here is the list of Science objective questions Pdf for class 10 that you can download and access online or offline for your board exam preparation.

1. Chemistry

Let’s download MCQ questions for class 10 science chemistry PDF.

Chapter No.Class 10 Chemistry Chapter NameDownload PDF
1Chemical Reactions and Equations MCQ QuestionsDownload
2Acids, Bases and Salts MCQ QuestionsDownload
3Metals and Non-metals MCQ QuestionsDownload
4Carbon and Its Compounds MCQ QuestionsDownload
5Periodic Classification of Elements MCQ QuestionsDownload

2. Biology

Chapter No.Class 10 Biology Chapter NameDownload PDF
6Life Processes MCQ QuestionsDownload
7Control and Coordination MCQ QuestionsDownload
8How do Organisms Reproduce? MCQ QuestionsDownload
9Heredity and Evolution MCQ QuestionsDownload
15Our Environment MCQ QuestionsDownload
16Management of Natural Resources MCQ QuestionsDownload

3. Physics

Chapter No.Class 10 Science Chapter NameDownload PDF
10Light Reflection and RefractionDownload
11Human Eye and Colourful WorldDownload
13Magnetic Effects of Electric CurrentDownload
14Sources of EnergyDownload

These Class 10 Science Term 1 and 2 MCQ Questions will prove useful during the preparation for examinations. It is very essential that you should first read the chapter carefully before start solving these MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science.

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We wish the MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science with Answers of Physics Will be helpful to you. Furthermore, if you have questions regarding the Science subject then do comment below.

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