B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering Exam Syllabus [Sem. 1 to 6] 2021

By | November 4, 2020
B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering Exam Syllabus [Sem. 1 to 6]

B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering are one of the high popularity course in the jobs sector and increase in demand over years due to the development of the latest technologies and advancements in India.

B.Tech EEE Syllabus 2021 gives you the outline of this course. Here we provided detailed syllabus which is accepted by major colleges and universities,

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Brief description of syllabus of different subjects covered in B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) programme is given below:

Semester I

English for Technical Communication I:

Focus on Language, Listening Skills, Peaking Skills, Reading Skills, Writing Skills.

Mathematics I:

Matrices, Eigen Value Problems, Differential Calculus, Three Dimensional Analytical Geometry, Ordinary Differential Equations.

Physics I:

Acoustics & Structure of Solids, Laser & Fiber Optics, Quantum Physics; NDT, New Engineering Materials, Digital Electronics.


Water, Corrosion Science & Control Engineering, Polymers, Instrumental Methods of Analysis, Energy Storage Devices & Nanotechnology.

Engineering Drawing:

Introduction, Projection of Points, Straight Lines & Planes, Projection & Section of Solids, Development of Surfaces, Isometric & Perspective Projection.

Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering:

Civil Engineering Buildings, Transportation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Boilers & Turbines, Power Plants & Internal Combustion Engine, Production Technology.

Work Shop:

Carpentry, Fitting, Sheet Metal, Drilling; Demo on Welding, Foundry Operations, Smithy Operations and Preparing Plumbing Line Sketches.

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Semester II – B.Tech EEE Syllabus 

English for Technical Communication II:

Grammar & Vocabulary, Reception Skills, Speaking Techniques, Reading Strategies, Written Communication.

Mathematics II:

Sequences & Series, Analytic Functions & Confrontal Mapping, Complex Integration, Multiple Integrals, Vector Calculus.

Physics II:

Conducting Materials, Semi Conducting & Super Conducting Materials, Magnetic Materials, Dielectric Materials and Optical Materials, New Engineering Materials.

Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

Electrical Circuits, Electrical Machines, Electrical Measurements, Basic Electronics, Digital Electronics, Integrated Circuits.

Environmental Sciences:

Natural Resources, Ecosystem & Biodiversity, Environment Pollution, Management of Environmental Pollution, Tools for Environmental Management.

Programming Languages:

Basic Elements of C and Control Statements; Functions, Program Structures & Arrays; Pointers, Structures & Unions, Data Files & Data Structures, UNIX Basics & Shell Programming.

Engineering Mechanics:

Statics of Particles, Trusses & Frames, Friction, Properties of Surfaces & Solids, Dynamics of Particles.

Physics Laboratory:

The Acceleration, the Rigidity Modulus, the Thermal Conductivity, the Refractive Index, the Prominent Wave Length, the Young’s Modulus, the Focal Length, the Velocity of Ultrasonic Waves.

Programming Languages Laboratory:

Word Processing, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, C Programming, Arrays & Functions; Pointers, Structures & Files, UNIX Programming.

Semester III

Latest Syllabus for B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) Second Year.


Laplace Transform, Partial Differential Equations, Fourier Series, Z-Transform, Fourier Transform.

Electromagnetic Theory:

Vector Analysis, Electrostatics, Magnetostatics, Time Varying Fields & Maxwell’s Equations, Plane Electromagnetic Waves.

DC Machines and Transformers:

Transformers, Basic Concepts of Rotating Machines, DC Generators, DC Motors, Testing of DC Machines and Transformers.

Electric Circuit Analysis:

Introduction to Electric Circuits, Network Theorems & Transformations, Coupled & Three Phase Circuits, Transient Analysis, Two Port Networks.

Electronic Devices and Circuits:

Semiconductor & Devices, DC & AC Analysis of BJT & FET, Power Amplifiers, Feedback Amplifiers & Oscillators, Applications of Electronic Devices.

Machines Laboratory I:

Electronic Devices & Circuit Laboratory

Semester IV

Numeric Methods:

Solving Equations & Eigen Value Problems, Interpolation, Numerical Differentiation & Integration, Initial Value Problems, Boundary Value Problems.

Control Systems:

Introduction, Time Response Analysis, Frequency Response Analysis, Root Locus & Compensators, State Space Analysis.

AC Machines:

Synchronous Generator, Synchronous Motor, Three Phase Induction Motor, Single Phase Induction Motors, Starting & Speed Control of Induction Motors.

Measurements and Instrumentation:

Fundamentals & Characteristics, Measuring Instruments, Bridges & Signal Conditioning Devices, Storage & Display Devices, Transducers.

Digital Electronics:

Number Systems & Boolean Algebra, Combinational Logic Design, Counters & Registers, Sequential Logic Design, Programmable Logic Devices.

Object Oriented Programming

Machine Laboratory II

Object Oriented Programming Laboratory

Power Electronics

Transmission & Distribution

Linear Integrated

Design of Electrical Apparatus

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Semester V – B.Tech EEE Syllabus 

Syllabus for B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) Third Year.

Power System Analysis

Microprocessor & Micro Controller

Digital Circuits & Integrated Circuits Laboratory

Semester VI

Protection & Switch Gear

Electrical Drives

Power System Operations Control

Power System Simulation

Thank you for reading B.Tech EEE 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year syllabus. We hope this will very helpful during you B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering education.

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