Arihant Business Studies Class 12 Term 1 PDF

By | May 20, 2022
Arihant Business Studies Class 12 Term 1 PDF

Hello Class 12th students,

In this post, we are going to share with you Business Studies Class 12 Term 1 PDF book by Arihant Publication. This book was made as per the CBSE new pattern 2022.

This book is full of knowledge and we recommend you, if you want to score good marks in your 12th exam then do read this book carefully.

Let’s read basic information and download Arihant Business Studies Class 12 PDF book for Term 1:

Name Of Book Business Studies Term I [CBSE]
Class12th (Class XII)
AuthorNidhi Jain and Abhishek Jain
Published ByArhiant Prakashan (School Division Series)
No. Of Pages143

Book Content: Arihant Business Studies Class 12 for Term 1

This book is divided into two parts as per the latest CBSE syllabus of Class 12 Business Studies subject.


1. Nature and Significance of Management

  • Management – Concept, Objective and Importance
  • Management as Science, Art and Profession
  • Levels of Management
  • Management functions – Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling
  • Coordination – Concept and Importance

2. Principles of Management

  • Principles of Management – Concept and Significance
  • Fayol’s Principles of Management
  • Taylor’s Scientific Management Principles and Techniques

3. Business Environment

  • Business Environment – Concept, Importance and Limitation
  • Dimensions of Business Environment – Economic, Social, Technological, Political and Legal
  • Concept of Demonetization
  • Impact of Govt Policy changes on Business

4. Planning

  • Business Environment – Concept, Importance and Limitation
  • Planning Process
  • Single use and Standing Plans – Objectives, Strategy, Policy, Procedure, Method Rule, Budget and Programme

5. Organizing

  • Organizing: Concept and Importance
  • Process of Organizing
  • Structure of Organizing – Functional and Divisional Concept
  • Delegation: Concept, Elements and Importance
  • Decentralization: Concept and Importance
  • Concept of Formal and Informal Organisation


1. Marketing

  • Concept, Functions and Philosophies of Marketing – Product, Prize and Standard
  • Marketing Mix – Concept and Elements
  • Product – Branding, Labeling and Packaging – Concept
  • Price – Concept, Factors Determining Price
  • Physical Distribution – Concept
  • Promotion – Concept and Elements, Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion and Public Relations

Features Of The Book:

  • Important Multiple Choice Questions with Answers are given
  • Assertion – Reasoning MCQs
  • Case Based MCQ’s
  • Quick revision notes will save your times
  • Previous year asked questions available with proper solutions and detailed explanations

Let’s  download this book:

This book is highly recommended by toppers of the previous year. So, we know the importance of this book so sharing it with you. Please read and hopefully, you will score good marks in your upcoming 12th examination.

Download Class 12 Business Studies Term 1 MCQ PDF book by Arihant Publication:

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