How Do I Best Prepare For Technical Interviews And Showcase My Skills To Potential Employers?

By | February 14, 2023
How Do I Best Prepare For Technical Interviews

At last, it all comes down to the point where you must showcase what you learned throughout the years. You might have excelled at your studies and imagined yourself as cracking the Full Stack developer interview questions with a beaming smile; however, when it comes down to facing the technical interviews, our brains start to sweat. 

Taking Geekster’s Full stack web developer course with a placement guarantee surely ensures you some good chances, but you’d want to grow large over it. 

In this article, we’ll reveal to you some excellent tips on how to prepare for technical interviews; also, we’ll top it with some of the common developer interview questions.

Let’s first start with getting a glimpse behind the secret walls where technical interviews happen. How many stages are there? What skills does each stage test?

Stages of a Technical Interview

Although each company seeking technical masters carries out interviews in different manners, a few things remain the same. Here are what the interview phases might look like:

  • Call or video screeningThe latest boom in technology (all hail to the coders) has allowed companies to save time and effort during the hiring process. Now, you might usually go through an initial call or video interview. This will begin with a congratulatory phrase like “you are shortlisted and all” and proceed towards some general questions. Don’t panic here. This session is meant to assess an overall image of the person they are thinking to hire. You will be asked several questions regarding your journey, why you are interested, what your skills are, your expectations, etc. 
  • Remote codingAnd now comes the time when you will be required to showcase your ninja-like coding skills. Depending on the company, it could be taken through a skype or zoom interview, or a simple assignment to finish at your comfort.
  • Whiteboard challengeFeel proud if you’ve come this far. This can be an onsite interview if you are in the same city or an online one depending on the company. Big companies like Google, prefer to do it online only. 

This is where you’ll stand before the interviewers, listen to their queries, and solve them on the whiteboard. It usually involves many layers and might take anywhere from an hour to 5 hours or even a full day. It is the actual interview that many people fear the most. But with the right set of skills and proper interview training, you can click it off at a finger’s snap. 

Tips on How to Prepare for the Technical Interview and Crack it like a Pro

You might be the Tony Stark of the coding world; however, cracking the actual interview requires much more than that. You have to have some Master Shifu, some Bruce Lee, some Stark, and a lot of your own self within you. Here are a few tips that can help you with your technical interview fluidly.

Cracking the technical interview
  1. Know the types of tests you might face

As a coder, your job is not just to code. Just like a pilot must be much more than being a good flyer (he must know how to handle an edgy situation, how to deal with a pesky flyer, or how to land in a rainy season), you must know much more than coding alone. Here are a few different dynamics you might be tested upon:

  • Critical thinking: This test is taken to learn about how you analyse the information, process it, lead, make decisions, etc.
  • Behavioural dynamic: Knowing about how you behave in specific situations. They might ask you about a challenging situation you faced or how you took a rejection. 
  • Technical knowledge: Sheer coding skills.
  • Educational background: Things related to your educational journey. It gives a glimpse of how you sailed through to this point.
  • Situational thinking: A bit similar to behavioural tests, these types of questions are meant to learn about how you might handle a situation. For example, you might be asked about how you will handle it if given a code full of bugs.
  1. Practice, practice, and practice

They don’t say it for the sake of saying it, they say it because the human mind excels this way. When you practise something for a more extended period, the brain thinks of it as the current environment a person is in; consequently, it adapts to the situation and offers solutions, smoothness, and mastery. 

There are many great online platforms like Leetcode, CodeWars, HackerRanks, etc. where you can practise several interview-like problems. This will give you a boost in your confidence and help you understand what the future situation might be like. However, always keep your mind open to surprises.

As a full-stack developer, you’ll be facing a wider vista. You might be bombarded with full stack developer interview questions coming from anywhere. If at any point you get a question that is beyond your knowledge, rather than giving up, try to solve it as much as you can. It will portray you as a challenge taker. 

  1. Always have a heap of personal projects and an excellent portfolio

They say, if you want to know the level of mastery of a fighter, go see his training ground. If you really have the technical master within you, there must be tons of tasks that you might have practised and worked on.

As a full-stack developer (or any developer), you must work on personal projects to excel at your coding skills. It will demonstrate your technical competence and dominance in the field. Have a captivating portfolio website that showcases your skills and abilities. It always helps you leap that first hurdle in the interview process.

  1. Create a network

We humans are social animals; and we thrive on a big network of like-minded people. As a developer, you surely might want to be a part of a community of coders. This will hue your brain with the colours of coding. Apart from it, reach out to other coders, attend coding events, have a say in online forums, or you may even create your blog. This will help your mind adapt to the new world and help it know what things are like here. If you have taken a full web developer course with placement, create a group of your colleagues and discuss different things.

  1. Prepare some of the common interview questions

Planning and preparing for the impact always come in handy. As a person going for an interview, you must always have an idea of the range of questions you might face. Here are a few common full stack developer interview questions you might face during your interview:

  • The skills and technologies you have worked on and excel at
  • Differences between two things: for example, client-side and server-side, resetting and normalizing, etc.
  • A walkthrough: for example, the process of HTTP request and response
  • Critical abilities: How do you deal with testing and debugging?
  • A glimpse in past: describe some full-stack development projects you worked on
  • Your opinion on the best coding languages out there and why
  • About a challenge you faced in the past and how you took it
  • Technical questions like:
    • Explain the MVC design pattern
    • Role of RESTful APIs in full stack development
    • How do you ensure that your web applications are free of bugs and attack-free?
    • Tell different ways you can improve the UI, a website’s load time, etc.
    • Tell a few websites you love, why you love them, and what have they used to create such websites.

These questions will always vary depending on your experience. If you are a beginner, you might face beginner-friendly questions. If you are experienced, you might be asked more technical questions. If you have done everything right till your interview (learning, practising, creating, reading, networking, etc.), you must take things confidently. 


Giving an interview is always a challenging task. However, with enough knowledge, the right skills, and a confident stance, you can always excel and crack any interview. Remember, all you need is to excel over other interviewees at all these different dynamics. Taking a full-stack developer course with placement is always a relief in this hyper-competitive world. Geekster is a good place to go for such courses. 

Keep brushing up on your core concepts from time to time. Apart from it, always familiarise yourself with the latest trends, technologies, and movements in the market. Work on your body language, resume, speaking skills, and other psychological aspects. Taking care of all these things surely will keep you a step above others and help you crack that dream job you have always looked up to.

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