ICSE Exam Guide 2021: It’s Benefits, Books That Help You in ICSCE

By | November 4, 2020
ICSE Exam Guide It's Benefits, Books That Help You in ICSCE

The ICSE Exam or commonly known as the Indian certificate for secondary education is one of the boards of education available to students who are pursuing their schooling.

This is also one of the best education patterns in India and is one of the most sought after education systems for school going children in India.

The 10th standard examination in their mode of education is taken by the Council for Indian School Certificate examination also popularly known as CISE.

A Brief on the Council

Established in 1985 by the Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, the Council’s main responsibility is to ensure that the ICSE examinations are more modified and changed as per the educational needs of the country.

The council’s other aims include spreading quality education like promotion of science, fine arts, literature and a combination of other useful knowledge through the medium of English.

Benefits of the ICSE system

One of the main benefits of the Indian Certificate for Secondary Education (ICSE) is that this syllabus is recognized all over the world.

Since they have a high emphasis on English knowledge, the students are groomed and more aligned to the education systems outside the country and this is most beneficial for students who want to pursue further education abroad or work abroad.

The syllabus and methods of teachings are also very practical and are chosen and decided by real teachers. This is frequently updated keeping in mind the global trends.

There are several options given to students on the subjects they want to pursue and is not completely classroom oriented. There is a lot of emphasis on the students gaining practical knowledge.

The evaluation is more objective and qualitative. This education system is more focused on the all-around development of the students.

ICSE Exam Details

The ICSE exams are conducted every years and the key to success is preparation. There are several options given to students in terms of the subjects that they can choose.

ICSE offers two papers in English, Three different papers in science, classes in environmental education and much more. There are several guides and books that help students prepare for the ICSE exam.

There are several website available that have sample or model ICSE question papers and question papers of previous years.

Some of the books available for preparation for these exams are ICSE India guess papers, ICSE Sample papers, ICSE board 10 years question bank and much more.

Books Help You in ICSE Exam

Some of the famous publishers of these ICSE books are Navneet Publishers, OSWAL publishers, MBD publishers and ABC publishers.

These boos kelp the students with mock exams and thus help them prepare for the upcoming ICSE exams.

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Thank you for reading the ICSE Exam Guide, its benefits, exam details and a list of books that help you in ICSE Exam 2021.

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