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By | May 19, 2022
Ankur Sir Physics Handwriiten Notes By Careerwill

Hello Everyone, Are you looking for Ankur Sir’s Physics Notes? If yes then you came on the right spot. Here we have given you the complete detail on Ankur Sir Physics Notes from Careerwill.

In this post, we will sharing with you the PDF of Careerwill Which can download from the link given at the bottom of the post. Ankur Sir’s Physics Notes PDF will help you boost your physics knowledge and also help to score good marks in your exam.

Let’s see the basic information Ankur Sir Physics Notes and download it.

Book NamePhysics Study Notes PDF
Author NameAnkur Sir
Published ByCareerwill
Book Handwritten ByBhanu
No. of pages167

Book Content

Ankur Sir’s this PDF book covers the following 18 important topics of Physics.

  1. Basic of Physics (सामान्य जानकारी)
  2. Light (प्रकाश)
  3. Lens and Mirror (लैंस व दर्पण)
  4. Wave (तरंग)
  5. Sound (ध्वनि)
  6. Thermodynamic (उष्मागतिकी)
  7. Ideal Gas Equation (आदर्श गैस सम्मीकरण)
  8. Thermal Expansion (तापीय विस्तार)
  9. Motion (गति)
  10. Gravitation (गुरुत्त्वाकर्षण)
  11. Satellite (उपग्रह)
  12. Atom (परमाणु)
  13. Electricity (वैद्युतिकी)
  14. Units, Dimension and Miscellaneous (मापक)
  15. Matter (पदार्थ)
  16. Magnetism (चुंबकत्व)
  17. Lever (उत्तोलक)
  18. Newton’s Law of Cooling (न्युटन का शीतलन नियम)

Download Ankur Sir Physics Notes:

  • Ankur Sir Physics Notes PDF in Hindi by Careerwill – Download

In every exam, you will get at least 5 questions from general  Physics for all government exams. Ankur Sir’s Science Book on Physics helps in improving your all-rounder performance in each and every competitive exam such as SSC CGL, RRB, Banking etc.

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