Fall Or Spring – When To Apply To US Universities?

By | January 28, 2022
When To Apply To US Universities - Fall Or Spring

If you have decided to go to US for your higher education, one of the important decisions to make is the period to apply.

Generally, in the United States, there are two seasons for admissions. One is fall and the other is spring. You might have already decided about the universities and the course to apply. You might also have gathered details about your funding options. After all these decisions, the period to apply is highly important to make.

Here are some details that will help you in arriving at the right decision in this regard:

1. Programmes Offered During Fall and Spring

To apply to the Universities in the United States, fall semester is highly important. The reason is that most of the programmes are offered during this season only.

This means that you will get wider choices of courses when you choose to apply during this season. On the other hand, you will get only fewer options when you apply during spring as only few courses are offered during this season.

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2. Financial Aid and Scholarships

Funding options are another important factor to consider when it comes to applying to international universities. Many students wish to get these financial supports for funding their higher education. Like the number of course availability, the funding options are higher only during fall as against in spring.

3. International Students Acceptance Rates

The acceptance rate is higher during spring as against fall season. The reason behind this is of course the lesser number of courses and lesser number of applications.

However, when you join in spring, the number of student activities will be lesser in the universities in the United States. Also, when you start fresh during spring, the students, who joined during the previous fall, would be a semester ahead of you and so you will find it difficult to form groups for your projects.

Those enrolled in the last fall might have already formed groups for projects.

4. Jobs and Internships

Most of the internships and jobs are filled only during fall as against spring. During the fall, students generally leave the university to complete the course in the summer.

When it comes to internship opportunities, summers are highly favourable as students, who joined the university during the fall would have already completed half of their coursework and will be more qualified.


From the above-mentioned points, it is clear the fall is the best season to apply to universities in the United States. Even though, spring seems to be disadvantageous, the schedule of some programmes offered during this pleasing season might turn out to be on your favor.

Even though, these are two different seasons, the application procedure and visa procedure remains the same. So, you should first keep yourself aware of these procedures. Of course, you might already have collected details in this regard and might be already prepared with your passport and visa application procedures.

So, analyze the right season for the course to which you are planning to apply and accordingly make a wise decision that will be of great help to your future.

We hope this article will help you choose the perfect timing for Apply To US Universities in Fall or Spring.

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