How To Get The Student Visa For UK in 5 Easy Steps

By | January 25, 2022
How To Get The Student Visa For UK in 5 Easy Steps

More than 10,000 Indian students here apply for the UK student Visa each year. Every year many people go to abroad for higher studies and UK is one of the best place for Indian students. One has to prepare from starting itself and plan to study for UK.

Follow below mentioned 5 steps and get your student visa for UK.

Step 1: Check If You Qualify

To study in UK as a student you need to acquire the Tier 4 visa. If you are yet to be accepted into the institution then you need a prospective student visa. UK student visa applications are processed within the 3 weeks of the completed application that is being lodged.

You should show that have:

  1. Confirmed place at the school, university or the college where you intend to study. It is called confirmation of acceptance for studies.
  2. Enough money is needed to cover your course fees and the living costs in UK.

UK Student

Step 2: Get Your Documents Ready

For every document you provide, you must include the original document and the photocopy.

  1. A signed copy of your completed visa application form
  2. A valid passport
  3. Passport sized colour photographs that meet the photo guidelines.
  4. Evidence of the confirmed place at the university.
  5. Previous Passport to show the previous travel industry.
  6. If you send the document that is not in English then it must be accompanied by the full translation that can be verified.

Step 3: Apply Online

You have to register and create an account on the official UK Visa website. When you have completed your online application form you will need to print and sign the completed form.

You must use the online appointment calendar to book the appointment at the visa application center. When you have completed the online application you will have to receive an email message containing the application number.

Step 4: Pay The Application Fee

There are 4 ways to pay the Visa application fee

  1. Payment at the standard charted bank-You can pay your fee at some branches of the standard charted bank. The bank will issue the demand draft in the favor of the: The British High Commission.
  2. Demand draft from the nationalized or the foreign bank-You can here pay fees by getting the demand draft issued by the nationalized or the foreign bank. Bank charges for this service will vary. The demand draft must be in favor of the: “The British High Commission”.
  3. Payment at the visa application center when you submit the visa application.
  4. Pay online- You can pay your visa application fee online using the visa or the MasterCard credit or the debit card.

Step 5: Visit The Visa Application Center On The Appointed Date

You must book and also attend the appointment at our visa application center to submit the application and facial photograph and fingerprints. The British council had recently launched the video explaining the process of the UK student visa application.

We hope this article will help you to get your UK student visa. Further, if you want any questions regarding this topic then do comment below.

Good Luck!

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